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  1. rakuten have 15% off, makes me think maybe it's time to splurge on some games. It was 10% a couple of days ago, maybe it'll be 20% before the sale ends (2 days from now). code is plastered all over the website.
  2. Humble Store is having a sale. Pixeljunk shooter/monsters are each stupidly cheap if you haven't played them yet. Humble Bundle is going crazy for the next two weeks - a different bundle each day. Today is Saints Row, Metro2033 and some tat.
  3. marthagogo, is evolutionary void even out yet?

    1. pickled


      I've been reading it and I'm finding it hard to get into. Possibly because it was ags since I've read the first 2 and can't quite remember who eveyone is. the Dreams with Edeard in are awesome though

  4. returnable deposit, tonee?

  5. playing ff8 at the mo - is any battle system more convoluted and retarded than this?

    1. Duffman


      I started FF7 for the first time a few days ago. So far it's as linear as FF13 :D Only 1.5 hours in though.

    2. Smurph


      Jesus, Duff, how off topic? FF7 opens up about 3.5 hours in - it still railroads you to an extent, but it feels open until it gets truly open. Porky: in a word, no. But there is much to love about FF8. FF9 is far better though.

  6. good work bigman! I'm just playing it on my psp now, never played it through before. I'm enjoying it more than egg foo yung.

  7. if it's wrong to love another man then you can lock me away because I'm GUILTY!

  8. You broke my heart, mystic. I could never love you again! *sob*

  9. Porky

    Sorry it's been so long mate, I don't find myself on LIVE much these days. BIG HUGS to you!

  10. M







  11. Dear Wanker, I LOVE YOU!!!


  12. Don't it always seem to go, that you don't know what you've got til it's gone?

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