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  1. Interesting, I thought it was just a pared down version of the MegaDrive version! I finished Catherine Classic - POC I have a love/hate relationship with this game, it's brilliant but bullshit at the same time, you can blaze though some levels first time, but then get fucked over by crap AI and have to retry a level a dozen times until RNGesus smiles upon you. I got the good ending, and have no desire whatsoever to grind for the other 12, at least for another year or so when i forget how much I wanted to put the controller through the TV.
  2. According to the Amazon page there is an app to clone your existing WiFi: But if you go into the config page for the TP Link router, you should be able to just change the SSID (router name) and password to whatever your main one is. Should take all of 2 minutes to do.
  3. Tachikoma

    TV Shows

    We have been binge watching Bates Motel over the xmas/new year break, really enjoying it, loads of little easter eggs from the films as well.
  4. I got 16 bottles of hot sauce, a bottle of whiskey and a bacon making kit
  5. Interesting you like the wild area, I actually thought "man they just don't care any more" they are literally throwing as many pokemon as they can into one zone with no challenge. Safari zones I can get behind, this is just taking that concept and going "fuck it, have as many pokemon as you want, you know what? have them 3 hours into the game!"
  6. So I'm a few hours into this now, just about to do the third gym, and I'm not sure what to think of it. Graphically, it's... nice... in a HD 3DS sort of way, seems to be made with re-used assets, not amazing, but, functionally cute. Doesn't seem to upscale when docked though, everything looks a bit rough. The gameplay is standard, other than the gigantimax rubbish, giant pokemon for a couple of turns is interesting, but outside of gym battles and boss beacons you find scattered around, it's largely pointless. My problem really, is it just feels so disjointed, very early on in the game you have to cross a large expanse filled with random pokemon, both in the grass and just ambling around, these can be anything from level 10 up to 35-ish from what I have seen so far. Now you still can't capture anything above the level defined by your gym badge, but you can exploit the shit out of this, type weaknesses, weather bonuses and a mandatory EXP-all mean you can just cheese pokemon dozens of levels above you and level your team way above what you should be able to realistically achieve. All within the first 4 hours of the game. The seemingly random pokemon also appear everywhere, normally you would expect say route 1 to have 5 common pokemon and 2 rare, you now have dozens scattered around, and they change according to the time of day, weather, what colour shoes you wear, and it's honestly exhausting, having to constantly re-visit areas to see if something new has appeared. I love grind, but a structured grind, this scatter gun approach just doesn't inspire me. I am 6 hours in and my pokedex is in the high 80's, and I haven't even evolved anything outside of my original team. I am enjoying it, but... hmmm... it's not the evolution (pun) that I was hoping for, just more of the same with a few novelties tacked on and a few odd design decisions.
  7. I'm hoping Oculus Link (or whatever it's called) is good, being able to snag one of these for £350 bones and tethering it to a beefy PC is tempting.
  8. I have tried getting into The Witcher so many times, but there's something about the combat I just don't gel with, which makes me sad.
  9. Oooh glad to hear that is good, got it free with my graphics card, it's installed but haven't had the chance to play it yet.
  10. I know, Gamecube has hit that annoying peak price part of its life. The P.N.03 demo disc I had is selling for a ton now, crazy. So annoyed the ex kept the majority of my game collection. I do still have a spool full of Sega MegaCD demo discs though, should really see if they are worth anything.
  11. Not touched this for ages, I think before multiplayer was added, as I had pretty much done everything. Had a fleet of ships and billions of credits, I didn't really see much point in playing any more. Will re-install it and see if there's anything cool, at the very least I'm hoping they have expanded the seeds to give the planets more variety, there's only so many times penis headed dinosaurs and jumping mushrooms can entertain you.
  12. Monster Hunter World - POC Finished the main story, now onto the extended endgame and endless grinding.
  13. Yeah, I am just jumping into all the SOS requests where the hunter level isn't too low, seems to work pretty well, although do still get some muppets that seem unable to recognise the tells that a dragon is about to jizz hot lava everywhere. Tearing through the chapters pretty quickly, and finally got a decent bow with elemental damage so running solo isn't such a grind anymore. I guess it's because they sold it cheap in the Steam sale, but there seems to be a decent amount of people playing, so all good.
  14. Picked this up in the Steam sale for PC (obviously) only a few hours in, but thoroughly enjoying it (even when I die) Doesn't feel as cheap when you die, and the combat flows really nicely other than the occasional stun lock scenarios when playing on your Todd. Looks awesome as well, 1080P with the high res texture packs and everything near max and it runs great even on my GTX1060 6GB. T-Rex tore me a new one, but then again I am only level 3 or 4, so did the stupid raptor thing that clubs you with a rock. Hopefully I can find a few groups online that are still low level to team up with as single player is fine to a point, but is awesome in multiplayer.
  15. So, randomly found out about this game, didn't even know it was a thing on the WiiU, so after some serious deliberation (translation: being drunk on eBay) I picked up a WiiU solely for this game. Now, never being that bothered with the WiiU and only ever playing Mario Maker in Game, I wasn't expecting much, but I have to say, I am quietly impressed. The screen on the controller is actually really nice (despite being a resistive screen), but fuck me, is it a heavy beast. Anyway, you all know about the hardware, let's get on with the game. Following the same tried and true horror stereotypes of the previous games, you have hot bird that goes missing, hot psychic MILF training younger hot bird (who you control) how to commune with the dead, and a generic gruff voiced Japanese boyband looking "artfully nonchalant" exorcist, trailing a jailbait waif personal assistant that gets attacked by ghosts every 30 seconds. Koei Tecmo have always played strong to the hardware with the graphics on these games and are arguably some of the best looking on the system they release games on. This one is no exception, everything oozes horror charm and style, the dilapidated houses, the attention to detail in the character models, the ethereal ghosts, it all looks polished as hell. The controls... hmmm... so, so close to being great, the motion controlled camera for the most part works great, but in hectic scenes, it just falls apart. The game can't work out where it's supposed to be pointed, resulting in you flailing around, and usually having to drop out of camera mode, strafe the ghosts and try again. Another "should work, but really gets boring quickly" is the "slowly reaching your hand out to pick up an item" mechanic, it gets boring really quickly, with a maybe 20% chance of a ghost hand grabbing you and draining some health. I get it, it was a clever idea, but don't do it for every fucking item, every health pot, every roll of film, it just makes basic inventory management a chore and not scary. I don't event bother playing the spooky minigame, I just grab everything and take the hit on the health bar every few items, but it still takes time. The puzzles are all pretty standard adventure game stuff, just done with a camera: take photo of door, it shows you where the key is. Invisible book? twist the camera until the controller buzzes, take a photo and it miraculously appears in the real world. The story is interesting enough, but if you have played any of the other games, it's same old, same old and nothing original. The ghosts are cool, and are proper creepy, as always, and the game plays to the vulnerability of the playable characters well, something the series has always been good at. Koei Tecmo really do need to tone down the sexualisation a bit though, I know they changed the bikini costumes in the Japanese release to a Samus costume, but it looks ridiculous being attacked by ghosts when you are wearing what looks like body paint and a backpack, resulting in confused boners. Still, introducing you to a new fetish aside, it's still a really good game, the pacing is good, and having three different stories expands on the world building and story well. Not finished it yet, but it seems to be a pretty lengthy game if you take the time to explore, and of course the multiple playthroughs and time attack modes help. Once this is done, going to attack Project Zero: Crimson Butterfly on Wii mode, can't wait to see that through crispy HDMI rather than shitty composite.
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