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  1. Ginja

    Online Bargains

    Yep! I picked up 2, Toon Link and Sheik to complete my Zelda Amiibo collection. Happy days
  2. Ginja

    Destiny PS4

    You're out anyway, we told you the other night
  3. Ginja


    That was a laugh. We did badly!
  4. Ginja

    Destiny PS4

    To be fair, most of the grind for me was doing the quests that I didn't do when the first 2 expansions came out. If I'd done them already then I'd have had enough time to do all 3 characters. The new system in place with Forsaken means there's a gentle curve to get to the first soft cap and then you open another area where you start getting gear that will push you over it. There's so many triumphs in this from the start so you always have something to aim for. Also there's so many more opportunities to get Powerful engrams, not just the weekly list to check off like it was before. There's daily stuff to do for all activities so if you want to hop on for an hour you could probably get 4 of them just by doing those each day. There's also a chance to get new Prime engrams from dropping any of the many, many High value targets available on all the planets which are usually 5 light level above yours. So far I've found it's a fair system. Also I was worried about resources being used to infuse but they're bountiful now and you can even buy them with glimmer. Also if you have a weapon you want to upgrade and you get the same one at a higher light level but the perks are worse you can infuse it and it'll only cost you glimmer. EDIT: There's 3 daily bounties on all planets too, which usually don't take long to get so you get 30 of that planets resource by doing those. If you combine that with patrols then you'll never be short. I'm totally sold on it and it's going to save me a fortune as I was going to buy Spiderman on Friday but didn't because I know I'll be playing this for months. We also have a couple new clan members who are well into it so getting a raiding party together is going to be a piece of piss!!! Basically it does for Destiny 2 what The Taken King did for Destiny.
  5. Ginja

    Destiny PS4

    So addicted...
  6. Ginja

    Far Cry 5

    I didn't like that much either...
  7. Ginja

    Far Cry 5

    I loved 5 and 4 platinumed them both. I'm waiting for the last dlc to drop and then playing them back to back. I never finished 3, having started it 3 times now... I know it' supposed to be the best but I drop off it every time.
  8. Ginja


    I assumed you had. I was just backing you up that it's not working here either. Firefox being used here.
  9. Ginja


    Yep, even searching for just god of war doesn't even bring up the latest thread.
  10. Ginja

    Mine works too!

    So the fire brigade have started to let you use hoses now/penis joke Congrats bud!
  11. Ginja

    Online Bargains

    I need Snorlax slippers in my life. I don't know why but I do.
  12. Ginja

    giant bomb (cast)

    I've got into the Kinda Funny content recently, there's quite a lot each week including a Daily show. Still well into Bombcast and now Beastcast.
  13. Ginja

    Destiny PS4

    No-one else plays it as much as you two. (Except Paul) We'll get it eventually... We're raiding Friday night but I think we have a full group,amazingly 2 weeks in a row! You should hit Jimmy up he has a lot of time on his hands for a few months.
  14. Ginja

    Detroit: Become Human - PS4

    Yeah it's held its value. Must have sold pretty well. Come back to Destiny 2
  15. I played this at Eurogamer Expo last year whilst waiting for Yussry to get his arse in gear. When he finally got in I said to him this is the game that will make me buy a Switch. Well I finally got around to buying it and fuck me what a game. It's Metroidvania with Pinball where you play as a dung beetle attached to a ball of shit by a piece of string. You need this game in your life. Available on most platforms I believe just buy it you'll love it.