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  1. Ginja

    EGX London 2019

    What he said
  2. Ginja


    Bummers it's Bandersnatch. An interactive Black Mirror episode on Netflix. I really like the concept, we went through it twice. Got different endings, and I love the setting. Well worth a watch.
  3. Ginja

    EGX London 2019

  4. Ginja

    Mass Effect 3

    I'm wearing my Mass Effect 3 t shirt. It's one of my I'm home and not leaving the house again today items of clothing. Not that I ever wore it when it was new because it's Mass Effect 3. If it had been 2 I'd have proudly worn it outside the house
  5. Ginja

    EGX London 2019

    That's me, Dave, Jimmy and Yussry booked in. Dan and Jimbo already booked. Andy and JayMeme are staying at Jays. Anyone else joining the fun? Just need tickets to go on sale now...
  6. Ginja

    Happy Christmas!

    Welcome ^^ Happy Christmas to you all! Yesterday was Xmas Day 2 for me and day 3 of 4 hosting over this Xmas!! Just today to get done then tomorrow I'm intending to sit and play the new Tomb Raider game all day. In reality will probably sleep. I got some great gaming presents AC Origins and Odyssey, which will take me all year to beat. The new Zelda book on Breath of the Wild is huge and looks like a good read.
  7. Ginja

    PSVR - Is it worth it?

    Instructions unclear. Punched hole in tv. I saw a video of that last week. Looks amazing.
  8. Ginja

    PSVR - Is it worth it?

    I've played through that about 10 times easily. I love it! I'm back on a massive VR kick at the moment. Finsihed Astro Bot world 3 last night. So many good levels back to back and the boss had me grinning! I also went back to Statik which is one of my favourite games on the system. I was bashing my head against a puzzle for about 20 minutes and suddenly it just clicked. So simple in hindsight but I couldn't see how to get it all started when I first got to it. Rush of Blood got some time last week although I'm stuck at the end of level 4 or 5. Keep getting killed but not sure what I can do to stop it...
  9. Ginja

    2018 Game Completion Thread

    Spiderman-PS4-Platinum.GOTY! This game is fucking amazing. It looks great, the story is great, it sounds great. It's great. Best Superhero game ever. Yes even better then Superman 64! If I have one complaint it's that there's too many crimes. It's not an issue if you're not trophy whoring but they're all very samey. You need this game in your life.
  10. Ginja

    Old SD-Cards Wanted

  11. Ginja

    Online Bargains

    Starlink is £24.99 on all formats in Smyths toy shops and online. Picked up the Switch version because Starfox FTW!
  12. Ginja

    EGX London 2019

    In. Some pretty decent and reasonably priced hotels nearby too.
  13. Ginja

    2018 Game Completion Thread

    Nice one mate. I want to like this game but I get too frustrated!
  14. Ginja

    2018 Game Completion Thread

    Far Cry 5_Zombie DLC-PS4- Well this one is a massive change of pace. It's split up into 7 vignettes, each one a movie pitch by a character you come across in the main game. Each level changes as he talks and the pitches get wilder. They're linear and only about 10-15 minutes long at most, but they're built for replaying as there's a score attack mode. There was only one I didn't enjoy. I don't normally do season passes but overall quality is high and I still have FC3 to finish, but that can wait. Can someone else finish something?
  15. Ginja

    2018 Game Completion Thread

    Far Cry 5_Mars DLC-PS4-A lot of fun. I was going to just mainline this as when I got back to it I wasn't feeling it but I ended up doing everything except finding all the documents.