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  1. https://www.cdkeys.com/xbox-live/games/star-wars-jedi-fallen-order-deluxe-edition-xbox-one Jedi Fallen order. Deluxe edition. Cheaper than the normal edition. £39.69! I preordered it because Star Wars, but I feel positive this will get good reviews!
  2. I've been having a great time with the sequel. Jimmy, Jimbo and I did some 3 player co-op and here#s room for a 4th. The micromanaging is a bit OTT but apart from that well worth playing. Game Pass is paying for itself this month since I'd never had bothered with this without it.
  3. I didn't like it at first but it grew on me. I think it was the control scheme change that threw me at first along with the score attack focus. It's not particularly long I feel like probably finished it in about 6/7 hours. Also you get to see Paduk back in the day. So I guess that's a yes.
  4. Had a busy week... Links Awakening-Switch-Such a charming game, made even better with the extra buttons meaning it's no longer a case of constantly swapping in and out of the menu. Fairly easy overall but I spent longer on Dungeon 7 than I should have done. I just couldn't see how to do it and when I finally figured it I felt stupid. The music is great and it was nice to go back to the old Zelda formula. I'd be happy if they alternate styles, as I'd miss not being able to pit my wits against the dungeons. Even the frame rate issues can't take the shine off this brilliant game. Gears 5-Bone- After all my early issues were fixed I really enjoyed this. We did have to drop difficulty to "Normal" in Act 3 though thanks to super accurate unavoidable drop shots. Which made the rest of act 3 and 4 a bit of a walk in the park since we'd got super efficient at flanking etc. and last but, not least, oh actually it is least... Gears:Judg(e)ment-360/Bone- I had the afternoon free and was hankering for some Gears action and couldn't wait until the evening. Turns out I was really near the end. It's taken me since April 2013 to scratch this from the backlog. Glad I've done it. I'm going to finish off the Aftermath dlc and probably never play it again. It was okay, I'd have just been happier with it without all the score attack bollocks.
  5. I want to play this. Loved the first. It's got coming to game pass written all over it in!!
  6. Ginja

    Gears 5

    Haven't tried single player yet. Yes my Xb to his PC. Must be, Jimmy sucks.
  7. Jimmy and I have spent 2 evenings this week trying to play through this co-op. So many glitches that have led to reloading the game. Including but not limited to: Character getting stuck in a horse, button config being changed after death, being unable to back out of a screen as prompt greyed out and general connection issues. It's even caused his PC to shut down on about 3 occasions. Last night we progressed our game clock 1.5 hours in 3.5 hours of play, and about 3 of 6 on Tuesday. It's so frustrating because the game is really good when it works. On the plus side it's a beautiful looking game...
  8. Get ready for glitches... Combat is still solid and there's cool new gun!
  9. Ginja

    Destiny PS4

    What a difference a year makes...
  10. The Witcher 3-PS4- Top 5 GOAT. Absolutely adored this game, so much to do. I literally lost myself playing this I'd sit down for a couple of hours and next thing I know it's been 5+. That happened on so many occasions. I've got the DLC to go through, but I'm taking a break to put on a do rag for a bit.
  11. Manual Samuel-Bone- Well this a lot of fun. Sam is a dick and gets killed. He makes a deal with death and he gets brought back to life but he has to do everything manually. Hence the name of the game. You have to blink, breath, move your legs and hands all independently. Some of the levels are like rubbing your stomach while patting your head and at the same time reciting the alphabet backwards!! It's on game pass until the end of the day but it only took me a couple of hours to beat so there's still time. If not pick it up anyway on poc. Well worth a couple of hours of anyone's time.
  12. Ico. Resistance 2 & 3 although 3 is the best and they may have dated somewhat. Demons Souls if you like that sort of thing. Infamous 1 & 2. Ratchet and Clank games except all 4 one which is a bit shit. God of War games. You can get 1,2, Ascension and the 2 PSP remasters. Prince of Persia Trilogy( Sands of time etc) Great if you never played them back in the day. I would also have said The Last of US, Uncharted and all the Yakuza games but they've been remastered!
  13. Yakuza Kiwami-PS4- I loved the Majima everywhere stuff for the first 30 hours, then it became annoying when you wanted to crack on and the fucker popped up. I really enjoyed this, it was my 2nd time around. I don't remember the chapter 8 boss and the penultimate fights being this much of a frustration last time, maybe I played on easy last time... Anyway most people will have this through PS Plus so no excuses to not give it a go.
  14. They changed loads. The grind and how much of the in game currency that was needed. There was a certain amount of nerd rage, but the mechanics were out and out shitty. It's changed again since I last played it a lot. Apparently the game is insanely popular and I would happily play it more .One of those it's better in a group game.
  15. Calling Google translate?
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