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  1. Yeah, didn't back it but got it for £25 on Green Man Gaming
  2. Do you like Castlevania SotN? You will like this. Includes the harvesting of abilities that came in with the DS Castlevania titles. It's so faithful that you'll recognise enemy types. Those medusa heads are back and they can still fuck off.
  3. Not done much but art style is Street Fighter 4. Mechanics are very different so trying to play like SF series will die quickly. Looking forward to playing this more. Oh and season pass is free until midnight whether you own the game or not.
  4. It's Yakuza, it's fun they've changed things up but not in an earth shattering way. Think I prefer the combat of the others but if course it needed to be different. They've reintroduced the chase bits but thankfully they're not as annoying as before. I'm enjoying it.
  5. Shufty

    E3 2019

    Panzer Dragoon - although was it me or did the laser sounds seem a bit off? Might have been the stream though Keanu Reeves BOTW2 Xbox Pass changes are interesting but not something I need Rest I didn't give much of a shit
  6. Oh and PC https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2019-06-09-phantasy-star-online-2-is-finally-finally-coming-to-the-west
  7. As the title says, coming Spring apparently.
  8. Rarely buy from them these days unless there's a good deal like on PSVR before Christmas. Being asked all the questions at the till just gets on my nerves.
  9. Looks a bit Ghost in the Shell
  10. Yeah, your brain is going, "what the actual fuck?" Don't do prolonged sessions and get used to it gradually. Do not do a two hour session then have a hot bath like I did on the first day. I puked my guts up. Beat Sabre is fucking awesome by the way.
  11. John Wick 3 - if you liked the other two, you'll like this. One or two bits I wasn't so keen on but it was ultimately a good film.
  12. Epic are continuing their aggressive move info digital store fronts with a sale, including an extra tenner off anything over £13. So I've preordered the John Wick game for £4.39 as a result.
  13. This is absolutely great fun. I never played the first one but it's gloriously over the top and gives a great challenge.
  14. Modern TVs work in a different way to CRTs (the YouTube link does a decent enough job of going over this quickly), essentially the image is generated too quickly for the guns to read. It sucks balls.
  15. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sindenlightgun/the-sinden-lightgun Looks amazing, hope it actually bloody works! https://youtu.be/4-jbsT8O7PE
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