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  1. Resident Evil 3 Remake - POC Really enjoyed this, definitely one to pick up in a sale considering the length, but not looked at the multiplayer addon yet so might add some longevity. I know it got a kicking for the length but I think it worked, would rather a smaller cohesive story than rehashing the levels from Resi 2 too much. Wish there was more variety in the enemies though, they surely could have knocked out a few more than they did, and some of the new enemies were literally only in two rooms. The final boss battle though was a joke, once you get the gimmick, it's a 2
  2. World of Final Fantasy - POC Finished it years ago on the Vita and fancied playing it again so grabbed it for £15 on Steam. Love and hate the game, so pretty, so many cool mechanics but then at the end you can just face roll the hardest bosses with the same attacks. If you don't just follow the story and ignore the tons of side things to do, then you will be comically overpowered at the end.
  3. I quit Control after about an hour and you get that first mini boss, just couldn't down the fucker at all no matter what I tried.
  4. Cyberpunk 2077 secret ending This was so damn good, its a ballache that you have to basically follow a prescribed route to get it and either spoil the game or be very lucky with your dialogue options. Also the nomad ending which was just ok, and the "give up" ending which was just heart breaking.
  5. Cyberpunk Johnny Silverhand ending Much more satisfying ending but still lacked that oomph that I want, but from the spoilers I have seen there's not really going to be an ending that's going to floor you.
  6. Nearly 100 hours in and finished cyberpunk 2077, arasaka corporate ending. Wasn't worth the time it took, luckily it saves just before your choice so you can go back and change it.
  7. I hate to say it, but I am still having the best time with this game, some minor side story and romance option spoilers below. So one of the side quests was, quite frankly one of the best experiences I have had in any game. There is a convicted murderer who found god in prison, and is sentenced to death. He makes a deal with a brain dance network to die on camera as part repentance and to help a world where religion has fallen into obscurity and extremism to help people find god and make peace with themselves. Bit silly and generic sounding I know, but Johnny gets his finger in this pie a
  8. Yeah lots of people have said the same thing, there's a reddit post detailing all the stuff that was promised but not delivered on. I didn't really pay much attention to the hype, so it being "Fallout 4.5" isn't that much of a problem for me. It is a bit of a No Man's Sky situation, hopefully they address it all as they have lost tons of good will, took Hello Games a long time to recover.
  9. Forgot I recorded some video of the "interesting" way my car parked itself, there's a nice bonus bug immediately after I enter the car.
  10. Yeah, I mean it's noble and all, but surely someone high up must have decided to ship the game looking like a Minecraft mod on the base consoles. Even if they just said "base systems are coming Q1 2021" and got Sony/MS to lock out the game at a software level on the base consoles, that would have been better than this.
  11. So I'm now 21 hours in and only just got to the title screen, but that was through me doing side quests and ignoring the main story. There's a time limit on the main game once you trigger a certain event so I didn't want to trigger that until I messed around and got a good feel for it, got some good gear and levelled up skills I am going to use heavily. The bugs aren't that bad so far, mostly just graphical problems like the your car that you can summon to your area spawning half way through the road. Still only seen one T-pose, but just had a comical scene where Jackie takes a data chip
  12. Very true, forgot about the state of it on the base consoles! Me: It's not that buggy Also me: See attached
  13. I mean it was a bit of a lost cause really as no matter what they did, the hype train will never be satisfied but there's nothing serious here. Any Bethesda game had more game breaking bugs at launch than I have seen here. I have seen exactly one t-pose character in 12 hours, a few animation bugs and some background items randomly explode. Not to say others haven't had worse bugs, but I can't see anything not fixable with another patch. I'm enjoying it that much, I am 12 hours in and only just got to the point in the story where the main plot point is revealed. There's so much to do and it's d
  14. So if you saw on WhatsApp, the bugs are kicking in, other than a one off, nothing game breaking, over 6 hours in now and still enjoying it, seriously doubt anyone has played it but the combat is a lot like "ghost in the shell first assault", a really good but short lived fps game. The combat has a "meaty" feel to it and taking someone down isn't one headshot and done but feels rewarding. The group assault quests are a bit annoying though as the npc's will quite happily down a boss while you crouch your way around the level and pick up shit and loot corpses while not firing off a single shot. B
  15. Woke up at stupid o'clock this morning so managed to put a few hours into this. First impressions are pretty good, not got far into the story, probably not even out of the tutorial area really but got a car and I'm roaming the city and doing shit. Graphics are nice, running on ultra with my RTX2070 Super and getting 30-odd fps with rey tracing on but I turned it off and getting a solid 60 fps at the moment. Not had many bugs, the odd random npc phasing into existence with busy street scenes, had Jackie eat with 4 chopsticks during one cut scene and the eye doctor was a little of
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