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  1. Yesterday
  2. The biggest pain in the arse was trying to keep it on that damn car, which seemed to be a slippery surface!
  3. I got the no shooting achievement, but fuck that gnome. Fair play to you!!!
  4. Last week
  5. Mass Effect 3 (Xbox One BC) DOOM 3 (Switch) Veteran DOOM 3: Resurrection of Evil (Switch) Veteran DOOM 3: Lost Mission (Switch) Veteran Half Life 2 (The Orange Box) (Xbox One BC) Half Life 2 - Episode 1 (The Orange Box) (Xbox One BC) Half Life 2 - Episode 2 (The Orange Box) (Xbox One BC) Done! This is the third time I've played through these, first in 2007 and again in 2009 - thankfully I did the no shooting in Ep 1 and gnome carrying in Ep 2 last time so these playthroughs were much quicker.
  6. Mass Effect 3 (Xbox One BC) DOOM 3 (Switch) Veteran DOOM 3: Resurrection of Evil (Switch) Veteran DOOM 3: Lost Mission (Switch) Veteran Half Life 2 (The Orange Box) (Xbox One BC) Half Life 2 - Episode 1 (The Orange Box) (Xbox One BC) Great to go back and play these, was inspired after listening to the Dev Game Club podcast where they covered HL1 and started talking a bit about 2 as well.
  7. Call of Duty:Modern Warfare(remastered)_Bone- I decided I wanted to go through some of the COD games again after finishing the new one. This is still a great game, it's showing it's age in some ways but bar a few minor frustrations well worth another look. Moving on to Modern Warfare 2 next, which after a conversation with Yussry recently I'm going to attempt on Veteran difficulty. Probably a terrible idea but I'll let you know
  8. Gears of War 5 - Always enjoy a gears game and this was no different. Not sure if I liked the non-linear bits or not but great action and a storyline I could follow.
  9. Luigi's Mansion 3 Mostly great, lovely animation and lots of fun little puzzles. Some of the bosses were a bit unintuitive though, and the final boss sucks.
  10. Earlier
  11. LttP is only on ‘new’ 3DS. You could also get it on Snes Classic Mini, and possibly Wii U eshop.
  12. You can buy alttp on the 3ds or if you have switch online it's on the snes app.
  13. Bollucks, I thought LA was? I’ll see if I can download it then! Will be good to dust off the old 3DS.
  14. But it's a direct sequel to ALTTP, you probably shouldn't play it before that!!!
  15. Just bought ALBW, not heard of that one. Should keep me company for when I’m away for the next couple of weeks. Good rec mate.
  16. Thomas was alone - bone Snigger...
  17. Thomas Was Alone-Bone- Saw this was leaving Game Pass soon so I figured it was a good time to replay this wonderful little game. Smart, Puzzle platformer. Highly recommended. @Bummers-Play it! Do you have Switch Online it's part of that package. If not buy it for your 3DS and then buy ALBW. They're both great games.
  18. Zelda: Links Awakening. Picked this up randomly as I was away for a few weeks and really got into it and enjoyed every bit. It’s the first top down Zelda I’ve ever played and I’m impressed. Makes me want to try ALTTP but part thinks I might wait for a remake.
  19. Cross play? That’s cool, might pick it up after I’m done with Gears then.
  20. Horizon Zero Dawn_PS4-Platinum. After a multitude of false starts the game finally clicked with me. Not as good as it could have been but still a lot of fun. Will be heading straight into the frozen wilds now I've finished... Call Of Duty:Modern Warfare-Xbone- Short, sweet, and the usual COD fare. A lot of stand out levels imo, ignore him ^^ very atmospheric at times and a lot more variety than the usual COD campaign. Multiplayer is excellent fun although it could do with more maps already. Haven't tried spec ops yet but apparently it continues the story so I'll give it a go. Also Cross play work a treat I played an hour or so with Idaho the other night and no problems were encountered. I had to go into party chat via my PS4 as who wants to be in a COD lobby?!
  21. CoD: Modern Warfare (PS4) About 6 hours to get through the campaign. I didn’t really know what the story was about but an entertaining few hours with a couple of standout levels. The graphics are excellent if that’s your thing. I was never going to get into the multiplayer so don’t know how that compares, but I liked Spec Ops in MW2 and the version of it in this is piss poor. Just sticking you in one of the large mp maps with an objective marker to ‘do a thing’ at. Nothing of the variety or strategy from MW2. At least I was able to get most of the money back from selling it on. Shame really as I had high hopes for Spec Ops mode to keep me playing it for a while. Edit: If you want to play this be prepared for multiple downloads. About 75gig initial patch, then a further 3 downloads for all of Spec Ops. Total of 125-ish gigs of storage required!
  22. No. gaming time has not been easy with 3 brats, working away And Red Dead Redemption! . Switch has been my life saver this year. still bloody keen though now you mention it. Might start the first in a couple of weeks when gears 5 is done as long as luigis Mansion hasn’t arrived...
  23. Have you had a crack at this Bummers?
  24. Mass Effect 3 (Xbox One BC) DOOM 3 (Switch) Veteran DOOM 3: Resurrection of Evil (Switch) Veteran DOOM 3: Lost Mission (Switch) Veteran Well that's all those wrapped up - really enjoyed playing through these games again. I looked back at my full list of completed games going back to 2007, the last time I played ROE was on the original Xbox in 2009, can't believe it's been 10 years! Also I forgot I finished Mass Effect 3 this year, for some reason I added it to my full list and wrote a post in the ME3 thread, but didn't post here.
  25. Zelda: Link’s Awakening (Switch) Really good fun. Frame rate drops could be a bit annoying but cool art style and music and didn’t outstay it’s welcome.
  26. DOOM 3 (Switch) It was a nice suprise to see this arrive on the eShop - have been gradually playing through since it came out. Veteran difficulty was a challenge, had to save frequently to get it done.
  27. https://www.cdkeys.com/xbox-live/games/star-wars-jedi-fallen-order-deluxe-edition-xbox-one Jedi Fallen order. Deluxe edition. Cheaper than the normal edition. £39.69! I preordered it because Star Wars, but I feel positive this will get good reviews!
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