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  1. Can anyone recommend a good web hosting provider? This is just to host Wordpress blog, is not going to be high traffic. Also... it's been ages since I've bought a domain, what's the craic?
  2. Well this is a lot better than it has any right to be. I went in expecting it to be a lame kids movie with the odd Sonic game reference and I was wrong. They really did a nice job with it. It's almost like... people our age, who know videogames are now making movies! Ben Schwarz is a hilarious person, I've loved his messed up sense of humour since seeing him on old College Humour games. He's great as Sonic, never gets annoying which is of course, the risk. Jim Carrey is a total penis, I've not really liked any film he's been in except maybe for The Mask. However, as the crazy, maniacal Robotnik his is perfect. He's leveraging a bit of his Riddler in this... and it just comes off really well. There are some great action/fight scenes using Sonic's speed; James Marsden totally sells that he's talking to Sonic, a character that wasn't there when he was acting. The effects are great, I totally bought in to it, and the design is infinitely better than the horror show they originally had. Colour me surprised, I'll look forward to watching this again with my kids when they are old enough. I'm genuinely pleased to see this doing well at the box office also.
  3. Aladdin (Master System) The Walking Dead Season 1 (The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series, Xbox One) The Walking Dead Season 2 (The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series, Xbox One) Outer Wilds (Xbox One) I can totally see why this was Giantbomb's GOTY - they created an amazing world, interesting characters and sci fi mystery! Not many here have finished this, but it's worth your time.
  4. I think they changed up the library to make it less monotonous... maybe something about the lighting to make it more obvious where to go? I dunno.
  5. Loving this game but am stuck! I am at Dark Bramble... Any tips?
  6. I don't often notice updates in patches, but this is much smoother!
  7. Aladdin (Master System) The Walking Dead Season 1 (The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series, Xbox One) The Walking Dead Season 2 (The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series, Xbox One) Same as above!
  8. Aladdin (Master System) The Walking Dead Season 1 (The Walking Dead Definitive Edition, Xbox One) Had been meaning to play through these now that all seasons are out there. I have only the first two seasons, both are backward compatible 360 games, but it made sense to just buy the definitive edition with everything in, rather than the remaining seasons individually. It's nice to go back to these after so long, these games could easily have been released today as new games and would be well received.
  9. Nice, will play this later on. For £7.98 between them, this is really incredible value.
  10. Aladdin (Master System) Came out around the time the film was released here (which was a year past the US film release) and follows the plot very closely, meaning I could read the text in the cutscenes to my son, who loves Aladdin and was having fun watching me play this. As you'd expect with a 1993 movie licence, it's fairly straightforward platforming but is quite different to the Mega Drive and SNES versions that most people will know. Someone thought... what if we made a game that animated a bit like (but not as smooth as) Prince of Persia, there's sneaking past spikes, running, long jumps etc. etc. There are some quite lengthy cutscenes between the levels - I reckon if you burn through this you could do it in 25-30 mins, and the cutscenes are probably another 15 to 20 mins on top of that. I enjoyed it! Last thing... I played this on my MegaSG on a massive TV, that thing is amazing.
  11. Thanks! First bit is really just a recommendation ask. A few years ago I had my house wired with CAT 6E which will should have us covered for presonal needs. This should good for a gigabit network, problem is the two network switches I have around the place are only 10/100. Can anyone recommend a decent switch? The dumber question is... is it going to matter which socket I plug stuff in to? Can I expect there to be a dedicated socket for the wire coming from the router? Or any buying/using advice would be appreciated.
  12. Ash and others will know better than me I'm sure, but I guess you'd need to set the 'username' and password to match the ones that your house uses, plus perhaps the security type, so it uses the right one. Not sure about other settings. That's my laymans assumption. I have a follow up network question to ask once this is solved for you Bummers.
  13. Mass Effect 3 (Xbox One BC) DOOM 3 (Switch) Veteran DOOM 3: Resurrection of Evil (Switch) Veteran DOOM 3: Lost Mission (Switch) Veteran Half Life 2 (The Orange Box) (Xbox One BC) Half Life 2 - Episode 1 (The Orange Box) (Xbox One BC) Half Life 2 - Episode 2 (The Orange Box) (Xbox One BC) Super Mario Land (GameBoy) 337,770 Streets of Rage (Mega Drive) Warriors of Fate (Capcom Beat ‘Em Up Bundle, Switch) This rounds off my 2019... my bro suggested playing a few multiplayer games and we both have this collection - we would have switched to something else, however this is a three player game and shortly after starting the first level, we were joined by a rando, so the three of us played through all 9 levels.
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