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Everything posted by Somerset_Bumkin

  1. Yeah I’d agree with that, most of the moons felt like the ‘8 red coins’ of M64. Other criticism I have is that only about half the worlds had any charm to them I think.
  2. Well it didn’t put me off. Managed to get all 880 unique moons. What a game, haven’t been that hooked on something since, well, RDR2 I guess! Feeling a bit lost now without anything to play on Switch. 3-starred everything on MarioKart so now I’m just waiting on Luigis mansion 3, bloody loved 2 on 3DS. Ps there’s some really shitty moons that let the side down a bit I think eg. 100 skip ropes and 100 volleyball returns but most are great fun. Also I found the endgame to lack much coherency and it felt at times like a collection on Mario Maker fan levels.
  3. Super Mario Odyssey - All 880 feckin moons done.... Didn’t get into it first time around and then got sucked in to the point of mild obsession I guess. Still it was bloody brilliant and thought worth the money! 9/10 for me despite the countless hours as I felt most worlds lacked the charm I expect from Mario. I doubt very few worlds will fill me with nostalgia in 10 years like most of the Mario 64 ones do. Platforming perfection let don’t slightly by off-key worlds.
  4. Switch? Sounds good. I really enjoyed the DS one i played ages ago so may give this a whirl. Only switch game on my horizon at the moment is Luigi’s Mansion.
  5. Wind Waker is one of my fav games of all time but oddly it’s the only Zelda game that’s really gripped me. I didn’t really get into this either in the WiiU despite have a TP branded WiiU.
  6. Might pick it up cheap then when I’m done with Tomb Raider. Enjoyed the first for a good while.
  7. What happened with all that loot box nonsense? Did they drop it? Did the game flop? All was it all just internet rage?
  8. Lol. Didn’t play it at the time, but got it on the DS I think and it was good.
  9. Don’t think I really played this ok bracket in the day but had it on the DS and it’s truly amazing.
  10. Got myself proper hooked on this, this week. It’s really mega and completely loving it. I think it’s my fav Mario game since Sunshine, never really got on with Galaxy. Are there really 900 moons? That’s enough to almost put me off trying!
  11. I think it means ‘beaten’.
  12. I’ve just started SOTTR and loving it so far. It’s very familiar though to the last one.
  13. I thought AA was mega too! Definatly on the replay list at some point.
  14. Wolfenstein 2 - Not sure if I loved it or thought it was a chore. It’s a great game, but very grey, awesome action but huge difficulty spikes, great story but far too long. Glad I persevered with it though, been on the slow burn for a long time.
  15. MARIO KART 8 Deluxe - did 200cc gold and 3 stars for all the cups so I’m claiming that as my first completion of the year. Loving my switch - maybe now I can get into SM Odyssey.
  16. From what I remember I think 2 was the strongest of the originals wanst it?
  17. Never heard of it! So yes...
  18. I’m sold mate. Going to make this trilogy my replay this year instead of Halo!
  19. Do you know what? Fuck it! I’m in. Will book myself into the RAF club and play some canes and get fucked up with you guys. It’s been far too long.
  20. It’s great and references the trilogy a lot. Which made me wish I could remember the story as I was playing it!
  21. Oh cool. Might put a few PS1 classics on mine then.
  22. Does it really? I heard it struggles with N64 stuff.
  23. Haven’t had a chance to open mine yet...
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