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  1. Shufty

    2018 Game Completion Thread

    Yakuza Kiwami is free on PS+ this month.
  2. Shufty

    End of an era

    Liked the mag as it struck a decent balance between serious articles and taking the piss. Edge was so full of itself I just couldn't get on with it, Games Master I was never a huge fan of and Sega Saturn Magazine for some reason had stopped a long time before.
  3. Shufty

    End of an era

  4. https://store.steampowered.com/app/918530/The_Dark_Room/ Started as a Choose Your Own Adventure on YouTube, then became a stage show, now it's a crass and funny game in early access. Patch notes include - "the puppy is no longer immortal"
  5. Shufty

    2018 Game Completion Thread

    Rise was decent, but I barely remember the plot, only a few bits.
  6. Shufty

    I will remember that

    This was a surprise, enjoyed a lot of their stuff but found my interest waned over time.
  7. Shufty

    2018 Game Completion Thread

    He definitely worked for Slant Six who did Operation Racoon City
  8. Shufty

    Unavowed (PC)

    Point and click from Wadjet Eye of Blackwell series game. If you like their previous games you'll enjoy this. Loads of detail, puzzles make sense with no moon logic and some great plot points.
  9. Shufty

    Streets of Rage 4 announced!

    Saturn wasn't really underpowered, just an arse of an architecture to utilise effectively
  10. Shufty

    Streets of Rage 4 announced!

    Problem with Panzer Dragoon Saga is they've lost the source code.
  11. Shufty

    Far Cry 5

    4 you didn't get any sense of reward. Whatever choice you made was wrong in some fucking way to someone. It got very tiring.
  12. Shufty

    Dead Cells

    Got to Clock Tower boss, he absolutely twatted me. Got the vine and daily challenge runes.
  13. Shufty

    Dead Cells

    Been getting that on Windows, on both my PC and Surface so I think it might be some optimisation issues.
  14. Shufty

    Dead Cells

    This is really, really good. Everything just flows brilliantly and playing with different weapon combinations is a lot of fun. Get it.
  15. Shufty

    2018 Game Completion Thread

    Kiwami can be finished in about 20 hours if you're looking for side missions and the like. I put about 80+ hours into Yakuza 0. Love this series.