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  1. Finished it today. Great game. Highly recommend it.
  2. I'm on the final chapter now. Just grinding out various mini games to set my team up with their best weapons. One of the few games to hold my attention for 50 odd hours since having the littleun.
  3. I have been steaming through this game. Loving every single bonkers minute. Just hit a grinding point in the penultimate chapter and I'm now finding it hard to motivate myself to turn it on, just to grind through the same section yet again. Must man up and get to it. Probably only a few hours of grind before I can progress.
  4. Mystic

    Giant Bomb

    Kinda Funny sticks in my mins as one where the presenters were just on a completely different wavelength to me.
  5. Mystic

    Giant Bomb

    I never listened to Giant Bomb. I do like Gamescoop, as the presenters are at least near to our age and have kids etc. Couldn't get on with a lot of other podcasts as their lifestyles were just too far removed from my own. Realise thrmat had very little to do with the subject matter. Sorry to hear your favourite gaming podcast is changing so drastically dude. I may listen to some old ones and see if I love it too.
  6. I've put in for a refund. I haven't touched it for over a week. It really is a shame. I was hoping for something special. Bugs aside it is just a very basic a tion adventure game with poor AI and minimal immersion. I was so disappointed when a trip to the riooersoc literally just involved clicking on a cybernetic mod in a list then, tada that's it installed. Body parts removed all with zero interaction.
  7. I've got faith in CDPR. I'll put the game down for 6 months or however long the PS5 patch takes. I'm fairly certain I'll be coming back in to a game that delivers on a lot more of the hype it has generated.
  8. I played about 10 hours via ps5 backwards compatibility, put it down on Friday and haven't gone back to it. Gonna leave it now until the next gen patch comes out. Glitches, bugs and crashes aside I also felt that the systems had been pared right back from what was shown or hinted at over the years.
  9. My free ps5 upgrade for Valhalla didn't work and I refuse to play the ps4 version on it pit of principle. And Demons souls is a game made for weirdos who like to dress up in a rubber onesie and have middle aged women spank them with a spiked paddle.
  10. It's a very expensive ornament for under my telly. When it has some games I'll post further impressions
  11. Ash, would you be able to point me to a usable Saturn emu? The shining force series is one of my favourites and I've always wanted to play 3.
  12. I'll probably go for both this gen. Ps5 and a series s
  13. Tex Murphy: Mean Streets (poc) Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening (Switch) God of War (PS4) FF7 Remake (PS4) Streets of Rage 4 (PS4) The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine (PS4) Amazing. Still one of my favourite games after, what, 5 years? I imagine I'll still keep going back to clear up the side quests.
  14. Tex Murphy: Mean Streets (poc) Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening (Switch) God of War (PS4) FF7 Remake (PS4) Streets of Rage 4 (PS4) Somehow I have managed to complete video games, despite having less time to play. Think I am more focused with my gaming time. I spend less time flitting from game to game.
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