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  2. Yeah definitely, anything "new" on Dreamcast is always a good thing!
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  4. I read somewhere about this, it's awesome that they are doing it.
  5. Aladdin (Master System) The Walking Dead Season 1 (The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series, Xbox One) The Walking Dead Season 2 (The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series, Xbox One) Outer Wilds (Xbox One) The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD (Wii U) Full Throttle Remastered (Xbox One) I loved this back in the day so it was great doing it again. Some of the magic of discovery was lost, though it took me a lot less time.
  6. Some intrepid coders have been converting Sega Atomiswave arcade games to the Dreamcast, and the results are really impressive!
  7. I think it was YongYea did some tests, 45GB game copied over to internal storage in about 8-12 minutes so not too bad, and unless you are really hammering old games and want the quick resume feature, you can just leave them on the drive and run them over USB.
  8. I think the external USB will be the way to go if you can't stomach the cost of the SSD. Easier to stomach having 2TB of games on your external and then just swap stuff on the fly. What are the transfer times like on that?
  9. I think I would go the S route, it certainly seems like a bargain, but like you said, once you add another SSD you might as well have bought the X. I hope that third parties start coming out with cheaper options, in theory Sandisk or whoever can come out with a compatible option, but from what I have seen, the external USB transfer option isn't that bad considering you can run backwards compatible games straight from a USB drive.
  10. Finally experiencing Quick Resume as it was disabled for Yakuza but they've fixed it now. Bloody impressive!
  11. Enjoying my Series X, have plonked it behind my TV as it's just too big and I need to avoid my cat treating it as a heated bed. He's got the router for that...
  12. I have a Series S, if that counts. It's impressive they got so much into such a small box, and it looks by far the nicest of the new consoles IMO. It's very responsive... shame there's not many games yet, but I bought it was a bedroom gaming box for using with gamepass, so it'll pay for itself. Downside, the storage space is far too small really. I'll probably buy an expansion card for it which makes it cost as much as the X would have. But I still wouldn't want one of those in the bedroom anyway.
  13. Add your first impressions or a mini review here, if you want to go uber in depth, feel free to create a new post.
  14. Add your first impressions or a mini review here, if you want to go uber in depth, feel free to create a new post.
  15. It's Yakuza, loving it. New combat system works well only niggle is if you try to attack someone and you move past another enemy they can interrupt and block the attack. That's annoying. But the game is well written, new location is great, new characters are great. Love this series.
  16. That’s a big old brick! Pretty much a PC isn’t it?
  17. I really don't feel the press have done a good enough job showing how the Series X compares in size to other things. Here you go, something we can relate to.
  18. Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods Part One Mixed bag like the main game. Plus points are that it is much more inventive with the arenas, lots of fun fights in interesting arenas that force you to fight stuff in different ways. The main game didn't do enough of that and it's this kind of thing that they should be doing if they want to make you step out of your comfort zone with fights, rather than be restrictive in terms of only a few weapons being effective. 3 quite long missions with a lot of good fights. Downsides; Marauders are still really boring. And one of the new enemy types is on
  19. Could be, probably going to end up with on of those "Nintendo seal of quality" situations where they require everyone to pay a royalty to make something that fits.
  20. If you want some super easy cooking, iirc there's a rainforest south of hyrule field with lots of hearty durian growing - just chuck a bunch of those in a pot for a max heal with like +10 extra hearts added.
  21. On I think my 6th time of trying to get into it it’s finally clicked. I’m really enjoying the exploration now, done 1 Divine Beast (big elephant), 20ish shrines and 1 memory. Love the world, and love the art direction. Have to say though it’s been the hardest slog ever to get to a point where the game is actually enjoyable. About 12 hours investment I reckon before you start getting stuff good enough to actually fight things without breaking every 2 seconds(Very annoying design choice), enough stamina to swim somewhere and have a slightest clue of how to cook (still hate that mechani
  22. That or it’s one of those cases where if they don’t protect the patent they lose it ?
  23. I stopped caring about consequences, I even let Min live at the end as he was the only memorable character in the whole game.
  24. I got fed up of the dammed if you do, dammed if you don't missions in FC4. It just got really irritating.
  25. I can’t remember why I stopped playing D2 - I think it’s because I couldn’t get a Raif together but had done everything else. Far Cry 4 - Don’t know why I persevered so much with this as it was very dull for the most part. Might be a bit unfair as I went from 5 (plus expansion) so it was always going to be a backwards step, just didn’t realise how much. I might look at FC3 because I remember that being much better. Anyway, did everything there wad to do and can’t really explain why..,
  26. Absolutely shocking, they must be planning on releasing their own at considerably more than what PlateStation were offering them.
  27. I'm listing Destiny 2 (PC) in here because I've done: All 5 story campaigns All raids including one flawless raid All dungeons All exotic quests that are getting vaulted Rinsed the fuck out of it.
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