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  1. Thanks, sounds much simpler!
  2. Yes, that’s right mate. Will my TP link do that?
  3. Ask away buddy, I’m not precious!
  4. Far Cry 5 New Dawn (Bone) - Not a full FC game but more than some DLC. Basically an enhanced endgame to FC5 set about 15 years after and covering about 1/3 of the original map. I really got into it as I find the FC formula very addictive, everything FC5 did well this does well and vice versa, tried some new game mechanics that don’t really work but it’s still great. Best part are the expeditions that are 7 unique mini maps where you do a smash and grab of a back pack and then have 2 wait a few minutes for rescue gunning down hordes of enemy. Highly recommended for sub £20.
  5. I’m lost with networks nowadays so would appreciate some help if you can. I’ve basically built an outbuilding and put a cat 6 cable out to it and installed TP-Link TL-WR940N 450Mbps... https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B003Y5RYNY?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share for WiFi. is it possible to set it up so it replicates the WiFi in the house so I don’t need to create a new login for phones etc? It’s basically plugged into the back of my home WiFi router via a network cable. Thanks in advance.
  6. Somerset_Bumkin

    TV Shows

    We’ve got into Stranger Things and really enjoying it. Can’t wait to finish it so we can watch The Witcher. Missus thinks it looks great, haven’t told her it’s a computer game!
  7. It really has been a completely forgettable trilogy. Far too many people/politics/accountants involved for any sort of coherent vision. They’ve tried to do what Marvel did (before they bought them out) but forgot to actually plan the story out properly. Absolute shite. Only film worth watching has been Rouge One although I didn’t mind Solo too much and thought that was overly criticised. Main trilogy though was a complete, cash-in, re-hash, money-spinning waste of energy.
  8. We’re the Disney games downloads? Didn’t realise monkey ball was on Switch, is that the GC version or a remake?
  9. What did you guys get for Christmas? My brother bought me Jedi Knight and COD which I’m pleased with as I want to play them but probably wouldn’t have bought them myself. Which I’m my eyes, makes the perfect present! Other than that no tech, except a battery organiser my wife bought me lol.
  10. Oh. Despite the terrible reviews I really enjoyed the first with The Tock and Karl Urban.
  11. I thought it was free if you own the MCC already, a bit like ODST. I’m going to install later so I’ll report back. If it is then it represents the best value since Orange Box.
  12. So it seems Reach has been released as part of the MCC on PC and bone. Anyone going to play? Interesting to see what they’ve done with it, guessing not a lot. A bit like H3 et al. Played through it recently on 360 but it’s so good so going to reinstall this beast I reckon. Surprising release if you ask me, I was guessing they’d do a remake for XboxTwo.
  13. I haven’t played a COD since MW2 either and I’ve been tempted this time. Probs pick it up next year once the backlog is down.
  14. One for the dock if you ask me, but really enjoyed it. Now I can play Luigi’s Mansion 3!
  15. Ghostbusters Remastered - Switch. Bought this in a whim and didn’t regret it. Enjoyed it on PS3 and enjoyed again this time around. Looked very sharp on Switch and it’s everything I want from a movie game ie. feel like your playing a sequel to the films. Recommended if you can find it cheap as I reckon it’s about 8-10 hours worth.
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