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  1. I can see Sony doing some aggressive purchases as well to counter this, there's some rumblings of Sony buying Konami, but they would need to buy some other big publishers to counter the reach of Zenimax. I could definitely see MS dangling the game pass carrot under Sony's nose when they start getting hungry for those big big franchises. I think this is going to be one of those console generations where the consumer is going to lose out massively on both sides of the console camp.
  2. PS5 Phat, but probably closer to xmas Only one or two launch titles that interest me, but not at £70, and as I have had PS+ for years I have a huge backlog of PS4 games in my digital library that I have never played as I was too cheap to buy a PS4. Cyberpunk 2077 will tide me over from PS5 launch until xmas, and by then there should be second hand copies of the launch games and some new titles on the horizon. PS5 will essentially be "the ultimate PS4" for a while for me. Kind of worried about MS buying Zenimax though for the long term implications of things like Fallout/Skyrim/Wolfenstein/etc on the PS5, but can MS sensibly afford to bankroll Zenimax and take the hit on not selling those games on the PS5?
  3. Phantasy Star Online 2 - Episode 1 Story Mode So... much... story... Rather than have the story naturally play out as you enjoy the game, Sega makes you sit through what feels like a thousand little 2 minute long story skits with a few battles thrown in for good measure. It took me maybe 6 hours to get through them all in between just playing the game normally. The rewards are worth doing if you are into the cosmetic side as you get a free weapon skin and loads of star gems (one of the premium currencies) thrown at you, but if not, then save your time and just play the game. There's two more episodes worth of story to get through and episode 4 is coming out soon... I dont think I can sit through this shit any more... Game is good though!
  4. Monster Hunter World Iceborne Completed the story mode, refreshing update to the game, takes you back to how you felt first playing it, totally unprepared and undergeared. The monsters are a challenge again, and I haven't even got to Iceborne tempered monsters yet. The handler still needs to die though, cannot stand her, to the point I paid for the Mr X DLC just to glean some enjoyment out of the bits she is in.
  5. Ah sweet, will play it that way, at least until the PS5 comes out then will blow my bonus on it and raid CEX for all the PS4 games I missed out on.
  6. Really want to play this, but still bereft of a PS4, waiting for the inevitable price crash on consoles closer to the PS5 launch.
  7. Interesting, I thought it was just a pared down version of the MegaDrive version! I finished Catherine Classic - POC I have a love/hate relationship with this game, it's brilliant but bullshit at the same time, you can blaze though some levels first time, but then get fucked over by crap AI and have to retry a level a dozen times until RNGesus smiles upon you. I got the good ending, and have no desire whatsoever to grind for the other 12, at least for another year or so when i forget how much I wanted to put the controller through the TV.
  8. According to the Amazon page there is an app to clone your existing WiFi: But if you go into the config page for the TP Link router, you should be able to just change the SSID (router name) and password to whatever your main one is. Should take all of 2 minutes to do.
  9. Tachikoma

    TV Shows

    We have been binge watching Bates Motel over the xmas/new year break, really enjoying it, loads of little easter eggs from the films as well.
  10. I got 16 bottles of hot sauce, a bottle of whiskey and a bacon making kit
  11. Interesting you like the wild area, I actually thought "man they just don't care any more" they are literally throwing as many pokemon as they can into one zone with no challenge. Safari zones I can get behind, this is just taking that concept and going "fuck it, have as many pokemon as you want, you know what? have them 3 hours into the game!"
  12. So I'm a few hours into this now, just about to do the third gym, and I'm not sure what to think of it. Graphically, it's... nice... in a HD 3DS sort of way, seems to be made with re-used assets, not amazing, but, functionally cute. Doesn't seem to upscale when docked though, everything looks a bit rough. The gameplay is standard, other than the gigantimax rubbish, giant pokemon for a couple of turns is interesting, but outside of gym battles and boss beacons you find scattered around, it's largely pointless. My problem really, is it just feels so disjointed, very early on in the game you have to cross a large expanse filled with random pokemon, both in the grass and just ambling around, these can be anything from level 10 up to 35-ish from what I have seen so far. Now you still can't capture anything above the level defined by your gym badge, but you can exploit the shit out of this, type weaknesses, weather bonuses and a mandatory EXP-all mean you can just cheese pokemon dozens of levels above you and level your team way above what you should be able to realistically achieve. All within the first 4 hours of the game. The seemingly random pokemon also appear everywhere, normally you would expect say route 1 to have 5 common pokemon and 2 rare, you now have dozens scattered around, and they change according to the time of day, weather, what colour shoes you wear, and it's honestly exhausting, having to constantly re-visit areas to see if something new has appeared. I love grind, but a structured grind, this scatter gun approach just doesn't inspire me. I am 6 hours in and my pokedex is in the high 80's, and I haven't even evolved anything outside of my original team. I am enjoying it, but... hmmm... it's not the evolution (pun) that I was hoping for, just more of the same with a few novelties tacked on and a few odd design decisions.
  13. I'm hoping Oculus Link (or whatever it's called) is good, being able to snag one of these for £350 bones and tethering it to a beefy PC is tempting.
  14. I have tried getting into The Witcher so many times, but there's something about the combat I just don't gel with, which makes me sad.
  15. Oooh glad to hear that is good, got it free with my graphics card, it's installed but haven't had the chance to play it yet.
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