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  1. just the regular Xbox @RetroBob
  2. I tried to play ME1 on BC, but it was horrible. Nasty framtrate, even worse during firefights. Would love to do it all again, but time is short for games atm.
  3. Fallout 4 - Xbox Got lvl 50 at the same time
  4. Tales from the Borderlands was mint, the others I never played
  5. Shadow Complex 'Remaster' - Xbox Pretty good fun, even better as it's on gamepass so sort of free....(got the 6months for 3 on Amazon)
  6. Dead Island Remaster - Xbox Only played it til the town on the 360, ploughed through as it's on Gamepass. Pretty good fun smashing zombies, but awash with "fetch and do" side quests, respawning zombies all over the spot.
  7. Agents of Mayhem - Xbox Fun distraction, a few elements of Saints Row. Juvenile humour. Only worth the tenner I paid.
  8. SuperHot - Xbox (Games with Gold) Loved it, I wasn't sure what it was, but what a great concept. It is a VR game but works well in real world. Short story, but has endless mode.
  9. The Divison (Single Player Missions) It's alright, having to do the usual Ubi side missions was a chore in the end but what did I expect. Now I've hit level 30 there is a whole new game to be played.
  10. Al

    TV Shows

    I gave up on Walking Dead after season 2, far to boring
  11. Al

    TV Shows

    Dark was great, I did cheat watch it with English Dubbing which as horrible! Really hope there is a second season. Also watched Line Of Duty, that was pretty great too.
  12. Al

    TV Shows

    I've been watching the Wire, looks funny when you see them working with typewriters and film cameras now. Changed the text to better reflect what I meant.
  13. Al

    TV Shows

    Binged a few over Christmas Mindhunter - Netflix Manhunt: Unabomber - Netflix Sinner - Netflix Star Trek Discovery - Netflix (surprisingly good) Stranger Things 2 - Netflix (still 2 to watch) Also watched last year, Ray Donavon, Lucifer, The Wire, Rivera, the Tunnel, Dark Matter I tried "The Gift" but got bored after 4/5 eps.
  14. Leia Poppins though.... Ship chases through tight places...check. The other bad dude, more of a Harry Potter baddie tbh. The rebel scum seem to be worse at being rebels than when Vader was stomping about. I still enjoyed it though, looking forward to RotJ remake in two years.
  15. Al

    Online Bargains

    Xbox Live Summer Sale, kicks off tomorrow apart from it starting to day Battlefield Hardline Deluxe -- 40% off Borderlands: THC -- 40% off Diablo 3 -- 50% off Dragon age Inquisition & Deluxe -- 50% off (EA access soon) Dying light & Ultimate -- 30% off Far cry 4 & Gold - 60% off Fifa 15 -- 10% off (WTF IS THIS?) GoT Season pass episode 2-6 -- 40% off (Episode 1 is also free right now) Geometry Wars -- 50% off Goat simulator -- 33% off GTA V & Great white shark -- 25% off Halo: MCC -- 40% off KI Complete -- 60% off KI S2 -- 40% off Lara Croft TOO -- 60% off Lego Batman 3 -- 75% off Shadow of Mordor - 50% off Mortal Kombat X & Premium -- 25% off NFS Complete -- 50% off Ori -- 25% off Outlast -- 50% off State of Decay -- 33% off Slender -- 50% off Sniper Elite 3 -- 50% off Sleeping dogs -- 50% off Saints row 4 -- 60% off Tales from the borderlands 2-5 -- 40% off Tales from the borderlands 1-5 -- 50% off Terraria - 60% off ESO Premium -- 17% off Legend of Korra - 50% off Telltale collection -- 50% off TWD S1&2 -- 50% off Titanfall -- 60% off Tower of guns -- 40% off Watch dogs -- 50% off White night -- 50% off Wolfenstein bundle -- 45% off Wwe & deluxe -- 50% off
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