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  1. Shufty

    Unavowed (PC)

    Point and click from Wadjet Eye of Blackwell series game. If you like their previous games you'll enjoy this. Loads of detail, puzzles make sense with no moon logic and some great plot points.
  2. Shufty

    Streets of Rage 4 announced!

    Saturn wasn't really underpowered, just an arse of an architecture to utilise effectively
  3. Shufty

    Streets of Rage 4 announced!

    Problem with Panzer Dragoon Saga is they've lost the source code.
  4. Shufty

    Far Cry 5

    4 you didn't get any sense of reward. Whatever choice you made was wrong in some fucking way to someone. It got very tiring.
  5. Shufty

    Dead Cells

    Got to Clock Tower boss, he absolutely twatted me. Got the vine and daily challenge runes.
  6. Shufty

    Dead Cells

    Been getting that on Windows, on both my PC and Surface so I think it might be some optimisation issues.
  7. Shufty

    Dead Cells

    This is really, really good. Everything just flows brilliantly and playing with different weapon combinations is a lot of fun. Get it.
  8. Shufty

    2018 Game Completion Thread

    Kiwami can be finished in about 20 hours if you're looking for side missions and the like. I put about 80+ hours into Yakuza 0. Love this series.
  9. Shufty

    Octopath Traveller

    Put some good time into this and I am thoroughly enjoying it. Having to grind a bit but it gives you a rating for the area so you can judge where's a good area to do it. Wish the characters interacted more than they do but it's a minor gripe. Some of the boss fights have been really involved and engaging.
  10. Shufty

    Yokus Island Express

    I like pinball and Metrodvanias. This is a great game.
  11. Shufty


    Well, I do like a lot of chocolate on my biscuit.
  12. Shufty


    How long can it take to index 'goatse' anyway?
  13. Shufty

    Octopath Traveller

    About 4 hours in and enjoying it so far. Battle system is sort of a mix between Final Fantasy and Grandia where you can me around with the order of turns out cancel an opponent's turn outright. Tried the English voice acting and very quickly switched to the Japanese choices.
  14. Shufty

    Remember the days swapping music CDs?

    It's a very spot on pisstake of EBM which a lot of the time takes itself far too seriously.