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  1. Porky


    C'mon now, everyone knows Luke.
  2. Porky

    So what did I miss?

    Riva was a good lad, aye. He got a lot of shit because there was some backlash against Chixie iirc, there was so much drama back in the day.
  3. Porky


    You're gizamaluke? I thought that was Luke! What a mistake to make.
  4. Porky


    I started playing middle of last year. A bunch of my friends play it, it's really easy to pick up and play, so. Jusat, what are you on my friends list? I dun even know any more. >_
  5. Porky

    Divinity: Original Sin 2

    Nah Jusat, I didn't enjoy this game either. It has some nice ideas, but they end up working against you as a player. For example, asynchronous multiplayer. You can all go where you like and discover quests and meet people and so on. But, combat can happen *anywhere* at any time (and it does!) and you can't handle battle by yourself because combat is actually strategic and hard. So you all have to hang out together anyway. The turn-based combat is looong. Even when you get to the stage where you just want to click on a guy and twat him with each one of your characters, it's slow. And the bugs and interface niggles, jesus, they make that long combat into a slog. Sometimes when you click on a man, it'll move a pixel and walk where you clicked instead, inviting attacks of opportunity and walk through fire and necrofire. You have to min-max a bit to do well at this game, and the combat is involving, but I felt that all those battles were at the expense of the story. You spend another hour in a single fight that doesn't progress the plot at all. Meh, I'd rather not. I was playing with three other people and we'd all been tolerating it, not enjoying it. Once we discovered that was an elephant in the room, we quit in the middle of Act 2.
  6. Porky

    So what did I miss?

    Did gemini phoenix ever find this place? I wonder if he ever unwrapped all those games.
  7. Porky

    Your nowloading memories

    many happy memories @Smurph I still do airshits, all the time
  8. Porky


    I play a bit on PC, feel free to add me if you don't have me https://steamcommunity.com/id/onebullshitman/
  9. Porky

    PlayStation VR

    For all the naysayers - VR is the next big thing. I've been a gamer all my life, and nothing prepared me for the HTC Vive tech demo. I was underwater, on a shipwreck. I did watch a blue whale swim by - and reach for it as its massive eye blinked at me. I was there. I'm not sure who I have more faith in - Steam or Sony - to pull it off best, but don't dismiss VR. It's a game changer.
  10. Porky

    Blackpool 2016

    Hmm... back to where it all began? I'd defo be up for this.
  11. Porky

    The favorite thread.. thread.

    Really old school, but anyone remember the thread where hangman got stupidly drunk at the end of the school year or something, and he'd just been given one of those screens for his gamecube... and we (or, at least, I) told him that you could connect it up to a tv and the screen at the same time and use it as a DS. Next day, he gets on sober, and finds out why his gamecube screen is covered in scratches.
  12. Porky

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas all! Am at the better half's family for christmas, just finished christmas dinner, need sit down time to digest and relax
  13. Porky

    Browser of choice

    Chrome or Firefox, it don't really matter as long as it's not IE or Edge (whatever the fuck that is)
  14. Porky

    Laptop choice, help?

    Apparently lenovo have exploitable malware embedded in the bios these days. I'd avoid it myself, though people often care less about this. I imagine most laptops are pretty same-y if you're not gaming on them, decent processor and what more do you actually need?