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  1. I’ve still got the N64 version. I did enjoy, even with the lack of blood/gore.
  2. i seem to remember Doom64 being just another straight port of the PC version?
  3. That’s cool, it’s definatly better when they all have a torch. I’ve got the remastered version on 360 so doubt I’ll do this.
  4. Are you doing x-play between Xbox and pc? Is it just as bad in single player?
  5. Is doom 3 the original or the improved one whereby you didn’t need to have the pistol in order to see what was going on? Ie. The other weapons had torches on them.
  6. No, I’ve been playing Turok though and that’s a blast. Might take a look, enjoy the old doom games.
  7. It’s coming to Switch I think so might pick it up on that as I’m finding it easier to get time on that.
  8. 4 is mega. There’s 2 graphic options as well if I remember. I think you can have 4K or 60fps. Great game, can’t wait until 5.
  9. Interestingly though, Takes if Symphonia is only going for £30. That used to be one of the collectible gems.
  10. £150 for Fire Emblem Path if Radiance??? I had that game...
  11. After selling my GameCube collection to buy the wife a MacBook Pro for work about 5 years ago I’ve decided to try and buy it back again. Really miss that collection and I had some gems which are worth a lot more now - since when does Chibi-Robo fetch £100?? I think I sold it for around £50, it was a rarish one but I don’t remember it being much good to be honest! Anyway I kept my GameCube and starting with the classics so bought myself Rogue Squadron (in my opinion it’s the best Star Wars game, that I’ve played), Mario Sunshine (which I’m really looking forward to) and Metroid Prime 1&2. Where do you guys buy retro? Starting with e-bay but there’s a lot of overpriced rubbish on there. Facebook?
  12. Yeah I’d agree with that, most of the moons felt like the ‘8 red coins’ of M64. Other criticism I have is that only about half the worlds had any charm to them I think.
  13. Well it didn’t put me off. Managed to get all 880 unique moons. What a game, haven’t been that hooked on something since, well, RDR2 I guess! Feeling a bit lost now without anything to play on Switch. 3-starred everything on MarioKart so now I’m just waiting on Luigis mansion 3, bloody loved 2 on 3DS. Ps there’s some really shitty moons that let the side down a bit I think eg. 100 skip ropes and 100 volleyball returns but most are great fun. Also I found the endgame to lack much coherency and it felt at times like a collection on Mario Maker fan levels.
  14. Super Mario Odyssey - All 880 feckin moons done.... Didn’t get into it first time around and then got sucked in to the point of mild obsession I guess. Still it was bloody brilliant and thought worth the money! 9/10 for me despite the countless hours as I felt most worlds lacked the charm I expect from Mario. I doubt very few worlds will fill me with nostalgia in 10 years like most of the Mario 64 ones do. Platforming perfection let don’t slightly by off-key worlds.
  15. Switch? Sounds good. I really enjoyed the DS one i played ages ago so may give this a whirl. Only switch game on my horizon at the moment is Luigi’s Mansion.
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