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  1. Gears of War 5 - Always enjoy a gears game and this was no different. Not sure if I liked the non-linear bits or not but great action and a storyline I could follow.
  2. Bollucks, I thought LA was? I’ll see if I can download it then! Will be good to dust off the old 3DS.
  3. Just bought ALBW, not heard of that one. Should keep me company for when I’m away for the next couple of weeks. Good rec mate.
  4. Zelda: Links Awakening. Picked this up randomly as I was away for a few weeks and really got into it and enjoyed every bit. It’s the first top down Zelda I’ve ever played and I’m impressed. Makes me want to try ALTTP but part thinks I might wait for a remake.
  5. Cross play? That’s cool, might pick it up after I’m done with Gears then.
  6. No. gaming time has not been easy with 3 brats, working away And Red Dead Redemption! . Switch has been my life saver this year. still bloody keen though now you mention it. Might start the first in a couple of weeks when gears 5 is done as long as luigis Mansion hasn’t arrived...
  7. Cool. Doom3 is a great horror game.
  8. I’ve still got the N64 version. I did enjoy, even with the lack of blood/gore.
  9. i seem to remember Doom64 being just another straight port of the PC version?
  10. That’s cool, it’s definatly better when they all have a torch. I’ve got the remastered version on 360 so doubt I’ll do this.
  11. Are you doing x-play between Xbox and pc? Is it just as bad in single player?
  12. Is doom 3 the original or the improved one whereby you didn’t need to have the pistol in order to see what was going on? Ie. The other weapons had torches on them.
  13. No, I’ve been playing Turok though and that’s a blast. Might take a look, enjoy the old doom games.
  14. It’s coming to Switch I think so might pick it up on that as I’m finding it easier to get time on that.
  15. 4 is mega. There’s 2 graphic options as well if I remember. I think you can have 4K or 60fps. Great game, can’t wait until 5.
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