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  1. I'm here for the Scotch VHS advert reference.
  2. Still playing Yakuza 6. That's my excuse.
  3. Ass Creed Unity has a good game there. But the crowd NPCs are so jarring compared to the other character models.
  4. I saw RotK in the cinema, I'd read the book so knew it would have that stop/start style ending. But after it had done it a few times this guy just yelled out, "DOES IT EVER FUCKING END?"
  5. Still loving these, playing Time Crisis 5 which is a brilliant game.
  6. A lot of arcade lightgun games Today I've been playing Virtua Cop 1&2, Duck Hunt, Time Crisis, Point Blank. Working on getting more setup.
  7. So I backed this and they've finally arrived! Takes some setting up but it's fantastic!
  8. Auto HDR and faster load times would be the main ones. If your One X is doing the trick for now I'd keep with that
  9. I'm liking it, using it for mainly backwards compatibility. Would like something actually next gen but not in a rush. If I didn't have Game Pass it would be a massive waste though.
  10. Oh, it crashed a few times as well.
  11. And finished. Not bad, short, clunky and only played because I've got Game Pass.
  12. Some bits I'm liking, some bits, no. The American voice actors in a game set in Poland is jarring. Can guess they're doing that for a wider appeal thing but it doesn't feel right.
  13. Just did a forced stealth bit. I hate those. Mercifully short though. Turning off the vibration, I really don't like how it's been implemented.
  14. Started it now, low budget and boy does it show, hit some right clichés off the bat but I need to play something different from my usual fare. This will do nicely.
  15. From what I've read the devs are not known for their optimisation skills
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