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  1. I'm considering picking up this: https://www.cdkeys.com/playstation-network-psn/psn-games/doom-slayers-collection-ps4 It's Doom 1,2,3 and Doom 2016. that's a lot of game for £14.99. EDIT: I decided to boot up Doom on a Playstation 1 emulator. I'd forgotten how good the music is on that version, so Moody! I'd also forgotten it came out pre DS1 and that you strafe with the bumpers, it didn't take long to get back into it though.
  2. LOL @RNGesus ^^ Afterparty-Xbone- First of the year. It's pretty good and has some great character interactions but there's a whole lot of walking with nothing happening. I probably wouldn't have played it without Gamepass and it was good enough for me to finish so there's that. There's reasons to go for a 2nd playthrough as there's different "quests", but it's not enough for me to go through again.
  3. Bummers, you have the main router in your house and then it's cabled to the TP Link? You can just use wifi extenders to repeat the signal from the house and it's the same network. https://www.amazon.co.uk/NETGEAR-Wi-Fi-Range-Extender-EX2700/dp/B00NIUHAG6/ref=sr_1_3?crid=AJTPNA587BVY&keywords=wifi+extender&qid=1578005562&smid=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE&sprefix=wifi+ext%2Caps%2C164&sr=8-3 Something like this? I don't use them myself so you'd need to do your own research. Bob, you don't need anything fancy an unmanaged switch https://www.amazon.co.uk/NETGEAR-GS108UK-Gigabit-Ethernet-Unmanaged/dp/B0000E5SES/ref=sr_1_4?keywords=netgear+switch&qid=1578005279&sr=8-4 will be fine and any port on the router is good. I use this model myself with my PC, TV and 4 consoles attached with no issues via a Home plug network.
  4. Rise of Skywalker about 2 weeks ago. Meh. Midsommar-tonight-
  5. None at all. They were on holiday in Devon, went in a random shop and bought it on a whim!
  6. I got gaming related socks. I also got Control which I'm about 1.5 hours into and it's great and Death Stranding which I hear is a very marmite game but I wanted to find out for myself. A couple of 4K films Captain Marvel and End Game. BUT the crowning glory of my Christmas was from my parents who out of left field bought me an original ROTJ AT-ST walker. I randomly found a couple of books I wrote when I was 10 (Space Wars and The Empire fights back ) in a clear out of our spare room last month and tucked in one of them was an Xmas list from circa 1983. I'd put quite a few star wars vehicles on the list and asked for just one, because I'm not greedy! Anyway the list ranged from a lowly speeder bike all the way up to The Falcon. I didn't get any of them until 36 years later!! The thing is I didn't mention I'd found the list to my parents so that was extra spooky.
  7. My Friend Pedro-Bone- Brilliant fun and inventive. Adds new things to do practically every level so it never gets stale, and is just crazy at times. I could have gone for it being a little longer as I was enjoying it so much, it clocks in at around 4 hours. There's always high scores to chase though. On Game Pass and well worth anyones time.
  8. It's "free" with Game pass which I'm loving more and more with each passing day. If there ever come a time in the future when I decide to not subscribe I'll happily drop the £6.99 for it to complete the collection.
  9. I will, but it doesn't seem to be in the best state according to Digital Foundry so I think I'll wait until it's been fixed. Still got to finish Halo:CE with Biggy anyway!
  10. Life is Strange-Before The Storm-Xbone- It was great to see Rachel and Chloe become a thing but so sad knowing what happens. teen angst at its best/worst. Looking forward to playing 2 in the near future.
  11. https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/nintendo-switch-10-free-games-over-xmas-at-nintendo-eshop-3360304
  12. A couple more this week: Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order-Bone- I have so many mixed feelings about this game. The story was good, if a little front and back loaded and it looks great for the most part and totally unfinished in others. The fucking Wookiees looked terrible and they're a major part of the story. I had issues though, loading, falling through the ground. I don't think the combat was great and some of the traversal was iffy to say the least. I opened up a shortcut rope, I jumped on it and no matter what I did when I got to the top instead of me being put on the platform it bounced me back down. In the first few hours the Star Warsyness(TM) of it allowed me to see past it, but by the end the constant minor niggles became too much for me. It could've been so much better. 6. Abzu-Bone- I adored this game. Don't listen to Dave. He has no soul. Such a chill game to sit down and experience for a couple of hours. Leaving game pass on Saturday. Get on it.
  13. A couple I finished but forgot to post: The Division 2-PS4- Finally went back to it and finished off all the story missions. Had help from a few people that were fully levelled so it was basically a walk in the park, but tbh I don't think I would have gone through it otherwise. Haven't deleted it from the HDD yet as there's a few things I want to see but I can't see it being a long term commitment. Horizon:Zero Dawn The Frozen wilds-PS4- 100% completed. This was an excellent piece of dlc that just outstayed its welcome, mainly due to a particular enemy that can suck my cock. I'm looking forward to the inevitable sequel on the PS5.
  14. I got the no shooting achievement, but fuck that gnome. Fair play to you!!!
  15. Call of Duty:Modern Warfare(remastered)_Bone- I decided I wanted to go through some of the COD games again after finishing the new one. This is still a great game, it's showing it's age in some ways but bar a few minor frustrations well worth another look. Moving on to Modern Warfare 2 next, which after a conversation with Yussry recently I'm going to attempt on Veteran difficulty. Probably a terrible idea but I'll let you know
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