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  1. Enjoying it. It's a mostly fair Dark Souls metroidvania although there's some bits involving platforms that are not consistent and leads to some annoying, unnecessary deaths. Artwork is very detailed, performance On Switch is fine but I've noticed one or two brief freezes from time to time that hurts the flow of the game
  2. It's fine. Not much personality coming through to be honest but shooting is solid. Only paid £13 for it.
  3. Played a bit last night. Haven't touched it since launch which I enjoyed, found it relaxing. This so far feels the same but the VR is fun and leaving the planet for the first time was awesome. As with most VR, playing with a cat on your lap is difficult.
  4. Last Guardian - lovely world, story. Trico too adorable for its own good. WORST FUCKING CAMERA COUPLED WITH AWKWARD CONTROLS I'VE EXPERIENCED IN RECENT YEARS!
  5. Judgement ps4 - good story but some weird design choices just got in the way. Wouldn't use it to introduce people to the Yakuza world, that's what Zero is for. Still put over 50 hours into it though. Shadow of the Tomb Raider PC - much the same a the other two but really glitch-ridden, the pop in was ridiculous. Got a screenshot of an NPC standing sideways on a hut wall.
  6. Yeah, didn't back it but got it for £25 on Green Man Gaming
  7. Do you like Castlevania SotN? You will like this. Includes the harvesting of abilities that came in with the DS Castlevania titles. It's so faithful that you'll recognise enemy types. Those medusa heads are back and they can still fuck off.
  8. Not done much but art style is Street Fighter 4. Mechanics are very different so trying to play like SF series will die quickly. Looking forward to playing this more. Oh and season pass is free until midnight whether you own the game or not.
  9. It's Yakuza, it's fun they've changed things up but not in an earth shattering way. Think I prefer the combat of the others but if course it needed to be different. They've reintroduced the chase bits but thankfully they're not as annoying as before. I'm enjoying it.
  10. Shufty

    E3 2019

    Panzer Dragoon - although was it me or did the laser sounds seem a bit off? Might have been the stream though Keanu Reeves BOTW2 Xbox Pass changes are interesting but not something I need Rest I didn't give much of a shit
  11. Oh and PC https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2019-06-09-phantasy-star-online-2-is-finally-finally-coming-to-the-west
  12. As the title says, coming Spring apparently.
  13. Rarely buy from them these days unless there's a good deal like on PSVR before Christmas. Being asked all the questions at the till just gets on my nerves.
  14. Looks a bit Ghost in the Shell
  15. Yeah, your brain is going, "what the actual fuck?" Don't do prolonged sessions and get used to it gradually. Do not do a two hour session then have a hot bath like I did on the first day. I puked my guts up. Beat Sabre is fucking awesome by the way.
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