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  1. I've got a PS5 coming on launch day. I was going to get a Series X later on but got caught up in the hype and ordered one today with All Access through Smyths. I got the credit agreement alright but then the system went belly up and the order did not complete. So that's nice. However, I've since heard if you got the agreement you will be guaranteed it, it'll just take some time. We'll see. I'm hyped for Spiderman mainly. Will also be buying AC:Valhalla and COD:BLOPS. I'll also have Last of US 2 and Ghosts of Sushi too. They should keep me busy for a while. I'll probably wait on Cyberpunk for the upgraded version.
  2. The Last Of Us:Remastered-PS4- Just as good, if not better than I remembered. The story beats still hit me in the feels and there was a couple of bits I'd totally forgotten about, so it was almost like playing a new game. I can't believe it first cam out 7 years ago! I played a lot more stealthy this time round and had a blast, but when I did have to go loud I blew the crap out of everyone that stood in my way. I struggled my first time through because I was trying to save resources but this time round I used the tools available and enjoyed it a lot more. I'm sure it's different on hard or above, but on normal the game lets you enjoy using the weapons, bombs and molotovs without having to worry where the next one is going to come from. I'm looking forward to going through the 2nd once I get hold of a PS5, and I'm hoping they scale it up for next gen, because there's not much coming out day one for them...
  3. BattleToads-Bone- Big, dumb and a lot of fun. Part brawler, part shooter, part puzzler, part Metroidvania. All Toad. Well worth a few hours of your time if you have Gamepass. I'm not sure how much they're selling it for but I'd have been okay with dropping £15 on this. The only downside is no online co-op as far as I can see.
  4. Prehistoric Isle in 1930-Poc-I got the SNK collection free from Twitch Prime. I finished this had a quick blast on Ikari Warriors and uninstalled the whole lot. I'm so glad I didn't but the compilation on Switch...Total bullshit that is best left in the arcades and the memory.
  5. It must be 3 I have this issue with because I didn't like Blood Dragon(at least what I played of it) and I know it's universally liked but...I'll give it another go at some point when I get the FC itch again. I'm being really good as I've been furloughed for nearly 4 months so I've not been buying new games, just clearing the backlog and it's been great, and I'm hoping to take not buying day one forward once I come off furlough.(I find out tomorrow) As for: Far Cry 4-Valley of the Yetis-PS4-It's more Far Cry 4 but not as good. Each main mission you do is followed by an enforced wave based defence. It feels like padding because it is padding. After all you're not at the base all days as you're out killing Yetis and bad guys, they could just waltz in and take over the base while you're not there... Anyway, worth a couple of quid if you want more Far Cry 4.
  6. Yeah I believe 4 is cross gen, but it's a big step up from how 3 looks and plays. This reminded me I hadn't played Valley of The Yetis dlc, so I started it this morning. The vehicles just have more weight to them, and although they don't drive brilliantly they're a lot better than 3s floaty cars. 4 looks better but then it was 3 years after so it should do! I think the gunplay feels better in 4 too. As for the dlc, so far so good, it's not too long and apart from a shaky start I'm enjoying running around killing yetis and other wildlife. At least getting all this Far Cry out of my system means I won't rush out and buy 6 day one so that's nice
  7. Far Cry 3-PS4-Furlough Platinum number 7- This is a decent game Buck, Vaas and Hoyt were 3 unlikeable villains and I enjoyed killing them very much. It has a little bit of jank with prompts to climb or loot bodies etc not being as precise as they could but apart from that it was a lot of fun. It's not as good as 4 imo because 4 took this template and refined it, traversal of the world being easier is the major one. Overall though this scratches my compulsive itch for shooting and collecting things.
  8. Yep, I saw this a few weeks ago and thought it looked fantastic. Will give it a look when my Far Cry 3 addiction is over.
  9. Spiderman DLC 2 and 3-PS4- These were okay but not as good as the first. They were over long with lots of crimes to pad out the content if you want 100%, Screwball can fucking do one and better not be in the new game. Hyped for Miles Morales Spidey now.
  10. Wolfenstein YoungBlood-PS4 This is great fun, it's one of those 7/10 games that just keeps giving. The story isn't as mental as the mainline games, but it's the co-op and the gunplay that makes it so good. Once you start opening up more powers and levelling up the guns enemies that were ridiculously hard before get taken down in 4 shots! Will be going back tomorrow to mop up a few side missions and find a few stray collectables. Played it in co-op all the way through and that might have elevated it to 8/10 but I was playing with Jimmy It's on Game Pass too so give it a go if you like Wolfenstein or co-op games.
  11. Shenmue 2-PS4-Platinum 6 of Furlough time yay?- Unlike Yussry I'd never finished this one...This was great story wise, although in retrospect not much happens, you just do a lot to get the story beats. However so much is set up for the multiple sequels that may happen now thanks to Shenmue 3... Yet it's a cunt of a game. So much bullshit. The QTES have no rules in this game, you think you're done? You're not fuck you back to the beginning you go You think you fucked it, oh no you didn't, you get another chance because reasons.. You fight a boss in free battle, with 2 QTES, you win the first round,pass the first QTE and fuck him over and then win the 2nd round but then fail the QTE? Back to the beginning of the first round for you, but not before a cut scene that thankfully you can skip . So fuck this game.... except for the first third and last 10%... the rest can do one...
  12. Star Wars Battlefront 2-PS4-Furlough Platinum number 5!!!- So not a completion as such. but I needed 1 trophy in multiplayer and it was a bit of a grind but today I finally did it. 2.5 years to get this platinum but it was so much fun!!
  13. Shenmue-PS4-Furlough Platinum number 4- I still love this.I beat it back in the day twice. It's dated as fuck in so many respects, but it took chances and I think helped to shape todays games in a lot of ways. The worst I can say about it is the final boss battle is not exciting in any way shape or form, more a war of attrition. Something that has been changed for the better over the years. I was pretty close to the end back in September 2018 and my last trophy was 3/9/18. I was really enjoying it then Forsaken for Destiny 2 released on the 4th( I just had to look that up as I couldn't think why I'd dropped it!) so Fuck Destiny 2 even more Anyway I have 2 and 3 waiting in the wings. I may got straight into them as I seem to be into completing trilogies this year.
  14. I didn't have any of the problems you describe but glad you liked it.
  15. Ratchet & Clank(Reboot)-PS4-Just what I needed after the oppressiveness of Metro. A fun platformer with primary colours galore! I've loved these games since Tools of Destruction on PS3, I missed out on the PS2 era games for whatever reason. Anyway this is a lot of fun, zany weapons and some fun but not too taxing platforming and puzzles make this a game well worth playing.
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