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  1. Shenmue 2-PS4-Platinum 6 of Furlough time yay?- Unlike Yussry I'd never finished this one...This was great story wise, although in retrospect not much happens, you just do a lot to get the story beats. However so much is set up for the multiple sequels that may happen now thanks to Shenmue 3... Yet it's a cunt of a game. So much bullshit. The QTES have no rules in this game, you think you're done? You're not fuck you back to the beginning you go You think you fucked it, oh no you didn't, you get another chance because reasons.. You fight a boss in free battle, with 2 QTES, you win the first round,pass the first QTE and fuck him over and then win the 2nd round but then fail the QTE? Back to the beginning of the first round for you, but not before a cut scene that thankfully you can skip . So fuck this game.... except for the first third and last 10%... the rest can do one...
  2. Star Wars Battlefront 2-PS4-Furlough Platinum number 5!!!- So not a completion as such. but I needed 1 trophy in multiplayer and it was a bit of a grind but today I finally did it. 2.5 years to get this platinum but it was so much fun!!
  3. Shenmue-PS4-Furlough Platinum number 4- I still love this.I beat it back in the day twice. It's dated as fuck in so many respects, but it took chances and I think helped to shape todays games in a lot of ways. The worst I can say about it is the final boss battle is not exciting in any way shape or form, more a war of attrition. Something that has been changed for the better over the years. I was pretty close to the end back in September 2018 and my last trophy was 3/9/18. I was really enjoying it then Forsaken for Destiny 2 released on the 4th( I just had to look that up as I couldn't think why I'd dropped it!) so Fuck Destiny 2 even more Anyway I have 2 and 3 waiting in the wings. I may got straight into them as I seem to be into completing trilogies this year.
  4. I didn't have any of the problems you describe but glad you liked it.
  5. Ratchet & Clank(Reboot)-PS4-Just what I needed after the oppressiveness of Metro. A fun platformer with primary colours galore! I've loved these games since Tools of Destruction on PS3, I missed out on the PS2 era games for whatever reason. Anyway this is a lot of fun, zany weapons and some fun but not too taxing platforming and puzzles make this a game well worth playing.
  6. For Yussry: Metro Exodus-Bone- This is a great game, by far the best Metro game. It's not without faults, it mainly falls down with navigation in the open areas, which wasn't a problem in the other games since they were fairly linear.Something I hope they'll sort out for the next one to make it clearer where to go next. This game has levels that are contained open worlds and you can pretty much go anywhere. The only other problem I had was Artyom sometimes felt a bit too big for the area I was trying to navigate, so it became a bit clumsy at times. The games a looker though and the story is great, well worth a playthrough.
  7. Wonderboy 3-Megadrive/PS4- Well that was shit. I played it through in VR and while the first few levels were fun enough from about the halfway point to the end I had to keep using the rewind function due to so much bullshit. I doubt many people finished it back in the day.
  8. Astro Bot-PSVR- Fuck me! What a game. It's inventive, whimsical and just downright Joyful. Each world gets more and more inventive with its design and bosses. Definitely the best game I've played in VR. Amazing stuff.
  9. Theseus-PSVR- Basically a 3rd person walking simulator with mild platforming and combat. Without the VR it would have been ok, with the VR and the scale of the labyrinth and Minotaur it upped it to good. Worth a couple of hours of anyones time. I think I paid £5 for it. Well worth it for that.
  10. Bust open the gate with the cherubs. I don't remember it being that hard, maybe I'd just scrubbed it from my memory because this time round it must have taken over 20 attempts...
  11. Ghostbusters:Remastered-PS4- It was always a little bit janky when it first came out. Still has the same amount of jank except it looks prettier. A solid B game with a frustrating last level difficulty spike about 3/4 through it. Apart from that part, Bustin' made me feel good.
  12. No it got pretty good reviews. I was reading a Retro Gamer article on the making of it. Even Edge gave it a good score!
  13. SMW2:Yoshis Island-SNES/Switch- Meh. It was ok. It looks lovely but I found most of the levels uninspiring and the music is not a patch on the original. Glad I've finished it but I can't see me playing it again.
  14. Days Gone-PS4-Furlough Platinum number 3!- This is a great game. I heard it had issues when it released but I started playing it at the end of May. It's massive and doesn't know how to describe a point of no return but apart from that I can only fault it for being a bit too long. One of my favourite games this gen. EDIT: Forgot to mention how bad the main actor is. He's so OTT and only has a small repertoire of phrases during set pieces like taking over marauder camps. He also takes his acting lessons from the Family Guy piss take of the Hoth Han/Luke scene with the heavy breathing taken to the next level. Except it's not played for laughs! Still a great game though.
  15. Darksiders 3-PS4-Man what a game. It's solid B tier. The camera is occasionally janky, and it's not a looker but I could not stop playing this. I started Monday afternoon and I've put about 21 hours into this. There's more for me to find and I may go for a NG+ run at some point. Not right now though as my priority is clear the backlog while I'm furloughed as I won't get this opportunity to sit on my arse guilt free for another 19 years
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