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    I like controllers, buttons are awesome
  • Birthday 04/09/1978

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  1. Nice, I need to go to Primark to pick up some schools uniform stuff for the boy, will have a look :-)
  2. It all seems a bit, go here, shoot the glowy thing, rinse and repeat. Looks pretty though
  3. pickled

    Destiny PS4

    Hmm, to buy or not to buy? I miss my weapon grind a bit and there's a whole new number to grind towards.
  4. pickled

    Destiny PS4

    I think Ginj and Jimmy have the season pass so I expect they'll be in.
  5. I've only played with VR a couple of times and it made me feel super ropey, not sure I wanna drop £250 on something that makes me feel ill :-(
  6. Lots of final fantasy cheapness on the psn store, bagged ff7,8 and 9 for £10.77 (£3.59 each with ps plus discount) for my Vita. Happy days
  7. This is as confusing to me as the shout thread... #wtf #yolo #hashtag
  8. Mine is all in the front room, but should be getting a new amp soon, plus setting up my pc for some gaming so will get some piccies up soon
  9. I've added them both to my download queue, and it went through as free on the website, I'll check later when I switch my 360 on :-) edit it looks to be only the trial versions of the tables
  10. Damn, another cheap game I want but will have no time to play!!
  11. Stupid PC owners and their PCs that can actually play games...
  12. Stupid ps3 owners and their PS+ness...
  13. arkham city goty is 12.99 at www.play.com ps3 and 360, nice
  14. Bought, rerealised I'm really bad at stealthy ness...still much fun though
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