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  1. Yesterday
  2. I had a few games on Battlefront 2 and in terms of all the progression and pay to win stuff it’s a very different game. Only cosmetics are for sale for money, you choose what upgrades to get that you want, not random. It’s basically the game it should’ve been at launch.
  3. Last week
  4. Might pick it up cheap then when I’m done with Tomb Raider. Enjoyed the first for a good while.
  5. They changed loads. The grind and how much of the in game currency that was needed. There was a certain amount of nerd rage, but the mechanics were out and out shitty. It's changed again since I last played it a lot. Apparently the game is insanely popular and I would happily play it more .One of those it's better in a group game.
  6. They dropped it, I mean it's still there but I've found the multi player really uninspiring so just rattled through the campaign. I think they changed it and made it all OK? I don't know, not really paid any attention to it
  7. What happened with all that loot box nonsense? Did they drop it? Did the game flop? All was it all just internet rage?
  8. Star wars battlefront 2 (PS4) - apparently I completed the campaign but it all happened with such little fanfare I'm not entirely sure.... Gears of War 3(360) Spiderman DLC1 (PS4) Spiderman (PS4)R Rogue Legacy (PS4/Vita)
  9. Lol. Didn’t play it at the time, but got it on the DS I think and it was good.
  10. Earlier
  11. Calling Google translate?
  12. Don’t think I really played this ok bracket in the day but had it on the DS and it’s truly amazing.
  13. Super Mario World-SNES/WiiU- I think I finished this back in the day. I may not have. I have finished it now for sure. Fucking amazing.
  14. Rick and Morty: Virtual Rickality (PSVR) This was a fun few hours. Puzzle adventure sort of thing, and quite enjoyable if you like the show. Spider-Man (PS4) Great game. Decent story, plenty of the usual open world stuff if you can be bothered, but just swinging around the city was fun enough to justify playing.
  15. I'm waiting to see if they fix the Switch version to any degree before deciding which system to buy for. I've heard nothing but good things about the game overall though.
  16. Yeah, didn't back it but got it for £25 on Green Man Gaming
  17. Was this a Kickstarter originally?
  18. Do you like Castlevania SotN? You will like this. Includes the harvesting of abilities that came in with the DS Castlevania titles. It's so faithful that you'll recognise enemy types. Those medusa heads are back and they can still fuck off.
  19. So, randomly found out about this game, didn't even know it was a thing on the WiiU, so after some serious deliberation (translation: being drunk on eBay) I picked up a WiiU solely for this game. Now, never being that bothered with the WiiU and only ever playing Mario Maker in Game, I wasn't expecting much, but I have to say, I am quietly impressed. The screen on the controller is actually really nice (despite being a resistive screen), but fuck me, is it a heavy beast. Anyway, you all know about the hardware, let's get on with the game. Following the same tried and true horror stereotypes of the previous games, you have hot bird that goes missing, hot psychic MILF training younger hot bird (who you control) how to commune with the dead, and a generic gruff voiced Japanese boyband looking "artfully nonchalant" exorcist, trailing a jailbait waif personal assistant that gets attacked by ghosts every 30 seconds. Koei Tecmo have always played strong to the hardware with the graphics on these games and are arguably some of the best looking on the system they release games on. This one is no exception, everything oozes horror charm and style, the dilapidated houses, the attention to detail in the character models, the ethereal ghosts, it all looks polished as hell. The controls... hmmm... so, so close to being great, the motion controlled camera for the most part works great, but in hectic scenes, it just falls apart. The game can't work out where it's supposed to be pointed, resulting in you flailing around, and usually having to drop out of camera mode, strafe the ghosts and try again. Another "should work, but really gets boring quickly" is the "slowly reaching your hand out to pick up an item" mechanic, it gets boring really quickly, with a maybe 20% chance of a ghost hand grabbing you and draining some health. I get it, it was a clever idea, but don't do it for every fucking item, every health pot, every roll of film, it just makes basic inventory management a chore and not scary. I don't event bother playing the spooky minigame, I just grab everything and take the hit on the health bar every few items, but it still takes time. The puzzles are all pretty standard adventure game stuff, just done with a camera: take photo of door, it shows you where the key is. Invisible book? twist the camera until the controller buzzes, take a photo and it miraculously appears in the real world. The story is interesting enough, but if you have played any of the other games, it's same old, same old and nothing original. The ghosts are cool, and are proper creepy, as always, and the game plays to the vulnerability of the playable characters well, something the series has always been good at. Koei Tecmo really do need to tone down the sexualisation a bit though, I know they changed the bikini costumes in the Japanese release to a Samus costume, but it looks ridiculous being attacked by ghosts when you are wearing what looks like body paint and a backpack, resulting in confused boners. Still, introducing you to a new fetish aside, it's still a really good game, the pacing is good, and having three different stories expands on the world building and story well. Not finished it yet, but it seems to be a pretty lengthy game if you take the time to explore, and of course the multiple playthroughs and time attack modes help. Once this is done, going to attack Project Zero: Crimson Butterfly on Wii mode, can't wait to see that through crispy HDMI rather than shitty composite.
  20. Not done much but art style is Street Fighter 4. Mechanics are very different so trying to play like SF series will die quickly. Looking forward to playing this more. Oh and season pass is free until midnight whether you own the game or not.
  21. It's Yakuza, it's fun they've changed things up but not in an earth shattering way. Think I prefer the combat of the others but if course it needed to be different. They've reintroduced the chase bits but thankfully they're not as annoying as before. I'm enjoying it.
  22. Outer Wilds (PC) - 2019 - 5/5 Simply amazing indie puzzle/explore-em-up - full of mystery, fun to unravel and understand, and a great ending too. Cadence of Hyrule (Switch) - 2019 - 4/5 A fun twist on a top-down Zelda. I was shite at Crypt of the Necrodancer, but this has some progression built in that helps ease the pain a bit. It's fairly short, but I could see going back to replay it with a different character.
  23. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2019-06-22-game-agrees-gbp52m-takeover-by-mike-ashleys-sports-direct And sold...
  24. I fucking love this game. Up to the Gaping Dragon. So, so good. Got him down to 1/4 health on my 4th attempt which came later than it should've done as I didn't figure out the shortcut as early as I should have... I'm refusing to use a guide or tips from the interwebs as I'm enjoying/hating this game in equal measures!!! Everything I loved about Bloodborne is here, but I'm in a different frame of mind when it come to playing these games it seems so maybe I'll go back to that and the other Soulsborne games in the future,
  25. Got myself proper hooked on this, this week. It’s really mega and completely loving it. I think it’s my fav Mario game since Sunshine, never really got on with Galaxy. Are there really 900 moons? That’s enough to almost put me off trying!
  26. Gears of War 3(360) - meh Spiderman DLC1 (PS4) Spiderman (PS4) Rogue Legacy (PS4/Vita)
  27. Duffman

    E3 2019

    In general there's not enough gameplay shown this year. Too many pre rendered trailers to judge. Nintendo have plenty of stuff for me the rest of this year which is nice. Fire Emblem, Mario Maker 2, Astral Chain, Luigi's Mansion, Pokemon and Link's awakening will keep me busy. Doomy Turtle looks good, one for the PC. Wolfenstein looks decent but then I thought Wolfenstein 2 looked decent and was massively let down. Knowing Arkane are taking the reigns makes me confident. I didn't really get the negativity over Fallen Order, looks solid to me. Watch Dogs looks nice. Outer Worlds looks... iffy, to be honest. Expected it to look better. Trials of Mana remake interests me greatly. Still annoyed at the lack of SNES on Switch Online app. PC game pass is nice. Laughed that all they showed of Halo was 4 minutes of Some Dude and no gameplay. Waste of time that. Gears 5 looks... ok. It's more Gears but on the plus side, we're past the phase were everything is trying to be Gears now so it's pretty unique these days. It's like if Halo decides to start just playing like fucking Halo again it'll feel completely unlike most other modern shooters.
  28. Ginja

    E3 2019

    EA- Star Wars looks great. Xbox- Gears 5 but no gameplay shown which is worrying. Ultimate game pass is something I'll be looking into as there's a lot of games on there I'd like to try but wouldn't want to shell out £40 to give them a go. Bethesda-Doom Eternal and Wolfenstein both look awesome fun. Ubi- Watchdogs Legion, loved the first 2 and this looks even better, love the idea of being any npc. Square- Final Fantasy 7 remake looks amazing. Avengers does not. Nintendo-Links Awakening, BOTW2 both have me excited. Luigis Mansion 3, looks brilliant. Astral chain still looks cool. I even liked the look of Animal Crossing... Basically they knocked it out of the park. A pretty good bunch of stuff, but it's definitely a lower key E3 this year. Can't wait to see next year
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