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    I like controllers, buttons are awesome
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    the luvverly west country

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  1. pickled

    Online Bargains

    Nice, I need to go to Primark to pick up some schools uniform stuff for the boy, will have a look :-)
  2. pickled


  3. pickled

    Anthem - POC - PS4 - Bone

    It all seems a bit, go here, shoot the glowy thing, rinse and repeat. Looks pretty though
  4. pickled

    Meat at mine?

    Yeah pics or it didn't happen!
  5. pickled

    E3 2018

    That Xbox conference was pretty sweet, shame I don't own a xbone though.
  6. pickled

    E3 2018

    Xbox One 2 :-)
  7. pickled

    E3 2018

    Maybe all the exciting EA stuff will be saved for the Xbox presentation...
  8. pickled

    E3 2018

    Anthem looks really dull, doesn't seem to bring anything new from that small demo. Go there, shoot some glowy things that are the echo of the anthem of the universe or something like that.
  9. pickled

    Mass Effect: Andromeda

    I've played about 7 hours or so of Andromeda and really can't get into it. Also the main character is a whiney dick and I don't care about what happens to him.
  10. pickled

    Destiny PS4

    Hmm, to buy or not to buy? I miss my weapon grind a bit and there's a whole new number to grind towards.
  11. pickled

    Destiny PS4

    I think Ginj and Jimmy have the season pass so I expect they'll be in.
  12. pickled

    Graphic Cards

    It was a like new open box from Amazon too so cost me actual RRP, which was nice.
  13. pickled

    Graphic Cards

    I recently built myself a gaming pc as a 40th birthday pressie to myself, only put a 1050ti in as couldn't bear to spend a ridiculous prices on anything faster...
  14. pickled

    PSVR - Is it worth it?

    I've only played with VR a couple of times and it made me feel super ropey, not sure I wanna drop £250 on something that makes me feel ill :-(
  15. pickled

    Destiny 2

    I've been bitten hard by the destiny bug, just wanna keep jumping on for a bit to get some slightly higher level stuff...