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  2. Got distracted by Ratchet and Clank... I'm going back to it this week, so maybe I'll take him down
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  4. Ratchet & Clank:Rift Apart-PS5-Amazing looking, great fun to play.
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  6. Nekopara is quite notorious as a hentai game so when I saw it on the switch I was curious what they took out. They obviously took the sex scenes out, but the rest of it is still lewd as buggery, you would not want to be playing this on the bus.
  7. Lol - Where do you even find out about these ‘games’?
  8. Nekopara Vol.2 - Switch I have no words, yarr'd it out of curiosity and ended up finishing it, not that there's any gameplay at all, its just a visual novel where you seduce cat girls.
  9. It still holds up. I've been doing a few levels here and there since it came back to Game Pass.
  10. DOOM Eternal. Didn’t like this game for quite a while, just couldn’t get over how much more forced the fun is than 2016. Then things start to open up, weapons start to upgrade, the ridiculously complicated game mechanics start to make sense and it turns into an absolute blast. Really thoroughly enjoyable when you running around like a complete tank towards the end. I could still only play in short bursts because if feels like hard work at times, I also feel like they introduced all the enemies too early so they ran out of tricks about 2/3 of the way through and I pretty sure that 2016 is a
  11. Mass Effect Legendary Edition (PS4/5) Plays how I remember it. Still a good game but very clunky animation and the combat is still poor. Didn’t really feel like a remaster but perhaps you would notice in a direct comparison. I played the beginning of ME 2 straight after and that was a big improvement over this. Easy Platinum trophy if that’s important to you (there is a plat for each game in the trilogy) 7/10
  12. Still can't beat the first boss got to him about 5 times now. I'm either under levelled and so is my gun or I have the power but I've been through one too many lock-down rooms and been fucked so don't have full health. It's partly down to RNGesus fucking me or lack of skill. I haven't been able to sort both out on the same run. When I get to the boss the first phase isn't too bad but I tend to fuck up on the 2nd and by the time I get to the 3rd and final I'm in a bad way. Having said all that I fucking love it, and to say that about a game I've put 10 hours into and h
  13. I mentioned on twitter, it's probably up there as a game of all time for me. I got the platinum a couple of weeks back and loved every second of it. It has some of the purest minute to minute gameplay I've seen in a modern videogame and a feeling of being in complete control of such chaos that has an almost Nintendo-like swagger if that makes sense. It's just a magnificent thing to behold. I love how after a few hours you are left thinking fuck this after dying yet again, yet a dozen or so hours later you are doing runs for fun feeling like Neo. The game is just so perfectly balanced
  14. I'm here for the Scotch VHS advert reference.
  15. Definitely going to give that a go. They gave it away for free a while back. Not sure when I’ll get round to it though. As for Rift Apart; it’s excellent. My thoughts are in the completed games thread.
  16. I don’t know what Sony are like when it comes to discounting. If they’re anything like Nintendo you might have a wait on your hands.
  17. So this is fucking excellent. I've only put about 5 hours into it, and haven't even beaten the 1st biome, but I have met the boss that I was so close to beating. It's a rogue-like with a few persistent upgrades. In my last run I got so many things that are going to help my future self it hurts. I picked this up for £30 not the RRP of £70. If I'd paid £70 we'd be having a different conversation, see also Ratchet and Clank. I think I've paid full price for 2 PS5 games, I can't see me paying £70 for any game. I think Sony have fucked up with their pricing, as most of
  18. You should play the PS4 R&C remake. It's awesome, only finished it last year and it holds up. I didn't get into R&C until the PS3 era and they're great.Like shreddies, only frostier.
  19. I really want to play this. But not at £50 plus. I recently picked up Returnal for £30 so that's my target.
  20. Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart (PS5) This is a great game. Really shows off the tech of the PS5, fun to play and a nice change of pace from my usual choice of game. Liked it so much I got the platinum after 19 hours of play, which is probably the ideal length for me. Make sure you download the day 1 patch to play it with RT at 60fps, and have all the haptics on the controller turned on; they really add to the experience. 9/10
  21. Dragon Age 2 (2011) - Series X (BC) Mix of work research and curiosity since I'd only previously played Inquisition for any considerable stint of time. I know it gets a bad rap for the repeated levels and constant loads, but the BC on Series X made loading times barely noticeable and polished up the resolution and frame rate that it felt modern enough. Not sure I clicked with the characters or world as much as I have with Inquisition or the ME games, but it was enjoyable and had some really great moments throughout.
  22. Streets of Rage 4-Series X-A good game that holds true to the originals. Still not a fan of the art style but the animation is nice, also the music isn't a patch on the originals(well at least 1&2 as we all know 3 sucked balls) Played it in co-op with Jimmy in an evening. I'll probably go through it again at some point and try out some of the other characters. Game Pass FTW!
  23. Ordered this but they wouldn’t post it to Cyprus - will pick it up next time I go shopping. thinknits a bit sad that after all these years there’s’ snot much to pique my interest so I’ll happily by 3 massive time sinks from the last (last) generation.
  24. Put quite a few hours into ME:1. It feels just as clunky as I remember but the story and world are still good. It seems shorter than I remember too. Hard to say how improved it is as I haven’t played the original for a long time, but 60fps on PS5 is very nice. Looks to be a relatively easy set of 3 platinums if you’re into the trophy hunting thing.
  25. This is very good so far. Never played one of these before and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. More of a 3rd person shooter than a platformer than I expected. I’m playing in the performance RT mode and it is gorgeous. Only played an hour so far but I highly recommend checking this out if you have a PS5.
  26. Outriders-Series X- Far too long. Story utter bullshit that we stopped watching cut scenes after mission 3(it may have been 2)yet I could not stop playing. Once you spec your character to your play style it becomes less a war of attrition and the fun begins. It's very obtuse in telling you how to do that so begin with guides and go from there. One caveat, if I hadn't have been playing co-op I'd have ditched it long before the end. Game Pass FTW?
  27. Ginja

    Giant Bomb

    Nextlander has just launched with Brad, Vinny and Alex. Podcast available everywhere and they're streaming on Twitch. May invest in the patreon at some point.
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