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  1. Somerset_Bumkin

    Warhammer 40k: Space Marine.

    I replayed this game this year. Still very visceral and heavy. Really enjoyed the mechanics. It’s very brown but recommended if you haven’t played it.
  2. Somerset_Bumkin

    Streets of Rage 4 announced!

    Is that getting a remake too?
  3. Somerset_Bumkin


    Lmao. That’s some serious lurking! Xx
  4. Somerset_Bumkin

    Far Cry 5

    Just play blood dragon then in your favourite 80s t-shirt.
  5. Somerset_Bumkin

    Far Cry 5

    Yeah it just passed me by, but then I put that down to it coming out what seemed to be very quickly, after 3. Enjoying 5 though, makes me want to go back to 3 for some Blood Dragon.
  6. Somerset_Bumkin

    Far Cry 5

    Did you play 4? Wondering if it’s worth it to fill the void before Red Dead takes over my life.
  7. Somerset_Bumkin

    Far Cry 5

    Very sucked into this game. The exploration is epic and enjoying the gunplay. Only real critisism is that there aren’t really any rewards for doing so.l as you can buy all the best stuff off the bat and finding money isn’t difficult. Still, enjoying the story and will bleed it dry before I never pick it up again I suspect. Fancy I enjoyed FC3 more (didn’t play 4).
  8. Somerset_Bumkin

    Mine works too!

    Awesome mate. Happy for you x
  9. Somerset_Bumkin

    Destiny PS4

  10. Somerset_Bumkin

    Online Bargains

    I see m, thats handy. Thankfully the wired 360 pad works a treat.
  11. Somerset_Bumkin

    Online Bargains

    What does Virtualhere do? Why would you send stuff back?
  12. Somerset_Bumkin

    Online Bargains

    Steam are selling steam link for £2 in the sale! Git to be worth that for the HDMI cable alone! Must be dumping their stock, I used mine a bit and it seemed to work ok and I thought it was pretty well made etc. Still, £2 for the hardware needed to stream a PC to your tv over a network is a bargain.
  13. Somerset_Bumkin

    Meat at mine?

    Sorry guys I messed up. Mrs Bunpkin took me away for the weekend for my birthday. She forgot I booked it and paid money, so I had loads of sex instead. Sorry I missed it though.
  14. Somerset_Bumkin

    E3 2018

    It worked for Metroid. I never thought it would work in FP. To be honest this hasnt been on my radar at all until now, so Im going to roll with it and look forward to it.
  15. Somerset_Bumkin

    E3 2018

    Ive been reading rumours of a £100 xbone x price drop. Is that happening?