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  1. Lol. Sounds like next gen gaming to me!
  2. It is, but sad though. Not felt that for a while. Might get the DLC.
  3. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild. - My word. I think it took me around 4 decent efforts to actually get into this game, to the point where Far Cry 4 was taking me away... It’s incredibly complex and daunting at the beginning, the chocolate weapons really grate and the scope just put me off. When it finally clicked though I loved it. Ended up getting all the memories and finding all the shrines before seeing off Ganon. Loved the last level as I was a complete tank and taking the castle head on and detecting everything in my path felt genuinely enjoyable. GOAT (seems to be in an in-word
  4. Getting this for Xmas from my bro. Can’t wait to run around all Ghost in the shell with my cock out.
  5. I may wait as I’m still playing Zelda Might actually be a nice treat for the new year, although if see one available I’ll click no doubt.
  6. What’s the latest on when one might be able to order an X? Preferably without my Amazon driver nicking it.
  7. That’s a big old brick! Pretty much a PC isn’t it?
  8. On I think my 6th time of trying to get into it it’s finally clicked. I’m really enjoying the exploration now, done 1 Divine Beast (big elephant), 20ish shrines and 1 memory. Love the world, and love the art direction. Have to say though it’s been the hardest slog ever to get to a point where the game is actually enjoyable. About 12 hours investment I reckon before you start getting stuff good enough to actually fight things without breaking every 2 seconds(Very annoying design choice), enough stamina to swim somewhere and have a slightest clue of how to cook (still hate that mechani
  9. I stopped caring about consequences, I even let Min live at the end as he was the only memorable character in the whole game.
  10. I can’t remember why I stopped playing D2 - I think it’s because I couldn’t get a Raif together but had done everything else. Far Cry 4 - Don’t know why I persevered so much with this as it was very dull for the most part. Might be a bit unfair as I went from 5 (plus expansion) so it was always going to be a backwards step, just didn’t realise how much. I might look at FC3 because I remember that being much better. Anyway, did everything there wad to do and can’t really explain why..,
  11. Despite a few early grumbles, it’s the most accomplished games I’ve ever played. Love it. Had more fun playing RDR1 though and replayed that, not sure if I’ll replay 2 - it’s too enormous.
  12. I didn’t really know anyone with a Saturn back in the day. But if the Alien trilogy has Alien3 that’s similar to the SNES version then that’s a great horror/platformer.
  13. Oh no. I really enjoyed that back in the day too!
  14. Decided to try and preorder a X bit can’t seem to anywhere. Probs for the best!
  15. I’ll be going X but not straight away. This way I get to make the same mistake as I did with the Bone and buy the console based purely on the Halo franchise and be sorely disappointed with what I got and miss out on loads of great exclusives from Sony. Seriously though the above is true but there’s plenty of life in my BoneX yet, I’ve still got loads of games to play on it and nothing is really compelling me to upgrade. RDR2 on my X was breathtaking so I think Cyberpunk will be too. Also I still don’t really feel like this gen ever really got going, certainly nothing like t
  16. MW2 was the last COD game I played and I loved it too. That was the last game before the Black Ops nonsense and bi-annual releases and I felt I had burned out on the franchise. Probably just my age but I had been playing, and loving COD since the original blew me (and Medal of Honour) away on PC all those years ago - loved every game they made but eventually the formula grew stale.
  17. I’ll probably get it! Good luck with Furlough mate.
  18. Yeah, probably some rose-tints going on with 3, also played it on PC so it probably looked nicer anyway. Didn’t do the yetis but I did do Blood Dragon which is probably the best piece of DLC there has ever been! I’ll be getting 6 on day 1! (Then probably not play it for 6 months like I normally do with games these days..).
  19. Funny, I’m playing through FC4 at the moment and I keep thinking that it’s not as good as 3, seems a bit less thought through and slightly hollow. But I played played 3 a long time ago and the drop down from 5 to 4 is quite noticeable (wasn’t 4 a 360 game?) so perhaps I’m being unfair. One thing I am sure about though is that I prefer the tropical island feel of 3, feels more Far Cry.
  20. Shadow of The Tomb Raider (Bone) - took me well over a year I think. Mainly because it’s so big and I did 100% as I played it (even though it didn’t register cos of some gash bug). Not as good as the first but better than the second, also the best looking game I’ve ever played on the OneX. Locations were epic and tombs required some good thinking but combat was clumsy and lost count of the amount of times I died because the animation worked wrong for a jump or something. Epic game though and well worth the money despite the flaws. Far Cry 5: New Dawn (Bone) Dawn of War (P
  21. Dawn of War: Soulstorm (PC) - Not sure why I’ve decided to play these games from the pile-o-shame but I have and now they’re done! Interesting new races for Soulstorm but the game itself is not as challenging or interesting as DC, mainly because the AI just doesn’t do anything on the world map. Still hopefully I can move on now! Still not sure where to should buy DoW3 - reviews are just too mixed and I don’t know if I like the idea of overpowered bosses and weak armies.
  22. That’s the one, didn’t remember the bit from PS3 either but can’t forget from the Switch version.
  23. You talking about the bit when you have to guard the gate? Mental hard that.
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