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  1. Finally experiencing Quick Resume as it was disabled for Yakuza but they've fixed it now. Bloody impressive!
  2. Enjoying my Series X, have plonked it behind my TV as it's just too big and I need to avoid my cat treating it as a heated bed. He's got the router for that...
  3. It's Yakuza, loving it. New combat system works well only niggle is if you try to attack someone and you move past another enemy they can interrupt and block the attack. That's annoying. But the game is well written, new location is great, new characters are great. Love this series.
  4. I really don't feel the press have done a good enough job showing how the Series X compares in size to other things. Here you go, something we can relate to.
  5. I got fed up of the dammed if you do, dammed if you don't missions in FC4. It just got really irritating.
  6. Was never a fan, also trying to flog the things when I was at cex, couldn't give the bloody things away.
  7. Sounds good, I won't have a chance to look before the weekend but happy to take another look.
  8. I'd have to set it up again, had to reset my PC and haven't gotten round to sorting it. Didn't have any smeared issues, looked pretty good, not Dolphin level but looked fine
  9. Seeing as the RROD cost them $1 billion probably at the forefront of people's minds when designing. Also why people ran with it in the first place.
  10. About time they did something, I am not a fan of the PS3 and PS4 menu system, feels like they were designed by engineers, not UX people
  11. Oh and last time I used it was picky about the ISOs, found the Darkwater ones to be the best, but a quick check and they're gone, replaced by redump so if you Google around that you should find some.
  12. Mednafen it's not a pretty GUI driven one but its Saturn emulation is pretty good. You need a half decent PC to use it I got good results with a 5 year old i7, 16gb DDR3 RAM and a Geforce 970. This should help you get started https://youtu.be/RlkDr_DXdCk
  13. Do you want ISOs of all the scenarios with translations?
  14. Robopit is a fun one on one 3d fighter where you customise your robot, should be pretty cheap too. If you can get it Panzer Dragoon Saga is one of my favourite RPGs Marvel Super Heroes (get the 4mb cart Shining Force 3 Shining the Holy Ark Die Hard Arcade An interesting bug I found playing Die Hard Trilogy back in the day, on the Die Hard game, at the end of a level use the 9mm pistol, empty the clip to 1 bullet remaining, as you enter the elevator shoot, you don't have time to reload and go to the next level. Instead of counting down, the ammo count goes up and y
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