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  1. Oh I see - they did a patch a couple of months back, there's a setting you can change now - I used to get those accidental hard drops, but nothing since.
  2. I did like Puyo Puyo Tetris but mainly for the Tetris part. I couldn't get the hang of building chains intenitonally... my mind just fails to be able to see ahead. The theme is relatively easy to get - I've played 4 games and at 35 points already. Just need 100. It's great seeing the old graphics and music!!!
  3. I've been watching a guy on You Tube called Tafokints who is a fucking legend at this game. He does some nice tutorial work. Sometimes you're right, if you get picked on and they don't switch away to someone else then it does make it hard to get much past top 50, if that. If might be that if you are attacking them, they are trying to get you to switch to someone else... so you could try that just to get them off your back. I usually leave it on Randoms, then when I have built up a stack, got a long piece saved and then when I get another one... switch to K.Os and carve down to send them a load of junk and try and taken them out. The reason I stay with randoms to start is that you are more likely to be targeting someone who isn't as good, vs people who might be making a point to attack you, or are good and already have badges and might attack you back! Really good people build up to the top and keep it there because you send more rubbish when you are at the top. Another potential strategy is to keep low and not try and take people out until the mid game, in order to stay under the radar of good players who want to get lots of badges. Lot's of strategies... not that I am any good, I tend to stick to building up my stack and carving down again because I'm not great at dealing with the pressure at the end. Watch Tafokints, he's awesome.
  4. Nice DLC pack adds an offline 1P modes... 150 lines or 999 lines, as well as player vs 98 CPU players where you can set the difficulty. Also... I came 2nd in a game last night!
  5. Don't buy the Switch version, controller lag is terrible, I had to delete it. Has anyone tried another console version?
  6. Ok, who be playing this and what's your highest placing? I managed to get to 6th on second go but haven't got anywhere close to that after. That was before I knew there was any strategy with targeting Attackers, KOs, Badges or whatever the other thing is.
  7. I might be interested. I'm thinking of selling a few things at the moment as well and keep meaning to put a list together. Have been saving up boxes and stuff from deliveries.
  8. What, there was no spelling mistake
  9. This came out yesterday having been out in Japan for a few weeks. M2 are doing their usual nice job with their 3DS and now Switch ports. This has two versions, old and new though I haven't worked out what the differences are. There's remixed music from the Master System version of this as well as the music they added to the 3DS version.
  10. So... I keep starting this and not getting through it for some reason. Who has seen it, what did you think to the idea of choose your own adventure? Am I being cool and edgy calling this a game?
  11. I didnt notice anything, was this on standard Bone or an X? Yeah my games time is severely curtailed. I've been getting the odd session when my 19 month old is asleep in the day, but it's mainly in evening, sometimes until late. Man, I wonder what my 2012 self earlier in this thread would say...
  12. I read our thread yesterday and listened to podcasts at the time. It can only be let down to go so quickly in to even a mediocre game.
  13. So whilst others were looking forward to new 'massive game' Red Dead Redemption, 2 I've been back to replay the Mass Effect series over the last few months - maybe 40-50 hours in each game. Originally got in to it after Alex & Vinny stated playing though this for Mass Alex on GiantBomb and like many others was inspired to play along - I soon found myself playing way past where they were up to, partly to avoid spoilers but also because it's just so damn good. This is the first time I've been back to play this since finishing ME3 (April 10th 2012 according to this thread). Playing them back to back has been an amazing ride. It's been so long that I'd forgotten the majority of the story, so it was like playing through them as new games and this time I just bought ALL of the DLC so there was plenty of genuinely new stuff too. I used to prefer ME2, but I think the passage of time and playing them together gives a bit more objectivity (we are years past the ending controversy)... so now I think 3 is the best, mainly due to the refined combat and also some of the incredible moments in the game. I was enjoying each game so much that I tried to do and see as MUCH as possible, not because to hit a completion number but because it's just so fucking good - trying to absorb as much of it as possible. This time I went with a female Shepard and holy cow, Jennifer Hale's performance is incredible. As I came towards finishing 2 and same with 3, I was genuinely feeling sad that this would be the last time for several more years that I'd play this (I know I can play anytime, but realistically). Maybe I'm just a soft shite now I have a kid but I shed a tear on two occasions. Endings wise, ultimately I ended up going with Synthesis rather than Control or Destroy. I think I went with destroy originally and wanted to try something different. Synthesis is a genuinely happy ending, resolving the reaper (and synthetics vs organics) problem altogether and doesn't result in lots of death. Also, the changes made improve the ending were definitely good. So what they hell do I play now? There's nothing really like this... I Iove the futuristic science fiction but not interested in medieval fantasy style. A really nicely improved version of Phantasy Star just came out on the Switch for the cost of a couple of beers so maybe I try that, they made an auto-mapping system and a nuber of other quality of life improvements!
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