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  1. Yeah definitely, anything "new" on Dreamcast is always a good thing!
  2. Some intrepid coders have been converting Sega Atomiswave arcade games to the Dreamcast, and the results are really impressive!
  3. I think it was YongYea did some tests, 45GB game copied over to internal storage in about 8-12 minutes so not too bad, and unless you are really hammering old games and want the quick resume feature, you can just leave them on the drive and run them over USB.
  4. I think I would go the S route, it certainly seems like a bargain, but like you said, once you add another SSD you might as well have bought the X. I hope that third parties start coming out with cheaper options, in theory Sandisk or whoever can come out with a compatible option, but from what I have seen, the external USB transfer option isn't that bad considering you can run backwards compatible games straight from a USB drive.
  5. Add your first impressions or a mini review here, if you want to go uber in depth, feel free to create a new post.
  6. Add your first impressions or a mini review here, if you want to go uber in depth, feel free to create a new post.
  7. Could be, probably going to end up with on of those "Nintendo seal of quality" situations where they require everyone to pay a royalty to make something that fits.
  8. Absolutely shocking, they must be planning on releasing their own at considerably more than what PlateStation were offering them.
  9. I have a box somewhere of random ones and all the eternal sonata faceplates.
  10. https://www.platestation5.com/ Obviously might be worth holding off until people get these in their hands to see the quality, but pretty impressed by the price considering it's two door sized sheets of plastic. China won't be too far behind the curve on this, so expect a million face plates on Wish soon.
  11. No worries, will work it out, I installed MedGUI and had a play with the advanced graphics option and there's a lot of options to go through, so hoped you had a .cfg file or something with your settings. Will have another play with it on the weekend and share my settings once I work through the options. Cheers
  12. What settings are you using for Mednafen? had a quick play with it last night and I got "pixels so sharp it cuts your eyeballs" or "so smeared it looks like an abstract painting"
  13. I... don't like it... maybe it's because I am so used to the XMB on the PS3, but this is too visually "loud" for me. I can understand picture in picture for something like a game guide as you are playing, but why when I am in a game would I want to watch someone else play a different game? I do like the hints system though for unlocking trophies, I think that is quite clever, not that I worry about getting platinum for anything these days.
  14. Yeah my RTX 2070 Super can happily hit 70C+ in some games, and that's in a big case with multiple fans. Very impressed by how well it handled having the top covered, while obviously not something you would do in the real world, it's still not choking on the heat.
  15. I haven't tried emulating the Saturn for years, as I have two chipped Saturn and a physical copy of the game, anything I don't own I just burn to a CD and play on the real hardware. Definitely going to try Mednafen though, since I got my new TV that doesn't have SCART, I have been using cheap SCART/S-Video to HDMI upscalers and the picture isn't that great.
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