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Everything posted by Tachikoma

  1. Monster Hunter World - POC Finished the main story, now onto the extended endgame and endless grinding.
  2. Yeah, I am just jumping into all the SOS requests where the hunter level isn't too low, seems to work pretty well, although do still get some muppets that seem unable to recognise the tells that a dragon is about to jizz hot lava everywhere. Tearing through the chapters pretty quickly, and finally got a decent bow with elemental damage so running solo isn't such a grind anymore. I guess it's because they sold it cheap in the Steam sale, but there seems to be a decent amount of people playing, so all good.
  3. Picked this up in the Steam sale for PC (obviously) only a few hours in, but thoroughly enjoying it (even when I die) Doesn't feel as cheap when you die, and the combat flows really nicely other than the occasional stun lock scenarios when playing on your Todd. Looks awesome as well, 1080P with the high res texture packs and everything near max and it runs great even on my GTX1060 6GB. T-Rex tore me a new one, but then again I am only level 3 or 4, so did the stupid raptor thing that clubs you with a rock. Hopefully I can find a few groups online that are still low level to team up with as single player is fine to a point, but is awesome in multiplayer.
  4. So, randomly found out about this game, didn't even know it was a thing on the WiiU, so after some serious deliberation (translation: being drunk on eBay) I picked up a WiiU solely for this game. Now, never being that bothered with the WiiU and only ever playing Mario Maker in Game, I wasn't expecting much, but I have to say, I am quietly impressed. The screen on the controller is actually really nice (despite being a resistive screen), but fuck me, is it a heavy beast. Anyway, you all know about the hardware, let's get on with the game. Following the same tried and true horror stereotypes of the previous games, you have hot bird that goes missing, hot psychic MILF training younger hot bird (who you control) how to commune with the dead, and a generic gruff voiced Japanese boyband looking "artfully nonchalant" exorcist, trailing a jailbait waif personal assistant that gets attacked by ghosts every 30 seconds. Koei Tecmo have always played strong to the hardware with the graphics on these games and are arguably some of the best looking on the system they release games on. This one is no exception, everything oozes horror charm and style, the dilapidated houses, the attention to detail in the character models, the ethereal ghosts, it all looks polished as hell. The controls... hmmm... so, so close to being great, the motion controlled camera for the most part works great, but in hectic scenes, it just falls apart. The game can't work out where it's supposed to be pointed, resulting in you flailing around, and usually having to drop out of camera mode, strafe the ghosts and try again. Another "should work, but really gets boring quickly" is the "slowly reaching your hand out to pick up an item" mechanic, it gets boring really quickly, with a maybe 20% chance of a ghost hand grabbing you and draining some health. I get it, it was a clever idea, but don't do it for every fucking item, every health pot, every roll of film, it just makes basic inventory management a chore and not scary. I don't event bother playing the spooky minigame, I just grab everything and take the hit on the health bar every few items, but it still takes time. The puzzles are all pretty standard adventure game stuff, just done with a camera: take photo of door, it shows you where the key is. Invisible book? twist the camera until the controller buzzes, take a photo and it miraculously appears in the real world. The story is interesting enough, but if you have played any of the other games, it's same old, same old and nothing original. The ghosts are cool, and are proper creepy, as always, and the game plays to the vulnerability of the playable characters well, something the series has always been good at. Koei Tecmo really do need to tone down the sexualisation a bit though, I know they changed the bikini costumes in the Japanese release to a Samus costume, but it looks ridiculous being attacked by ghosts when you are wearing what looks like body paint and a backpack, resulting in confused boners. Still, introducing you to a new fetish aside, it's still a really good game, the pacing is good, and having three different stories expands on the world building and story well. Not finished it yet, but it seems to be a pretty lengthy game if you take the time to explore, and of course the multiple playthroughs and time attack modes help. Once this is done, going to attack Project Zero: Crimson Butterfly on Wii mode, can't wait to see that through crispy HDMI rather than shitty composite.
  5. Ooh I'm all over that when it hits the PC, been playing the fan translation on the Vita to get my fix.
  6. Still (slightly) better than CEX, that place is comical for pricing.
  7. Cheers, need to expand the collection, want the other Japanese only cubes like the Hanshin Tigers one
  8. The artist is called Ignatius Tan, you can find his(?) Work on artstation
  9. It is, will find the artist tomorrow
  10. Cant see everything as most consoles are black, but current display unit setup: Master system Megadrive, mega CD, 32x Saturn Dreamcast Nes Snes mini Wii Ps1 Vita TV Xbox original 360 Ps3 Switch Panasonic Q gamecube Gaming PC Spice orange gamecube Handhelds are all in the drawers 55" 4K HDR tv
  11. Damnit, delete my facebook account a while ago! Don't worry, I'm not going GP on us, I used to flip sealed Dreamcast/Saturn games years ago and sell on forums to people like GP. Figured while I have some cash to burn I might do a bit of speculating and hoard some recent titles while they are cheap. I did get sniped on a sealed copy of Project Zero/Fatal Frame for the WiiU last night, that is certain to be one of the big collectables in the future as it was a very limited run, but it went over a ton so will hold off and see what is available in a few weeks.
  12. So, went for my usual wander around the charity shops this weekend with my daughter and picked up: Nintendo Wii - £5 Launch (ie probably RROD) 2006 XBOX 360 for £15, at the very least I can use it to display my 360 faceplate collection This prompted me to go on Fleabay and buy: Wii HDMI adaptor (kind of pointless due to the below purchase) Nintendo Wii U 32GB Console - Splatoon Edition Samba De Amigo - Wii - Sealed (for the collection) Bullet Witch - 360 (don't judge) Vampire Rain - 360 (don't judge) ZombiiU - WiiU - Sealed (for the collection) Mighty No 9 - WiiU - Sealed Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival - WiiU - Sealed 360 VGA adaptor, seeing as it's a launch 360 and doesn't have HDMI and my TV doesn't have component, so VGA or nothing. Playing the speculation game on some sealed games, seeing as the WiiU is in that awkward not quite new, not quite retro phase where everything is fire sale prices. Non-retro purchase - Panty Party Ltd Edition - Switch - Very random purchase, but these Limited Run games seem to be worth grabbing from time to time, and this is came with a pair of branded panties, so yeah... bought it for shits (stains) and giggles
  13. Very valid point, I was saving myself for this years Days of Play special edition PS4, hoping it was going to be a Pro and as nice as last years blue/gold edition, but steel/black just look boring. Might still pick it up to shove in the attic for a few years and double my money, been grabbing Limited Run games for the same reason, need to find a sealed Octopath Traveller Limited Edition for the collection that doesn't cost £150.
  14. Was late getting into John Wick, but thoroughly enjoyed the first two films, will definitely be up for the third! So watched a Netflix Original last night called "The Perfection" A thoroughly good, but tries to hard to be clever Hitchcock-esque plot twister movie. Basically former teenage music genius quits the industry to look after her dying mother, then 10 years later re-enters the industry and all sorts of weird shit goes down. Really didn't like the rewind bits (it literally shows the setup for the weird bits by rewinding the film with that obnoxious remind screech) they should have just faded to black and shown "24 hours earlier" or something, it really yanked you out of the film. Acting was pretty good and there was some proper wince sections in the gory parts without it being over the top. Good cinematography, not the most original story in places, even the Mrs guessed the ending, but it set it up well even if the delivery was a bit flat. Worth watching with a drink
  15. Ooooh, didn't know that was in VR as well, need to get my shit sorted and buy a PS4 as I love Everybody's Golf!
  16. Snorlax was one of the designs I thought looked quite ropey, the super comic designed monsters just don't look right.
  17. I wasn't really keen to go to this, but Ryan Reynolds and the Mrs convinced me to go, and you know what? it was not only a good film, but brought a tear to my eye more than once. Won't go into spoilers, but this is a surprisingly dark film, and ventures into surprisingly mature content in places that would make me think twice about taking a younger child to see it. Most likely it will go over the kids heads, but there's a few "ooh" moments that made my raise an eyebrow. The graphics special effects are really well done, a few shonky places here and there, but everything gelled really nicely, and you could easily get lost in a fictional realm where Aipom swing from telephone poles and police patrol with Growlithe. Some of the pokemon designs are beautifully rendered, Pikachu looks entirely believable as a creature, but others look... I don't know... forced? most of the birds don't look right, and the less said about Lickitung and Mr Mime the better, they need to die by fire. Bulbasaur though is a childhood favourite of mine and is the most gorgeous design in the film, and didn't feature anywhere near enough for my liking. Lookit his ikkle face! The acting is mostly good, the main character is perfectly fine as the awkward fish out of water character, Ryan is great as Pikachu, but the rest of the cast were a bit meh. The female love interest I couldn't decide if she was acting a videogame/kids film stereotype, or is just a bad actress because in some scenes she was good, and others I was thinking "man she must have given the director a really good gobble" Ken Watanabe, such a good actor, mostly wasted on cheesy 80's cop movie dialogue Bill Nighy, what scenes he was in, was just ok, another good actor wasted by generic lines So if the acting is a bit shit, why did I say it's such a good film? the rest of it makes up for it, the action is great, doesn't go into comic tropes too much, and there's some really nice nods to the Alien franchise. The story borrows heavily from the animated films, like, loads, but not in a bad way, and picks and chooses some fan favourite set pieces and does them really well. You get a nice, cohesive story, well paced and balances world building and story progression so you aren't force fed exposition every 10 minutes. The ending was kind of predictable, but then this isn't supposed to be Hitchcock, and wrapped up most of the plot threads. Overall, I'm glad I went, not sure I would buy it on Bluray, but when it hits Netflix, will definitely add it to my Sunday afternoon watch list. Assorted thoughts: No Nurse Joy - sad No Gardevoir - sad No Pokemon Centres - sad The police are Thomas the Tank Engine level incompetent Psyducks eyes creep me out like fuck Psyduck is O.P. Really want the surely must exist Ryan Reynolds x-rated outtakes to leak
  18. I don't often write bad reviews lately because my game time is so limited, I tend to go balls deep when I can and think I enjoy it more than I probably do. Here's Fire Emblem Warriors: One word: Shit Two words: Shit, pretty More words: My fault for not doing prior research, but this is just a re-skin of ye olde Dynasty Warriors. I foolishly assumed the genre had matured to the point where the games don't just throw re-coloured enemies at you and you repeat the same combo attack for 15 hours. Sadly I was wrong, I literally facerolled the same combo for the first few hours, barely taking a hit, never needing to dodge, didn't even need to send any troops anywhere. This was the thing that piqued my interest in case there was more of a tactical element to it, but the troops just amble around and make a random attack every few seconds while I mow down 10,000 identical enemies and a boss whilst scratching my balls. I even picked up a pack of fake Amiibo cards to scan in the game, but all they give you is a random crap weapon to assign to your ever growing cadre of useless characters. Looks nice though. Wish I yarr'd it first, but saw great reviews and figured it would be slightly entertaining.
  19. About 5 hours into this and it's really growing on me, absolutely in love with the art style and has that retro charm without being overly clunky or simplistic. My only real gripe is the summons/charming feature, it's interesting being able to easily swap out animals/people to better fit an area/boss, but when you have a really long drawn out boss battle, running out of summons half way is a ballache.
  20. As a longtime fan of the Atelier games, this was an instant buy as it never made it to the Vita in the west, and I (still) don't own a PS4 If you aren't familiar, it's a nice, wholesome (mostly) slice of life game where you run an Alchemist shop and have to explore/collect/synthesize shit for people with some comically absurd turn based RPG elements thrown in. I say "mostly wholesome" as it should be one of those nice, happy pretty girls doing pretty things games, but there's always... always... some pervy stuff randomly thrown in, which would be fine in obvious fanservice games, but in these it does spoil it somewhat. The gameplay is near identical to others in the series, collect quests (usually time limited), travel to X area, kill/collect Y, synthesize something, deliver product. In-between quests there's the usual JRPG plot elements, delivered in real time or hand painted cut scenes, and a selection of characters you can select to join your party. Combat is your standard turn based fare, with lots of over the top comic attack options targeting cute, often generic designed enemies. So far, so very Tachi, but let's talk about optimisation, or rather the lack of it. Handheld mode, it looks beautiful, but quite often will drop to barely double digit FPS, and docked it runs great, but looks suspiciously like 480p stretched to 1080p, the pixels are so huge and sharp they lacerate your eyeballs. This is a huge let down for me, the Vita games ran and looked near identical to the PS3 versions (I own the same game on both consoles) so the company has form in creating well optimised games. I will keep playing it though, the games are always fun, but never groundbreaking time killers, I just need to find a way to artificially induce cataracts to smooth out the graphics when docked.
  21. Yeah, I was thinking they will do the obvious special edition consoles that will either be all red or blue like with all the other releases of the big pokemon releases.
  22. Just saw the announcement trailer, looks good, not one hint of Pokemon Go infecting it. I play Pokemon Go every day, but Pokemon Let's Go just looked shit. I was going to get a Switch with my March bonus, but might hold off until the inevitable special edition red/blue console.
  23. Resident Evil 2 - Claire 2nd Play Much more interesting story than Leon, 2nd Play makes it ball bustingly hard as well.
  24. Resident Evil 2 - Leon Just so much fun, balanced the puzzles really well, difficulty on Normal was spot on, only got a C and 10 hour time on my first play through because I always seem to take the longest way to get to places then forget to pick shit I need out of the storage boxes. The last 2-3 hours were a grind though, not because of the game but because I'm a tool and burned through all my health and ammo just before the boss battles.
  25. I have a week off coming up, going to buy and hammer the crap out of RE:2 Anyone know the play time? if it's a miserable 8 hours I might just wait for it in the sales and carry on playing Valkyria Chronicles 4 instead.
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