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  1. Outriders-Series X- Far too long. Story utter bullshit that we stopped watching cut scenes after mission 3(it may have been 2)yet I could not stop playing. Once you spec your character to your play style it becomes less a war of attrition and the fun begins. It's very obtuse in telling you how to do that so begin with guides and go from there. One caveat, if I hadn't have been playing co-op I'd have ditched it long before the end. Game Pass FTW?
  2. Ginja

    Giant Bomb

    Nextlander has just launched with Brad, Vinny and Alex. Podcast available everywhere and they're streaming on Twitch. May invest in the patreon at some point.
  3. Sea of Solitude-Series X- This is really good. It has a lovely art style, and the story is interesting and heartfelt. It's about a girl who is in this fantastical world dealing with her emotions. She's lonely, has low self esteem, and is depressed. Through the gameplay, a 3D platformer, which is more about traversal than Mario like pinpoint accuracy and acrobatics, you learn about her relationships. I won't spoil anything but it's one of the few games where I've actually felt drawn in and feel for the character. A lot of the time you see what's coming before she does(deliberate I'm sure)
  4. I bought it yesterday, I'll probably get around to it in a year but someone was selling the PS5 version for £15 on FB marketplace so I figured it would be rude not to at that price.
  5. Max:The Curse of Brotherhood-Series X- A great little puzzle platformer that doesn't outstay it's welcome. On Gamepass so no excuses etc.
  6. Vinny, Alex and Brad all leaving Friday. This sucks. That leaves Bakalar on the East coast who is alright but basically rambles a lot and is up his own arse. Still have Jeff, Rorie, Jan and Jason on the West but this is a massive blow and I think it'll be the end of my premium sub unless they pull something magical out of their arse. My working week(a lot of driving) revolves around their podcasts and audio books. I guess I'll be listening to more books. It was all about the dynamic between these people for me than the news or the games, most of them are our age gro
  7. Mafia:Definitive Edition-Series X- The story was great, and I enjoyed the game well enough but it's very clunky to control at times. Combat was the main problem area, I felt a lot of the time there was literally only one way to get through the arena and if you deviated you died. A Lot. Checkpointing, or lack thereof spoilt what could have been a great experience.
  8. Batman Arkham VR-PS4- This is a pretty decent experience, but very light on game and it was far too short. I got it for £7.99 in a sale and still feel short changed at that price. There is more to do involving the riddler after you finish but like the mainline Arkham games I found a few and got bored.
  9. It Takes Two-Series X- Best Co-op game ever? It might be. Funny, poignant, harrowing, bizarre are some words I could use to describe this game. The story is ok, sometimes the characters are really annoying at times, but it's the gameplay that keeps changing up all the time that is the star. It can be bought for under £20 right now digitally, and it will eventually join Game Pass, you literally have no excuse to not try this game out.* *Unless you have no friends or are Jimmy.
  10. Call of Duty:Black Ops Cold War-PS5-A decent COD campaign that has taken me an age to get round to finishing.I usually finish them off before jumping into multiplayer. I enjoyed it a fair bit and there's a decent amount of variety. Looks really nice too, loved all the neon and the explosions are amazing.
  11. It gets good about 4 levels in when you finally get all the tools, before that, it literally feels like something is missing. Once I'd got that I didn't look back.
  12. Deliver us the Moon-Xbox- This is a great game. Lots of puzzles and story and fuck all combat. I had a couple of minor issues with it but not enough to stop me playing through the whole thing over a week. Thanks again to Game Pass.
  13. GTA is coming back to game pass in a couple of weeks if that helps.
  14. https://www.cdkeys.com/xbox-live/games/assassin-s-creed-unity-xbox-one 59p. Even if you play it for an hour I call that value for money. I bought the PS4 version at full price and don't regret it.
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