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  1. Last Stop-Series X/Game Pass- Loved this little gem of a game. It's 3 separate stories about 4 people in London. You don't really do much apart from choose some dialogue options but the story really goes places. It's pretty short, it took me a little over 6 hours and was the perfect palate cleanser after the epic Ghost of Sushi. Game Pass FTW! again.
  2. Ghost of Sushi-PS4 on PS5- This is a great game, it looks amazing even though I didn't upgrade to the PS5 version. The combat is brilliant, and you really have to utilise the different stances when you have a group of different types of enemies on you. The only downside is the lack of variety in the bog standard side missions, which is fine if you're not going for the platinum, but if you are it becomes a bit of a slog. Platinum get!
  3. Dishono(u)red-PS4-Wow. Wow. Wow. I finished this back when it was released but I never got the full experience as I just put runes all over the place, never really specialising. I enjoyed it so much more this time, deciding early on to go for low chaos and speccing in that direction by having stop time and the vision fully levelled so I could really see what was going on. It was so much fun stopping time if I got caught and running behind them so they didn't have a clue where I'd gone(then choking those fools!) I've gone straight into the dlc, which I've never played before. Enjoying it so far
  4. Superliminal-Series X-A mind bending puzzle game that's in the vein of Portal, but doesn't rely on it. It's not overly hard but I did have to look up one puzzle that was really early on. I'd already found the solution but it hadn't quite hit where it should have, I wasted a lot of time on that but GRRRR! Great game other wise, on gamepass give it a look.
  5. Tomb Raider-DE-PS4(on 5)- This is still a great game, it's the 3rd time I've finished it since its release 8 years ago. I still can't be arsed with the challenges or multiplayer but I did everything else. I think I paid £2.69 for this. Ridiculous money!
  6. The Artful Escape-XsX- Another Gamepass win for me. I saw the trailer a while back. A mental looking game with Carl Weathers in it, and Cersei(Shame) from GOT. It's part platformer(but not really just traversal) with light Rhythm action tendencies. It's more about the bonkers story and the great trippy visuals and soundtrack. It's also occasionally amusing, especially 1 character who only has about 3 lines. I REALLY LIKED HIM! Anyway give it a go. Hellblade-XsX- A double or triple whammy if you consider I was the last to post with Resi 3. Anyway, I first played this on my OG Bone and thou
  7. Resident Evil 3 Remake-PS4/5-Another day another Resi game finished. Absolutely loved this. I preferred the big bad being scripted so at least the first time through it's all surprising as you never know when he's going to jump out on you, but you then get a chance to get on with exploring. Very few puzzles except a couple of environmental ones. It looks amazing as expected. Very short which I knew going in but my overall playtime was just under 6.5 hours. At least it's cheap everywhere now.
  8. VIIIage-resident evil-PS5- Such a fucking fantastic game. Loved every minute of it. Every boss was great, 2 particular standouts but I won't say which. The story was more bat shit than any other Resi I've finished(which is all of them except Revelations and Code Veronica) It ties in to the greater Resiverse well too. I hope the dlc is better for this than 7s as I wasn't overly impressed with that.
  9. In the final stretch on this now. Having so much fun with it. The enemy variety is great and the tactics you have to employ are different for each one. It hasn't got any less bat shit crazy as time goes on and the boss battles are all really different. I do have a couple left though so they may just be rehashes, I'll let you know. It's definitely my favourite Resi at the moment.
  10. You're not holding back on finishing these! Give me a shout for Reach(around) I'll join you.
  11. 5 is great in co-op. 6 is only average in co-op but it does have highs matched only by the lows, and I would have ditched it if I hadn't been playing it co-op. 7 is brilliant and on game pass right now.
  12. I'm a good few hours in now and can say this is up there with my favourite Resident Evils's I mean I know you have to suspend disbelief and take everything at face value, no matter how tongue in cheek these games get. BUT a 23ft(not actual height) tall vampire with big boobies, she was possibly painted and used in Allo Allo but I cannot confirm. Not to mention werewolves, ludicrous hiding places for keys that only a drunk person would think it was a good idea to hide them there for safe keeping. If you've finished 7 the opening to this game is just aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  13. Resident Evil 2-PS4-Claire 2nd campaign-Different in a lot of ways to Leons campaign, but also it has a lot of similarities too. I thought if you played the 2nd campaign you were getting a pretty different experience.It's a great looking game, the use of sound is amazing and as a remake it's testament to what can be achieved. I just hope that EA put as much work into the new Dead Space. Now I've seen the "True ending". If I ever replay it I'll do Claire A and Leon B to mix it up.
  14. Resident Evil 2-Leon Campaign A-PS4- 2 days 2 Resi games done. This is a wonderful remake. BUT. The early parts of the game are spoilt by the new addition Mr X. Initially I was cool with him. Something new to mix it up. Pacing fucks it up though. You just want to figure out wht you're doing and then this big cunt comes out of nowhere. He gets in the way of the pure Metroidvania gameplay, especially when you go back to the game after so long like I did. It made it hard to figure out what I was doing while I was being chased by The Terminator in a fedora. Then Yussry came to my aid.
  15. Resident Evil 7-PS4- It took me ages to take to this game as I first played it in 2017. I was forcing myself to play it in VR so I couldn't have long sessions in it.(Not because it's overly scary, although it does have its moments, but because of nausea ) Anyway I decided to play it through on a TV and took to it straight away, and apart from a bit of a spike in difficulty at the chainsaw dude I breezed through the rest on Normal difficulty. I loved it so much I'm hitting up Resident Evil 2 remake next.
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