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  1. Far Cry 5: New Dawn (Bone) Dawn of War (PC) Dawn of War 2 (PC). Dawn of War 2: Chaos Rising (PC). Dawn of War: Winter Assault (PC). Dawn of War: Dark Crusade (PC). Not sure why I've decided to replay all the DoW games but enjoying them all the same. Winter Assault was a good challenge but Dark Crusade had some very testing moments, think one map took about 4 hours due to me letting the AI build two massive bases. Great sense of accomplishment when I finally cracked it. Just Soulstorm left from the originals and think I'll skip DoW2: Restribution - tried it again but couldn't get into it at all - too different.
  2. Just ordered GTA and also got a £10 voucher for their store. Best deal ever!
  3. GTAV is free on the epic games store at the moment. Also, LEGO Ninjago is free which I i just downloaded for the boy.
  4. It is but it’s also bloody massive and more of the same stuff. Been on and off of it for almost a year! Almost there now...
  5. That’s a decent spread of games there.
  6. That was a good deal. Haven’t been to a game for about 10 years!
  7. 2nd hand or was that new? £5 seems like a bargain!
  8. Alien Isolation is £1.50 on Steam today. Gotta be worth it as a Isolation game!
  9. Dawn of War 2: Chaos Rising. Never did complete this back in the day either! Pretty good actually.
  10. Dawn of War 2 (PC). The old PC is getting anew lease of life as it’s in a separate building to my family during lockdown! Never did complete this first time around due to a glitch killing it for me. Did it this time and it was easier than I remember. Definitely prefer the the original RTS but this was great fun all the same. Need to dig out some of my expansion packs now. Not sure if I’ll bother with III as it seems even further from the original’s roots than the first sequel was.
  11. Im playing LOZ BOW at the moment and whilst it’s stunning I can’t help but find it bit of a slog that’s got a daunting map, no real explanations of what to do and just generally being a bit too much of a RPG. WW was an absolute peach of a game, loved every second. - Also the first Zelda game I played and I’m getting through them now too.
  12. FC5 New Dawn (Bone) Dawn of War (PC)- Retreated to my office last week to get some space During lockdown and rediscovered my PC and Steam. Still a great RTS, if a little easy on normal. Started DW2 straight after as it was on steam but want to go back to the original expansions as soon as I can be bothered to get them out of my attic. Pretty pathetic game list so far this year. Damn kids.
  13. Randomly I’ve got back into my PC and decided to play Dawn if War again from start to finish despite all the other games I’ve got started. Loving it though!
  14. Glad you’re starting to enjoy it. I can look forward to it now.
  15. It’s not even downloading very quickly at all. Might be because I was streaming to my PC. I’ll check in a bit when SWMBO goes to bed.
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