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  1. DOUBLE POST: Just got 8th!! Fuck that got hectic. I would've got higher but I fucked up dropping into a gap and blocked myself, I nearly recovered but alas it went tits up. Just over halfway to that Gameboy theme
  2. I played a few rounds of this earlier and nearly broke into the top 20. Still I'll take 21st. I was just about to drop a triple line when a ton of garbage hit my screen and fucked me There's a Tournament on this weekend and if you get 100 points during it there's a Gameboy theme in it for you. Starts tomorrow at 8am.
  3. This is the game completion thread, not started Shadow is so much better imo, it got a lot of bad press but I loved it. It was more exploring than combat which was great for me as that's what turned me off of Rise. I'm still playing it every month as I got the super edition with all the dlc tombs. Only 1 left to go
  4. I sent those thoughts and prayers on to Nintendo. It obviously worked as it's back down to 89p. Thanks Shufty.
  5. Seriously don't like this new forum software. Anyway I finished 3 things. They're in the spoiler box even though I didn't put them there. Click if you care.
  6. Spiderman DLC 1-PS4- That was fun. Great story and nicely sets up the rest. Batman:Arkham Asylum-Bone-This really holds up bar a few minor frustrations.
  7. Went to buy and it was £13.49. Send me £12.60.
  8. So I've played about 4 hours now. It's fun enough, but not without issues. The world building is good, but there's a big bad introduced in a cutscene who dies then in the next mission you're facing his sidekick who isn't even mentioned... The moment to moment gameplay is fun, more so because I'm playing co-op. It's basically the Resident Evil 5 of loot shooters.
  9. I signed up for EA Premier so I could play through this. I've fallen off Live service games in a big way so I'm not in it for the long haul. Most places are slating it but I enjoyed the beta and I've played through the first mission which was fun enough. Basically if I get a few weeks out of it that'll do me.
  10. 39th on my 2nd and last go...I didn't know about attacking etc until I heard it on Giant Bomb/Beastcast. Will definitely play some more soon.
  11. Come play it with me and Jimmy!
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