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  1. l am very much enjoying Halo: Reach headhunter ftw

  2. Just cracked and bought Halo: Reach, now Halo or planning, decisions decisions

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    2. Ginja


      Good times. I got all but 1 of the daily challenges!!!

    3. pickled


      i onl got 1 of them, co-olater?

  3. dammit, after reading reviews i really want Halo Reach now too, gah

  4. yay, Ive got an interview tommorow! for a secondary science teaching job...

  5. eeek, just signed up to be an a-level chemistry teacher, and they actually took me up on it, got 2 days to relearn it all before i teach my first lesson!

  6. just finished dragon age origins, what a terrible last hour of a game

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    2. pickled


      did that the other day, go being unemployed etc

    3. Papa


      I love Dragon Age. The expansion pack is even better imo.

  7. Transformers war for cybertron looks awesome

  8. we're bound to make it through for 2 reasons, 1 my dream whee we lost in the fianl to uraguay and 2 i'm gonna miss the Argentina match due t my mates stag do with activities based in the middle of nowhere!!!

  9. longest tennis match ever, official, 35-35 in the tie break for the match!!!!

  10. next we need a like button along with comment, then we could have a mini-facebook...

    1. pickled


      I don't like you

  11. 2012 is a ridiculous but entertaining movie, i liked it a lot

  12. i am saying hello as your profile page told me you had no comments and suggested i said hello, so i am. plus i just realised your birthday is two days before mine, fascinating hey?

  13. pretty exciting profile hey :)

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