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  1. Yakuza Kiwami-PS4- I loved the Majima everywhere stuff for the first 30 hours, then it became annoying when you wanted to crack on and the fucker popped up. I really enjoyed this, it was my 2nd time around. I don't remember the chapter 8 boss and the penultimate fights being this much of a frustration last time, maybe I played on easy last time... Anyway most people will have this through PS Plus so no excuses to not give it a go.
  2. They changed loads. The grind and how much of the in game currency that was needed. There was a certain amount of nerd rage, but the mechanics were out and out shitty. It's changed again since I last played it a lot. Apparently the game is insanely popular and I would happily play it more .One of those it's better in a group game.
  3. Calling Google translate?
  4. Super Mario World-SNES/WiiU- I think I finished this back in the day. I may not have. I have finished it now for sure. Fucking amazing.
  5. I'm waiting to see if they fix the Switch version to any degree before deciding which system to buy for. I've heard nothing but good things about the game overall though.
  6. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2019-06-22-game-agrees-gbp52m-takeover-by-mike-ashleys-sports-direct And sold...
  7. I fucking love this game. Up to the Gaping Dragon. So, so good. Got him down to 1/4 health on my 4th attempt which came later than it should've done as I didn't figure out the shortcut as early as I should have... I'm refusing to use a guide or tips from the interwebs as I'm enjoying/hating this game in equal measures!!! Everything I loved about Bloodborne is here, but I'm in a different frame of mind when it come to playing these games it seems so maybe I'll go back to that and the other Soulsborne games in the future,
  8. Ginja

    E3 2019

    EA- Star Wars looks great. Xbox- Gears 5 but no gameplay shown which is worrying. Ultimate game pass is something I'll be looking into as there's a lot of games on there I'd like to try but wouldn't want to shell out £40 to give them a go. Bethesda-Doom Eternal and Wolfenstein both look awesome fun. Ubi- Watchdogs Legion, loved the first 2 and this looks even better, love the idea of being any npc. Square- Final Fantasy 7 remake looks amazing. Avengers does not. Nintendo-Links Awakening, BOTW2 both have me excited. Luigis Mansion 3, looks brilliant. Astral chain still looks cool. I even liked the look of Animal Crossing... Basically they knocked it out of the park. A pretty good bunch of stuff, but it's definitely a lower key E3 this year. Can't wait to see next year
  9. I started this yesterday. It's familiar but different. Having said that even though I finished 2 on the PS1 and either the DC/GC can't remember which as I have both, I barely recall most of it as it was 21 and 18 years ago respectively! Playing the Pro version and I think it looks lovely, and the HDR seems pretty good, so maybe it got patched? Anyway really enjoying this, only a couple of hours in on the Standard difficulty and not having too many problems. Just trying to sort out the key card for the parking garage and I've not had any issues so far with resources. I love how they've modernised it by showing which doors need the special keys and if the room is completed by turning it blue. It stops a lot of aimless wandering which could get frustrating back in the day, especially with the bloody loading door animations! I really hope they remake 3 too as I have a lot of love for that game even though it got panned for being too samey.
  10. I bought my Zelda Amiibo from there a couple of years back as I got burnt by Amazon on a previous preorder. Laid down a deposit in store to guarantee them. Otherwise I always stumble into at least one of them when I'm in the city in the hope of a bargain. I stagger out flabbergasted at the prices. If they can make it until the next console launches they'll probably be around for a while longer...
  11. Keep an eye on Facebook marketplace. Lots of Wii U games going ridiculously cheap in my area.
  12. AC Origins-PS4-Platinum!-What a game. The story is initially revenge for Bayek as someone killed his son but it goes places I did not expect. There's a mass of side missions and distractions with some pretty inventive trophies to get. I decided fairly early on I was going for the platinum and it's easy but time consuming. All I have to decide now is if I go straight into the DLC or play Resident Evil 2!
  13. DOUBLE POST: Just got 8th!! Fuck that got hectic. I would've got higher but I fucked up dropping into a gap and blocked myself, I nearly recovered but alas it went tits up. Just over halfway to that Gameboy theme
  14. I played a few rounds of this earlier and nearly broke into the top 20. Still I'll take 21st. I was just about to drop a triple line when a ton of garbage hit my screen and fucked me There's a Tournament on this weekend and if you get 100 points during it there's a Gameboy theme in it for you. Starts tomorrow at 8am.
  15. This is the game completion thread, not started Shadow is so much better imo, it got a lot of bad press but I loved it. It was more exploring than combat which was great for me as that's what turned me off of Rise. I'm still playing it every month as I got the super edition with all the dlc tombs. Only 1 left to go
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