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  2. Injustice 2-Series X-Game Pass just keeps giving. Another decent beat em up and a pretty interesting story. I'd be happy to have a few matches on multiplayer before I delete it if anyone is up for it?
  3. https://www.smythstoys.com/uk/en-gb/shop-xaa All access Series Xs available
  4. The new trilogy is probably a good place they're basically RPGs now. Origins is the first of them, set in Egypt, and it can also be a massive time sink and cheap as chips. Having said that I love Black Flag and Syndicate which are the old style will probably still hold up. You could even get a digital version of Unity from CD Keys for under £1 most weeks It's much maligned but it's been patched now and much better.
  5. A lot of arcade lightgun games Today I've been playing Virtua Cop 1&2, Duck Hunt, Time Crisis, Point Blank. Working on getting more setup.
  6. Earlier
  7. Never touched AC but want to as I know it’s up my Alley. Would this be a good place to start? Thinking the early ones might be a bit dated now.
  8. ^^ Nice, I would've 1000g'd it if there had been a fast travel system. I was missing a few collectables and couldn't be arsed traipsing around after them. I did however platinum: Assassins Creed Odyssey-PS4 on PS5- After a false start with this game early last year I went back to it after I had put 15 hours into Valhalla, as for some reason I needed to know what was going on in the real world story(glad I did though it goes places!!) I put 110 hours into this and haven't even touched the dlc which apparently adds another 50-60 but I just couldn't face them right now. Such a great game tho
  9. So I backed this and they've finally arrived! Takes some setting up but it's fantastic!
  10. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order - One from Xmas 19/20 that I didn’t get round to. Really nice to play a (semi) linear game after Zelda. Didn’t like it to start with as I though the combat was rubbish and really hard. Turns out it was because the first thing I fought was some dog boss that is nails and then I went to the wrong planet next that you’re not supposed to. Once it clicked though, I really enjoyed it, slightly glitchy in places and the camera wasn’t great but it looked, smelt and felt like Star Wars and I’m looking forward to a sequel.
  11. Auto HDR and faster load times would be the main ones. If your One X is doing the trick for now I'd keep with that
  12. Is it doing anything my OneX doesn’t do yet? I’m tracking Halo Infinite is the next gen big hitter that’s coming.
  13. Absolutely this. It's a lovely piece of kit though.
  14. I'm liking it, using it for mainly backwards compatibility. Would like something actually next gen but not in a rush. If I didn't have Game Pass it would be a massive waste though.
  15. How are you getting on with the SeX? I keep thinking about it but it doesn’t really feel like a new gen yet. I mean, usually, you get a new console and a clutch of new games but there don’t seem to be any. Or am I wrong? Thinking about getting one for my birthday in the summer.
  16. Oh, it crashed a few times as well.
  17. And finished. Not bad, short, clunky and only played because I've got Game Pass.
  18. Some bits I'm liking, some bits, no. The American voice actors in a game set in Poland is jarring. Can guess they're doing that for a wider appeal thing but it doesn't feel right.
  19. Just did a forced stealth bit. I hate those. Mercifully short though. Turning off the vibration, I really don't like how it's been implemented.
  20. I've just compared our cheevos, you're probably not far behind me. How are you finding it? Life has got in the way this week so I've not had a chance to play any more I mean I could have played tonight but COD got in the way I'm going to crack on tomorrow morning for an hour hopefully...
  21. Started it now, low budget and boy does it show, hit some right clichés off the bat but I need to play something different from my usual fare. This will do nicely.
  22. From what I've read the devs are not known for their optimisation skills
  23. I like this game. It's a great psychological horror, lots of puzzles, and an ok story. It's a blend of Resi and Silent Hill, but literally 0.5% combat. It looks good, but even on The SeX it has texture pop in /facepalm. I feel like I'm just over half way through.
  24. Donut County-Series X- Such a charming little game. It clocks in at around 2 hours including some replaying to get the 1000G Mild puzzles and a kooky story. Well worth trying it on Game Pass.
  25. I think I’ll wait until Halo and then buy some Halo version or something. First time I can remember that a new gen was released without any new gen games. Although that might just be me out of touch of what’s happening.
  26. Yep, you don't know what you're missing Now I have things downloaded they look shinier, load faster and have higher frame rates. I'm looking forward to trying The Medium next week. Quick resume so far hasn't worked for me. Overall I'm glad I have it but so far nothing has wowed me like Adtros Playroom on the PS5.
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