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  1. Tachikoma

    Old SD-Cards Wanted

    So the lovely GP2X I bought on the weekend decided to brick itself when doing a firmware update, apparently this was a daily occurrence for GamePark handheld owners back in the day. In order to salvage the device I need old, like really old SD-Cards, specifically non SDHC cards. I found one in the bottom of a box, but it doesn't recognise it. I have 3 on order with Amazon, but they are probably badly labelled SDHC cards. If you have an old digital camera/mobile or something with a between 32MB to 2GB SD card that doesn't say SDHC, I would love you long time if I could borrow it for an afternoon to re-flash the firmware then will send it right back. Ideally I need multiple cards to test as the machine is picky about what cards it will boot from. Muchos Gracias *EDIT* Forgot to say, they can be full size or micro, older cards might be labelled as TF or TransFlash rather than SD, but will be the same package size as a modern full/micro SD.
  2. Tachikoma

    Old SD-Cards Wanted

    That would be awesome, cheers fella!
  3. Despite taking nearly a year to complete the first game, it was one of the games of the generation for me, #2 in the series was... ok... I guess, never really got around to finishing it though as it just didn't grab me the way the first one did, the characters were whiny little emo kids. We won't mention that other Valkyria game, less said about it the better, thankfully Sega learned from their mistake. What people wanted was basically the first game, with some new story, hell just some new DLC for the original game and people would be throwing cash at the screen. VC4 is just what we wanted, I swear it's just an asset flip of the first game and a few new bits bolted on, but that's no bad thing. The combat is exactly the same - Good The graphics are almost exactly the same - Good The story is mostly the same, the same war from a different allied factions perspective - OK I guess, on chapter 4 and I kind of miss seeing the enemy cut scenes and characters, but this might change. New class - Grenadier - Basically beast mode, enormous long ranged damage and suppressing fire, but requires someone (even the grenadier) to have line of sight with an enemy, but you can carpet bomb randomly for those corners that have an obvious enemy hidden in the grass The level design has taken a big leap as well, much better designs, multiple routes that benefit the new class without it being a "you will only put the grenadier here" cludge and more clever use of the weather system, the "hunt the fake tank" level was particularly nerve wracking and had me scratching my head how to accomplish the objective without perma-death'ing a good character. Speaking of characters, they aren't too bad, the main tank-driving protagonist is a bit tooooooo close to Welkin for my liking, and for the love of god, don't enable English voices, the voice actor completely ruins the character, in Japanese he's a broody gruff manly man, in English he sounds like a wimpy man-child. It's worth playing in Japanese purely for Raz, voiced by anime voice actor Kazuya Nakai, Raz is the character that gained the game an unfortunate reputation on launch for his sexual assault (ass grab) of female colleague Kai. Made more unfortunate by the devs giving her a ridiculously detailed ass, it's almost DoA:XBV level. Nothing compared to Selvaria's Bulgarian Funbags in the first game though. It is very very easy as a veteran of the series though, the option to only start on normal or easy difficulty I feel is a bad choice, it should detect if you have the remastered first game already and give you the option to skip all the tutorials except for new content and unlock hard mode as an option. You can still cheese levels with engineers equipped with higher grade weapons, or abuse Orders to buff scouts into near-unbeatable walking death machines, which is a shame, and it's hard not to fall back on these techniques to burn through a level in one turn and max Exp and Cash returns. I am trying to play though it the first time properly though, like I said, the Grenadier is ridiculously good, but their limited mobility (around half that of Lancers) means if you are to use them properly, levels are going to take noticeably longer. 5 hours in though, and probably another 25+ to go for the first playthrough, but thoroughly enjoying this, it's legitimately awesome. We shall see what I say when I get near to the end of the game though, as that's usually where the series falls down and throws cheap shots at you to make the final levels harder rather than smarter.
  4. Tachikoma

    PlayStation Classic

    Vita TV is actually pretty good, runs PS1, PSP and Vita games perfectly, but the aspect ratio is always slightly off, which annoys me. You probably won't find one cheaply any more due to the firmware hacks, I grabbed mine just as it was cracked and now have a 1TB HDD attached to it full of "non-copyight freeware"
  5. Tachikoma

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    How long before PC release? don't have a current gen console.
  6. Tachikoma

    Online Bargains

    I would be careful, if you don't notify them immediately then they get shitty with you and have charged people even after offering to send it back.
  7. Tachikoma

    PlayStation Classic

    Ninety Squids, would have to be hackable (likely) and readily available. Want to see the full games list first though, might ask for one for crimbo, although my PS3 still runs fine for physical discs, and I have a ton of PS1 classics as downloads which run fine on the Vita and PlayStation TV.
  8. Tachikoma

    Funny Internet 2

    Was thinking of this the other day and chuckling to myself, so here's an oldie favourite of mine
  9. Tachikoma


    Looks like messages are broken, I can send but not open a received message. Have opened a ticket so should be fixed soon.
  10. Tachikoma

    Streets of Rage 4 announced!

    That makes me sad, really awesome game hindered by such a miserably underpowered system.
  11. Tachikoma


    Well it has been 7 years since your last post!
  12. Tachikoma


    Figured out what the problem is, MySQL has a minimum search string of 4 characters so it won't attempt "God" "of" or "War" You can change it, but it's not recommended because it will hammer the SQL server
  13. Tachikoma


    Seems to work here, what are you searching for that isn't working?
  14. Tachikoma

    Mine works too!

    Congrats fella! awesome news, absolutely stoked for you and your penis!
  15. Tachikoma


    Sigs now work, they are under account settings rather than edit profile
  16. Tachikoma


    Interesting, I will dig a little deeper into the settings, thanks.
  17. Tachikoma


    Yeah, planning on adding a generic logo on the weekend. The theme can be changed, I can send you the XML if you want to have a butchers?
  18. Tachikoma


    From what I understand, yeah it's like a sub-forum that you can isolate from people not invited. No different really to the Speakeasy, except you can hide stuff from regular members.
  19. Tachikoma


    Yeah it's odd they killed off signatures, I even trawled through the settings to see if it was just disabled by default. If the forum is running slow over the next few days it's because it is re-indexing, rebuilding and re-formatting a quarter of a million posts, pictures, profiles, etc.
  20. Tachikoma


    I would recommend going through your profile pages, there's some new features installed as part of the upgrade. You can make "clubs" now, so if you wanted one to talk about sport, you can essentially isolate the conversation to that group or individuals.
  21. Tachikoma

    Anthem - POC - PS4 - Bone

    Just watched a 20 minute play through, looks like destiny crossed with monster Hunter in mechs. Obviously I'm still PC bound as not got this gens consoles. Might have to pick this up if matchmaking is any good and it has controller support at launch.
  22. Tachikoma

    Online Bargains

    £7 postage, but yeah tempting
  23. Tachikoma

    Mac Help

    The Apple store will just wipe your drive. I don't think there's a lot you can do without a spare internal drive, from memory you had to do a fresh install on a new drive, activate your account and somehow you could decrypt the old one. All new Macs use custom drives these days so will be expensive if not impossible if it's soldered or locked.
  24. Tachikoma

    Meat at mine?

    Pm'd papalazarou, I want in on the di... I mean party pics
  25. Tachikoma

    2018 Game Completion Thread

    Bullet Witch - POC The valley level can still fuck right off but still enjoyed it.