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  1. Darksiders 3-PS4-Man what a game. It's solid B tier. The camera is occasionally janky, and it's not a looker but I could not stop playing this. I started Monday afternoon and I've put about 21 hours into this. There's more for me to find and I may go for a NG+ run at some point. Not right now though as my priority is clear the backlog while I'm furloughed as I won't get this opportunity to sit on my arse guilt free for another 19 years
  2. It's a very different beast to 2. Which I finished last week and loved. There's no dungeons and the puzzles are just environmental, and it usually comes down to using one or more of your powers to solve it. Or finding some swords to open a door. Fury is nimble but nowhere near the degree of Death who could leap around like Mario and wall run like the Prince of Persia. Traversal is more about using your powers to manoeuvre through the environment. There's also no loot like 2. You have your whip to begin with and you obtain a secondary weapon with each power. They can all be levelled up and you get items to slot into them and they too can be boosted. What I really like is early game you'll see areas blocked off by purple goo or walls that are glowing and you know one of the powers you'll acquire will allow you to go through and explore more. Backtracking through these areas after you've levelled up is a nice respite as you're now seriously OP and you can mostly relax and kick arse while exploring and farming. The combat is mostly based around countering at the right time and if you do then the counter is a super powerful Arcane attack so I've been putting a lot of my ability points into that. It got patched with the classic combat and it made it more forgiving so that probably helped since that seemed to be a massive criticism. I haven't tried the original style of combat. Maybe I'll give it a look when I'm done.
  3. So having spent the week with Darksiders 3 and being right near the end I can safely say this is a cracking fucking game. Don’t get me wrong it’s solid B tier all the way but it’s inventive and surprising at almost every turn. It’s Light Souls rather than dark, there’s a forgiving nature to it that the “Dark” games don’t have but the combat is great and gets better the more you progress . It’s on game pass and was on ps plus a few months back. Give it a go.
  4. Fractured Minds-Bone Game Pass-Supposedly a game about mental health but it did nothing for me apart from frustrate as the controls are a bit crap. Only took 20 minutes so I saw it through to the end and 1000gs so that's nice...
  5. Firewatch-PS4-I tend to play at least 1 walking simulator a year and this year Firewatch got the nod. It was good, with a surprising amount going on. I really enjoyed the story except the ending. It felt a little rushed and disingenuous . Worth a look if you like this sort of game though.
  6. ^^Good Lad! Batman:The Enemy Within-PS4- Furlough Platinum number 2! It's your standard Telltale gameplay, but I really like what this series has done with the established characters. Well worth a play through. Both of them have been GWG on the Xbox recently too so most will have access to them.
  7. Darksiders 2:Deathinitive Edition-PS4- Wow, what a great fucking game. It out Zeldas, Zelda at times, the combat is great, the loot is great. It's great. Soooo much better than the first which I do like apart from some old school design decisions. It's basically Prince of Persia traversal, with Diablo style loot, Zelda dungeons and God of War combat. It's the bastards bastard bastards love child of all of them. I really want to get stuck into 3 as my Dad who at nearly 71 is still a massive geek says it's really good(he finished it last week) proud son etc. but I need a change of pace.
  8. SOTR>TR>ROTR The 2nd one was just combat arena after combat arena. I had to force myself to finish it in the end.
  9. Hunchback-Commodore 64-Finished for the first time ever, for ever ever,(with trainers)-No wonder I never finished this back in the day. So much bullshit. Flame ball from front, then after loss of life, flame ball from back. Insert arrow for flame ball for next level...Jeeez. Still enjoyed it, but seriously... Moved on to Hunchback 2, and even with extra lives I couldn't make it past the level I could get to back in the day. Fuck this game. Aztec Challenge_Commodore 64- Finished this multiple times back in the day and multiple times today. This and Forbidden Forest are some of my faves, same guy made them I believe. Batman:The Movie - Commodore 64- If anyone said they finished this without extra lives or cheats is a liar...Full of bullshit. It looks great for an end of life C64 game though. I'm close to 1ccing BCs Quest for Tires though so that's nice.
  10. COD:Advanced Warfare-Bone-The end of my CODyssey (sorry) for now. This was alright, I seem to remember enjoying it more the first time around, but coming straight off the back of MW2, it felt flat. The sound and feel of the weapons for one and too much downtime with the exposition. I suppose they paid for Spacey we better use Spacey. I'll probably never play this again so I'll press X to pay my respects...
  11. COD:Modern Warfare 2 Remastered-Bone- This game not only holds up, but is better than I remember. The remaster looks lovely, and a couple of the levels are truly fantastic looking. Worth the £19.99...? Maybe, depends on how much you like COD. I only paid £10 thanks to Microsoft rewards. Definitely worth that.
  12. https://store.playstation.com/en-gb/product/EP0082-CUSA02369_00-FULLEXPERIENCE00 Free Hitman.
  13. Donut County-PS4-First Platinum of the year!! Such a charming little game. It clocks in at around 3 hours including some replaying to get the Plat. Mild puzzles and a kooky story. Well worth the £5 I paid.
  14. 4 for £20 2nd hand from Game. Got WW2,Advanced Warfare, Infinite Warfare that also has Modern Warfare on disc, and Evil WIthin 2.So technically £4 This was before the fall of society etc obviously.
  15. COD WW2-BONE- I really enjoyed this more the 2nd time around. Story is pretty good and some of the set pieces are pretty spectacular. Well worth the £5 I spent on it
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