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  1. First impression, it's heavier than it looks. Second: Lots of updating and downloading. Third:....
  2. Managed to secure a Series X! Got the all access bundle from Game and it's being delivered on the 31st I'm looking forward to it despite there being no massive new games, although The Medium is out at the end of the month and that looks pretty interesting.
  3. Noooo, absolutely not. I'm not sure if it's because I lost loads of bits or you just can't. Just go with what suits your play style. You literally can't complete the maze until late game.
  4. The Gardens Between-Bone- A great little puzzler worth anyone's time, especially as it's on Gamepass. Shades of Braid and Brothers. Played it through in one sitting which was probably 20 minutes longer than it should have been thanks to one particular level. Give it a go
  5. Control-Bone-I liked this but it was more and more frustrating as I got closer to the end. It just felt like tougher and tougher enemies in a combat arena. It reminded me of Uncharted 3. Worth a play, but hopefully the sequel, if there is one mixes it up a bit. I preferred Quantum Break...and Alan Wake. And Max Payne 3(yes I know they didn't make that one) EDIT: I also forgot to mention the awful check pointing. One standout moment is the Ashtray maze, absolutely out of leftfield.
  6. Refunds ahoy for Xbox and PS4 versions, even through retail.... I can't remember this ever happening before?
  7. OT, but when is this forum ever on it Now EA have bought Codemasters out from under Take 2, are you going full circle now?
  8. Doom Eternal-Bone/Gamepass- Finished this a few weeks back but forgot to post. It starts off alright, but after you have all the tools at your disposal it's great. So a game of almost 2 halves. Can't complain though because game pass.
  9. 7th December seems to be the date most places are pointing to. Also may be worth doing this https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2020-12-01-uk-retailer-box-opens-a-ballot-for-its-next-xbox-series-x-stock-allocation I could have got one yesterday from Amazon Germany but didn't pull the trigger, I'm going to wait until the new year as I've barely scratched the surface of AC Valhalla on the PS5 yet, plus I have Watch Dogs coming for Xmas.
  10. Mega Bump, almost 2 years to the day! I'm now over 40 hours in, I'm on Chapter 3 but not sure how many missions chapter 3 consists of and frankly I don't want to. For reference my story completion is only at 34% and game completion is at 44%. I started playing this a little over a year ago and quickly bounced off it, mainly due to what everyone else was on about. The slow pace, the direction-less story. Yet now I'm loving the game for these things. I boot it up and do one mission here, a side story there. Sometimes it'll take an hour, other times a whole lot less. I'm giving money to
  11. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2020-11-01-ps5-faceplate-company-is-forced-to-cancel-orders-following-a-complaint-from-sony
  12. Nice,I'll proably get one of these down the line if the quality is good enough.
  13. Athlete Kings- A really cool stylised track and field game. Die Hard Arcade-Based on an arcade game and rebranded. Baku Baku Animal-A really cool match 3 or more puzzle where you match the animal with it's food. Virtua Fighter 2-Best VF game bar none. Street Fighter Alpha 2-Excellent version of Alpha 2, but surpassed by having the actual arcade version available. Xmen Children of the atom-One of my fave beat em ups.
  14. Tom Clancys Ghost Recon Breakpoint-PS4-Like WIldlands, but worse and now with added loot, which just makes everything better... I had some fun, a lot of frustration and without co-op I would have given up before the end. Got another platinum though so that's nice.
  15. Tell Me Why- All Chapters- Xbone- Great story, slightly clunky game play. It's you usual Don't Nod style. Like Life is strange? You'll like this unless you have something against trans people. It has the usual Don't Nod slightly supernatural vibe, but it's more understated than their Life is Strange games. It's on game pass and well worth a play.
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