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  1. Shufty

    Old SD-Cards Wanted

    Think I've worked out what I did with the SD card. I soft modded my Wii using it. Realised as I ripped a Wii disc this afternoon.
  2. Shufty


    I steam from home to work using my PC and Moonlight on lunch breaks which is a distance of about six miles, wired connection at home to wireless at work which is mostly good, does go to pot every now and then, so I'm already up for this kind of thing. Costs will be huge barrier unless they bundle it with YouTube Premium or something. Doubt they will buy would be nice.
  3. Shufty


    There's some great ideas here (integrated Google Assistant to search for a how to for example), will it actually work?
  4. Shufty


    Vague mentions of low latency and removing some of the unpredictable elements. They've just stuck two fingers up to Microsoft by having a demo that's a persistent destructable world which they failed with on Crackdown 3
  5. Shufty


    Now, when are they getting to what network connection you need?
  6. Shufty


    Unreal and Unity support. Using Vulkan API.
  7. Shufty


    Anyone watching Google's GDC stream? Assuming it works as promised it's impressive stuff.
  8. Shufty

    The Way (Switch)

    I'll send it in the form of thoughts and prayers
  9. Shufty

    The Way (Switch)

    It's 89p on the eShop. It's got issues but the pixel art is lovely and some decent thought provoking puzzles. The twitchy platforming gets bloody annoying mind. 89p it's a steal though.
  10. As above, got a bunch of games that get no play so might as well sell them. Is anyone collecting MD stuff? Can put together a list of what I've got if anyone's interested.
  11. Shufty

    2019 Game Completion Thread

    If you haven't already play Unavowed from Wadjet Eye Games, it's great.
  12. Shufty


    Their logic seems to be, you look after the timetabling system so you'll be fine with the VLE. Not appreciating they're wildly different systems and on timetabling I actually got training and support.
  13. Shufty

    2019 Game Completion Thread

    What did you think to it? Really enjoyed it but some of the writing felt like it was written by a 14 year old trying to be edgy.
  14. Shufty


    We've had a round of voluntary redundancies (again) and one of the people leaving looked after the VLE servers. He had 9 months before he left to hand over but because the higher management are fucking idiots they were still giving him new work which meant he couldn't hand anything over effectively. Then 3 weeks before he's leaving I'm asked to pick up some of this work. They're UNIX servers, I've only done a tiny bit of Linux before and this is one of the most important systems we have at work. He managed to show me some stuff for an afternoon. What could go wrong? Well, due to a network switch dying in one of the machine rooms and the replacement installation going so badly we lost power to some buildings and the VLE lost some of its servers. We tried to bring them back up but it wasn't working. It was exam week. The VLE is how the students access revision materials and lecture recordings. Kind of a big deal. Thursday managed to get it sorted (not me, another guy who used to do this and shouldn't have been dragged into it. The feed had also failed so updates to module access wasn't being processed. It was fixed yesterday (again by guy who shouldn't have been fixing it). I've learnt a lot in the past couple of weeks but not in any way that it should have been. This is why before I took this on I demanded in writing they acknowledged the risk they were taking in dumping this shit on me. I've had better weeks but still, it's not CeX.
  15. Shufty


    Haven't watched it but does make me think Charlie Brooker's been playing Dark Room