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  1. Last week
  2. Oh I see - they did a patch a couple of months back, there's a setting you can change now - I used to get those accidental hard drops, but nothing since.
  3. Yeah, you're not in for a good time if you're looking for deep combat in a Warriors game. They're more about being able to read a map and be in the right place at the right time to manage the battle/objectives. The combat is really just a means to that end. On normal you can just sleepwalkthrough it, and the combat is never hard on any difficulty. Hard is fun though as you have to be on the ball to keep on top of the objectives and the type matchups at least matter or stuff takes too long to kill for you to win. I enjoy these games, at least the Fire Emblem/Hyrule ones. Not for everyone though. Proper Fire Emblem is due in July iirc. Garbage selection of characters in this too, I understand Awakening was popular but 80% of the roster is Awakening/Fates. And Fates has shit characters. There's so much great stuff to draw from in this series and they picked 80% of the roster from 2 games and 80% of that 80% are blue haired sword users anyway. You have to buy a DLC just to be able to use a fucking Spear infantry.
  4. The Pro Controller has a notoriously shitty d-pad which registers the wrong directional input a lot of the time. Pressing left/right can trigger an up press which accidentally makes you hard drop a piece. Mine's not as bad for it many people's but it's fucked me over a few times. There's actually even an option in Tetris 99 specifically because of it, where you can change the drop sensitivity. Made me drop a piece in a really bad location which meant I couldn't clear any lines. Probably wouldn't have won anyway but definitely finished me prematurely. But at least it reminded me to actually go and turn that setting on.
  5. I don't often write bad reviews lately because my game time is so limited, I tend to go balls deep when I can and think I enjoy it more than I probably do. Here's Fire Emblem Warriors: One word: Shit Two words: Shit, pretty More words: My fault for not doing prior research, but this is just a re-skin of ye olde Dynasty Warriors. I foolishly assumed the genre had matured to the point where the games don't just throw re-coloured enemies at you and you repeat the same combo attack for 15 hours. Sadly I was wrong, I literally facerolled the same combo for the first few hours, barely taking a hit, never needing to dodge, didn't even need to send any troops anywhere. This was the thing that piqued my interest in case there was more of a tactical element to it, but the troops just amble around and make a random attack every few seconds while I mow down 10,000 identical enemies and a boss whilst scratching my balls. I even picked up a pack of fake Amiibo cards to scan in the game, but all they give you is a random crap weapon to assign to your ever growing cadre of useless characters. Looks nice though. Wish I yarr'd it first, but saw great reviews and figured it would be slightly entertaining.
  6. I think it means ‘beaten’.
  7. Did the games needed to get the skin this morning. Best I managed was third then I got pro-controllered.
  8. I did like Puyo Puyo Tetris but mainly for the Tetris part. I couldn't get the hang of building chains intenitonally... my mind just fails to be able to see ahead. The theme is relatively easy to get - I've played 4 games and at 35 points already. Just need 100. It's great seeing the old graphics and music!!!
  9. Gonna play a bit this weekend to get that theme. Speaking of themes did you try Puyo Puyo Tetris at all? Great game and a ton of nice little block themes (including GB!)
  10. DOUBLE POST: Just got 8th!! Fuck that got hectic. I would've got higher but I fucked up dropping into a gap and blocked myself, I nearly recovered but alas it went tits up. Just over halfway to that Gameboy theme
  11. Earlier
  12. Epic are continuing their aggressive move info digital store fronts with a sale, including an extra tenner off anything over £13. So I've preordered the John Wick game for £4.39 as a result.
  13. I played a few rounds of this earlier and nearly broke into the top 20. Still I'll take 21st. I was just about to drop a triple line when a ton of garbage hit my screen and fucked me There's a Tournament on this weekend and if you get 100 points during it there's a Gameboy theme in it for you. Starts tomorrow at 8am.
  14. I've been watching a guy on You Tube called Tafokints who is a fucking legend at this game. He does some nice tutorial work. Sometimes you're right, if you get picked on and they don't switch away to someone else then it does make it hard to get much past top 50, if that. If might be that if you are attacking them, they are trying to get you to switch to someone else... so you could try that just to get them off your back. I usually leave it on Randoms, then when I have built up a stack, got a long piece saved and then when I get another one... switch to K.Os and carve down to send them a load of junk and try and taken them out. The reason I stay with randoms to start is that you are more likely to be targeting someone who isn't as good, vs people who might be making a point to attack you, or are good and already have badges and might attack you back! Really good people build up to the top and keep it there because you send more rubbish when you are at the top. Another potential strategy is to keep low and not try and take people out until the mid game, in order to stay under the radar of good players who want to get lots of badges. Lot's of strategies... not that I am any good, I tend to stick to building up my stack and carving down again because I'm not great at dealing with the pressure at the end. Watch Tafokints, he's awesome.
  15. I can never quite get my head around this game. I usually do ok, until suddenly I get targeted by That One Player who just dumps an enourmous amount of shit on my screen before I have a chance to recover. I'm midway setting up a tetris, 12 lines appear and so I abort the tetris and try to just clear asap but I don't have the right pieces immediately on hand and just get another 12 dumped on me. Always seems to be how I die; doing fine then suddenly get utterly destroyed out of nowhere in 5 seconds flat.
  16. Nice DLC pack adds an offline 1P modes... 150 lines or 999 lines, as well as player vs 98 CPU players where you can set the difficulty. Also... I came 2nd in a game last night!
  17. This is the game completion thread, not started Shadow is so much better imo, it got a lot of bad press but I loved it. It was more exploring than combat which was great for me as that's what turned me off of Rise. I'm still playing it every month as I got the super edition with all the dlc tombs. Only 1 left to go
  18. I’ve just started SOTTR and loving it so far. It’s very familiar though to the last one.
  19. I sent those thoughts and prayers on to Nintendo. It obviously worked as it's back down to 89p. Thanks Shufty.
  20. Seriously don't like this new forum software. Anyway I finished 3 things. They're in the spoiler box even though I didn't put them there. Click if you care.
  21. Darksiders Warmastered (Switch) Finished it years ago on 360. Still a good Zelda/God of War copy with a story I didn’t really follow and a few bland environments. Well worth a play if you missed it seeing as it’s a budget release. About 15 hours to finish.
  22. This is absolutely great fun. I never played the first one but it's gloriously over the top and gives a great challenge.
  23. About 5 hours into this and it's really growing on me, absolutely in love with the art style and has that retro charm without being overly clunky or simplistic. My only real gripe is the summons/charming feature, it's interesting being able to easily swap out animals/people to better fit an area/boss, but when you have a really long drawn out boss battle, running out of summons half way is a ballache.
  24. Modern TVs work in a different way to CRTs (the YouTube link does a decent enough job of going over this quickly), essentially the image is generated too quickly for the guns to read. It sucks balls.
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