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  1. Randomly I’ve got back into my PC and decided to play Dawn if War again from start to finish despite all the other games I’ve got started. Loving it though!
  2. Glad you’re starting to enjoy it. I can look forward to it now.
  3. It’s not even downloading very quickly at all. Might be because I was streaming to my PC. I’ll check in a bit when SWMBO goes to bed.
  4. Missus watching GBM so I’ll be on in an hour.
  5. I’ll get the kids in bed and jump in if you’re still on. Not sure I have a headset with me though, might be at work.
  6. Are you sure you don’t hate it? That’s does seem a shame as I actually used all of the weapons all of the time in the previous game; but because I wanted to, not because I had to. Hopefully by the time I get around to it, there’s been a few patches! All they had to do was literally make 12 more levels of the same and it would have been perfect. Makes me wonder why it was put back now, maybe the development was just led badly by young spunkers who play too much Fortnite.
  7. Is Alyx the VR one? Orange box is a good shout actually.
  8. Trying to see some positives from this whole cluster that is cv-19. How’s about we get a live night going perhaps? or maybe we can talk about our gaming plans for some extra free time (despite looking after 3 kids for 5months...)? I’ve currently got. Shadow of the Tomb Raider And Zelda breath of the Wild on the burn with COD MW, Jedi Fallen Order and now DOOM Eternal waiting in the wings. - Will get to them in that order as well I suspect.
  9. Don’t say that man! Mine popped through the door today too. Must have ordered it over a year ago and completely forgot - probably not the best time to spend £50 or whatever!! how so mate? Played through 2016 twice and it was awesome! Probs won’t get to this until I’ve started and finished COD from Xmas tbh.
  10. As in, you think how amazing it actually is the be immersed so deeply in the Wild West and be free to do almost as you please. It is a privilege, wasn’t that long ago for me I was playing Jet Set Willy! The original was definitely a better ‘game’, and I’ve played that though twice. Still not feeling the urge to play 2 again, would rather see a remaster of the original.
  11. Nah, it was epically awesome I thought that was totally immersive. I think you missed a trick by not doing the side missions as some of those were the best ones. Game is completely jam packed full of detail that constantly leaves you awestruck. Didn’t you notice the shrinking stallion balls in the snow? You make a valid point though, RDR1 was a better game to play. But the sequel is an unbelievable privilege to be able to play.
  12. For me it’s because me it does a rare thing and that’s drag me into its universe. Anyway, we’ll up for some coop on the others if your playing.
  13. 5 was beyond average but not much worse than 4. I still think CE plays well from start to finish, I enjoyed 2 more on the remaster than I did first time around as I forgot how massive it was, felt 3 was a bit overrated but still great.
  14. I still think it plays well, what’s wrong with you? Was it the Library?
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