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  1. RetroBob

    Streets of Rage 4 announced!

    Only 25 years or so after the third one! No sign of release date or platforms but we can assume it'll be all platforms unless someone snags it. This is developed by Lizardcube who are most recently known for the amazing remake of Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap. The founder of Lizardcube is a chap called Omar Cornut who is a member at the Sega8bit.com forums and also the founder of SMSPower.org, author of the emulator MEKA. If anyone played Soul Bubbles on DS, he was a programmer on that too.
  2. RetroBob


    5150, it's been a LONG time! Prey tell, what have you been up to and what brings you back?
  3. RetroBob


    Haha briliant!!
  4. RetroBob

    Mine works too!

    Well done mate!
  5. RetroBob


    Yup, I did the same when I saw how much room they take up.
  6. RetroBob

    2018 Game Completion Thread

    The Legend Of Zelda: BOTW Shaq-Fu A Legend Reborn This is big dumb fun - it's a bit repetitive but it's a scrolling beat-em-up Streets of Rage style. I laughed my ass of playing this game, from the laughing at it's own story for not making sense to the repeated insistence that Shaquille O'Neal is Chinese. There are genuine LOLs (ripping in to celebrities) and a few moments of oh god did they just say that. You can tell Shaq was up for it. Gold Bond...
  7. RetroBob

    Sonic Mania Plus

    That's cool - I got the download on Switch and then the physical version on Xbox. I haven't finished the original game yet so will get to this eventually.
  8. RetroBob

    Yokus Island Express

    Like Church of Fudge?
  9. RetroBob

    Yokus Island Express

    I started this and remembered I don't like Metroidvania games - I got stuck, didn't know where to go and gave up. Still the pinball is fun. If you like Metroidvania games then I'd recommend it.
  10. RetroBob


    Before we go crazy and create clubs for anything (or nothing) - is there an explanation what the clubs feature is about? If a club is created, what can we do there - e.g. is it like a sub forum in a separate area of the site?
  11. RetroBob


    I like the new paradigm, feels much more modern. If anyone hasn't spotted it already, here's the link to show unread content. My link to the site goes to that rather than the top level address. http://www.nowloading.co.uk/forum/index.php?/discover/unread/
  12. RetroBob


    Ohhh fancy!
  13. RetroBob

    History of speedrunning videos

    I've watched Sami Cetin nail Mario Kart, the guy is a master even if he wears a t shirt with his own name on.
  14. RetroBob

    E3 2018

    Not seen anything.
  15. RetroBob

    E3 2018

    I enjoyed watching it piecemeal over the last few days whilst I've been wandering around the house, washing up, cooking, taking a dump, shower etc.