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  1. Last week
  2. Randomly I’ve got back into my PC and decided to play Dawn if War again from start to finish despite all the other games I’ve got started. Loving it though!
  3. Earlier
  4. I finished it the other day. When it's at its best it's better than the last one but it's a bit inconsistent to say the least. It's quite messy to start but once it settles in it's good. The biggest issue once it gets going is the Marauder enemy type which is possibly the shittest enemy in video game history and ruins every fight it shows up to. Still, I had fun but it was a bit like pulling teeth at times on UV difficulty.
  5. I picked up a dead head crab in both hands and made it dance.
  6. Glad you’re starting to enjoy it. I can look forward to it now.
  7. Don't have the space for sensors so Quest and Link works best for me
  8. brb starting a gofundme so I can get a vive
  9. Played an hour and it feels so familiar. The gravity gloves take a moment to click but you're soon grabbing stuff from a distance and catching it, reloading the gun works well. Found climbing the ladder a bit weird, standard bag each run but at the end you awkwardly snap off. But then again ladders in the Source engine have always been crap. All in all, I'm impressed.
  10. This has grown on me a lot btw. First few levels sucked though. And the much-vaunted "aggresive" playstyle doesn't really exist on harder difficulties, unless you count continually running away in circles around an arena taking shots where possible while chainsawing fodder for ammo as "aggression". You can't really take enemies head on like in the last game.
  11. Got 3rd tonight. I ran out of ammo right as we hit 4th. I had to risk running to another part of the prison and got taken out as the gas encroached. Loving this game.
  12. Yeah we had some good rounds. I'm quite liking Warzone actually, seems pretty easy to get a few kills rather than getting into those ruts in other BRs where it gets frustrating.
  13. I think XBL broke. You joined party and it kicked you just as quick. Blingo was showing as offline yet he said he was online. Bloody virus spoiling the internet. We got 6th as our best position tonight so can't complain.
  14. Well twas fun but the game is now not letting me join
  15. Ginj are you not able to use in game chat?
  16. It’s not even downloading very quickly at all. Might be because I was streaming to my PC. I’ll check in a bit when SWMBO goes to bed.
  17. Was very glad to uninstall CoD and get that ridiculous install size back
  18. Do you guys hear my voice chat? Are you in a live party or something?
  19. Sent you a request Ginj
  20. Schweet, I'll be on in 15.
  21. That'd be cool. My Activision name is TheLastGinja
  22. To illustrate the weirdness of the game just a bit more, I just got to a cutscene introducing a boss literally the whole level had been building up to, the fight KICKS OFF and Boom, tutorial screen. That literally lists all the boss's weak points, attacks, etc etc, that you have to click through to dismiss. 0_o
  23. Missus watching GBM so I’ll be on in an hour.
  24. Hah, well it's getting better the more I get into it is the thing. And you know, you might feel differently when you play it, it's probably less restrictive if you don't play on UV too. But I've seen people online saying similar stuff so I know it's not just me finding it a bit off.
  25. I’ll get the kids in bed and jump in if you’re still on. Not sure I have a headset with me though, might be at work.
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