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  1. Epic are continuing their aggressive move info digital store fronts with a sale, including an extra tenner off anything over £13. So I've preordered the John Wick game for £4.39 as a result.
  2. This is absolutely great fun. I never played the first one but it's gloriously over the top and gives a great challenge.
  3. Modern TVs work in a different way to CRTs (the YouTube link does a decent enough job of going over this quickly), essentially the image is generated too quickly for the guns to read. It sucks balls.
  4. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sindenlightgun/the-sinden-lightgun Looks amazing, hope it actually bloody works! https://youtu.be/4-jbsT8O7PE
  5. Think I've worked out what I did with the SD card. I soft modded my Wii using it. Realised as I ripped a Wii disc this afternoon.
  6. Shufty


    I steam from home to work using my PC and Moonlight on lunch breaks which is a distance of about six miles, wired connection at home to wireless at work which is mostly good, does go to pot every now and then, so I'm already up for this kind of thing. Costs will be huge barrier unless they bundle it with YouTube Premium or something. Doubt they will buy would be nice.
  7. Shufty


    There's some great ideas here (integrated Google Assistant to search for a how to for example), will it actually work?
  8. Shufty


    Vague mentions of low latency and removing some of the unpredictable elements. They've just stuck two fingers up to Microsoft by having a demo that's a persistent destructable world which they failed with on Crackdown 3
  9. Shufty


    Now, when are they getting to what network connection you need?
  10. Shufty


    Unreal and Unity support. Using Vulkan API.
  11. Shufty


    Anyone watching Google's GDC stream? Assuming it works as promised it's impressive stuff.
  12. I'll send it in the form of thoughts and prayers
  13. It's 89p on the eShop. It's got issues but the pixel art is lovely and some decent thought provoking puzzles. The twitchy platforming gets bloody annoying mind. 89p it's a steal though.
  14. As above, got a bunch of games that get no play so might as well sell them. Is anyone collecting MD stuff? Can put together a list of what I've got if anyone's interested.
  15. If you haven't already play Unavowed from Wadjet Eye Games, it's great.
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