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  1. The remaster is awesome. What’s funny is that I remembered loads of ME1 when I did it but I hardly remembered anything from ME2 so it was like playing it for the first time (could be that lots was DLC that I didn’t do). I didn’t do any of the DLC from 3 so really looking forward to starting that tonight. I don’t think I’ll do Andromeda again just yet as it’s not really linked and I’m looking forward to hitting Halo before I start Infinite - which probably won’t happen as ME3 will take a while!
  2. Mass Effect 2 Remastered - BoneX This really hasn’t aged in my book, it took a bit of getting used to after playing ME but it really was an enjoyable experience from start to finish. Pacing is perfect and the game itself is a bit more challenging than the original. Big recommend from me, looks awesome in 4K too! On to 3 next! Mass Effect Remastered - BoneX DOOM Eternal - BoneX The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild. - Switch Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order - BoneX Modern Warfare - BoneX
  3. I only played it once too for the same reasons. 343 really haven’t made a good Halo game yet. Rea ch must be 10 years old now, I’d say that was the last good game in the series.
  4. Bonkers that these things are still so hard to get hold of! Anyway, Magee to snag one from Argos this week and little bro picked it up,for me yesterday. Told him not to open it though as I managed to pre-order a Halo limited edition version, but I’m 90% convinced that my Game preorder was a web glitch and it’s not real. Anyhoo, if it is real then I’ll just sell this one on. Let me know if anyone gets desperate around Xmas, will obviously not flip it into profit for anyone on the forum.
  5. Mass Effect Remastered - I enjoyed it and don’t consider it to have aged too badly at all. It was bit of a slog to start because the pacing is very slow, but it gets going and the storytelling is great still. Combat is basic but enjoyable enough, very easy though as it doesn’t take long to have all the money you need to buy the best gear. Also didn’t use perks at all really, cos the guns are good enough on their own. Looking forward to ME2, I remember the step being very enjoyable. DOOM Eternal - BoneX The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
  6. 4 was ok when I went back to it on the remaster. Weapons feel a lot punchier and there’s some decent mechanics, they only thing that hasn’t got better is forerunners are just not fun to fight.
  7. Think it’s the only one in the series I didn’t do on Leg, may have back in the day but it’s extremely tough.
  8. So is this RE8? Damn, I don’t think I even finished 5. Remember hearing 6 was rubbish and must have completely missed 7.
  9. It’s also beyond difficult if you try and solo on legendary. The others are all a joy on legendary. I enjoyed the MCC remaster though, massive game that gets better as you go on - but the weakest in the series for the reasons you give.
  10. Just got back to Cyprus and when home I picked myself up this and The Avengers - not sure what to start first…
  11. Lol - Where do you even find out about these ‘games’?
  12. DOOM Eternal. Didn’t like this game for quite a while, just couldn’t get over how much more forced the fun is than 2016. Then things start to open up, weapons start to upgrade, the ridiculously complicated game mechanics start to make sense and it turns into an absolute blast. Really thoroughly enjoyable when you running around like a complete tank towards the end. I could still only play in short bursts because if feels like hard work at times, I also feel like they introduced all the enemies too early so they ran out of tricks about 2/3 of the way through and I pretty sure that 2016 is a
  13. Ordered this but they wouldn’t post it to Cyprus - will pick it up next time I go shopping. thinknits a bit sad that after all these years there’s’ snot much to pique my interest so I’ll happily by 3 massive time sinks from the last (last) generation.
  14. It’s starting the gel a bit for me now, but I do find the encounters pretty stressful and the limited ammo is very annoying. Almost feel like I’m always trying to remember what I should be doing rather than just enjoying it and playing it.
  15. Good to know! 2016 was just a joy to play from start to finish.
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