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  1. Last week
  2. Enjoying it. It's a mostly fair Dark Souls metroidvania although there's some bits involving platforms that are not consistent and leads to some annoying, unnecessary deaths. Artwork is very detailed, performance On Switch is fine but I've noticed one or two brief freezes from time to time that hurts the flow of the game
  3. I’ve still got the N64 version. I did enjoy, even with the lack of blood/gore.
  4. Nah, it's an all new game that was never ported to other systems. Has slightly modified gameplay, and totally different environments and monster sprites, and tries for a more horror atmosphere. More importantly it has good level design, so it's kind of like a Doom 2 that actually play well today There's a pretty decent remake you can play on the PC if you want to see it:
  5. i seem to remember Doom64 being just another straight port of the PC version?
  6. Haven't had issues playing solo on my PC yet. I'm enjoying it though the open world bit feels a little pointless to me so far. It's just 2 minutes of holding W in an empty field until you get to do a gunfight. Gears is as good as ever though, now everyone else has stopped aping the cover shooting thing it's actually kind of unique again. Glad they haven't done a Halo with it in that respect and tried to make it into something it's not.
  7. I grabbed Doom 3 and I'll probably get Doom 64 when that launches. Skipped on the original 2 though as they seem to be pretty poor ports all things considered, and I always thought Doom 2 worked better as a platform for the incredible selection of mods and custom content it has than as a standalone game. Some of the level design in it is dreadful.
  8. I want to play this. Loved the first. It's got coming to game pass written all over it in!!
  9. Ginja

    Gears 5

    Haven't tried single player yet. Yes my Xb to his PC. Must be, Jimmy sucks.
  10. Earlier
  11. Control (XB1) - 2019 - 5/5 - 1000G MUTHAFUCKA Uh, absolutely entirely my shit. Cool art, great writing, cool combat, lots of secrets to find.
  12. It's fine. Not much personality coming through to be honest but shooting is solid. Only paid £13 for it.
  13. That’s cool, it’s definatly better when they all have a torch. I’ve got the remastered version on 360 so doubt I’ll do this.
  14. I got the original Doom on Switch. Still a great game. Haven’t picked up the others yet, hoping for a physical pack with those and Doom 64. Doom 3 is the updated version where all weapons have a torch. Haven’t got to Turok yet, waiting for my physical copy to arrive.
  15. Been playing in co-op on 2 xboxes. Had a couple of freezes for player 2, but making solid progress. Must be a crossplay/ PC issue?
  16. Are you doing x-play between Xbox and pc? Is it just as bad in single player?
  17. Jimmy and I have spent 2 evenings this week trying to play through this co-op. So many glitches that have led to reloading the game. Including but not limited to: Character getting stuck in a horse, button config being changed after death, being unable to back out of a screen as prompt greyed out and general connection issues. It's even caused his PC to shut down on about 3 occasions. Last night we progressed our game clock 1.5 hours in 3.5 hours of play, and about 3 of 6 on Tuesday. It's so frustrating because the game is really good when it works. On the plus side it's a beautiful looking game...
  18. It has DOOM 3 and DOOM 3 Resurrection of Evil which is the standalone expansion pack you're referring to. It also has something called "The Lost Mission" which is 8 levels cut from the original game. I played both DOOM 3 and DOOM 3 ROE back in the day on Xbox, ROE definitely improves on the original. Lots of value in this pack fo sho.
  19. Is doom 3 the original or the improved one whereby you didn’t need to have the pistol in order to see what was going on? Ie. The other weapons had torches on them.
  20. Good point, I had a crack on Turok as well! It was a few months back on Xbone. It's great now you can actually see what's going on.
  21. No, I’ve been playing Turok though and that’s a blast. Might take a look, enjoy the old doom games.
  22. This was a nice surprise a few weeks ago. Looks like DOOM and feels like DOOM which is very important. The games themselves are dead cheap. There was a minor annoyance with having to have a Bathesda account to play but apparently that is patched out now. Currently at Drayton Manor so sitting on the top bunk playing this in a Thomas themed room whilst my kid sleeps below me and my v pregnant wife is in the double. Anyone else given these Switch versions a blast?
  23. Get ready for glitches... Combat is still solid and there's cool new gun!
  24. Gears of War 4 (Bone) Still don’t like the robots in the first half of the game, or the horde mechanics added to campaign, but still a really solid game. Gears 5 installed and ready to go tonight.
  25. I have tried getting into The Witcher so many times, but there's something about the combat I just don't gel with, which makes me sad.
  26. It’s coming to Switch I think so might pick it up on that as I’m finding it easier to get time on that.
  27. Ginja

    Destiny PS4

    What a difference a year makes...
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