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  2. Is a shame that these guys are all going. The 'cast' has changed for various reasons but it always felt like Giantbomb, will be interesting to see what they change in future. I'm a premium subscriber and it's up in November so I guess they have until then.
  3. Ass. Creed Valhalla (PS5) Solid if unspectacular, but I still put in over 80 hours, mostly just doing the story. Could probably double that to do everything. These games are just too big and bloated. The sheer number of icons to clear from the map is crazy, and while the world is very well built I just ended up running past most of it to get to the next map icon ASAP. The core loop is fun for the first 20 hours, then it becomes pretty monotonous after. I‘m not a huge AC fan but I’m sure if you are you’ll enjoy it; very much more of the same in a new location. I wish they would g
  4. I have been steaming through this game. Loving every single bonkers minute. Just hit a grinding point in the penultimate chapter and I'm now finding it hard to motivate myself to turn it on, just to grind through the same section yet again. Must man up and get to it. Probably only a few hours of grind before I can progress.
  5. Mystic

    Giant Bomb

    Kinda Funny sticks in my mins as one where the presenters were just on a completely different wavelength to me.
  6. Mystic

    Giant Bomb

    I never listened to Giant Bomb. I do like Gamescoop, as the presenters are at least near to our age and have kids etc. Couldn't get on with a lot of other podcasts as their lifestyles were just too far removed from my own. Realise thrmat had very little to do with the subject matter. Sorry to hear your favourite gaming podcast is changing so drastically dude. I may listen to some old ones and see if I love it too.
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  8. Vinny, Alex and Brad all leaving Friday. This sucks. That leaves Bakalar on the East coast who is alright but basically rambles a lot and is up his own arse. Still have Jeff, Rorie, Jan and Jason on the West but this is a massive blow and I think it'll be the end of my premium sub unless they pull something magical out of their arse. My working week(a lot of driving) revolves around their podcasts and audio books. I guess I'll be listening to more books. It was all about the dynamic between these people for me than the news or the games, most of them are our age gro
  9. Mafia:Definitive Edition-Series X- The story was great, and I enjoyed the game well enough but it's very clunky to control at times. Combat was the main problem area, I felt a lot of the time there was literally only one way to get through the arena and if you deviated you died. A Lot. Checkpointing, or lack thereof spoilt what could have been a great experience.
  10. Batman Arkham VR-PS4- This is a pretty decent experience, but very light on game and it was far too short. I got it for £7.99 in a sale and still feel short changed at that price. There is more to do involving the riddler after you finish but like the mainline Arkham games I found a few and got bored.
  11. Resident Evil 3 Remake - POC Really enjoyed this, definitely one to pick up in a sale considering the length, but not looked at the multiplayer addon yet so might add some longevity. I know it got a kicking for the length but I think it worked, would rather a smaller cohesive story than rehashing the levels from Resi 2 too much. Wish there was more variety in the enemies though, they surely could have knocked out a few more than they did, and some of the new enemies were literally only in two rooms. The final boss battle though was a joke, once you get the gimmick, it's a 2
  12. Where is it under £20? Showing as £35 (with 10% off with EA membership)
  13. It Takes Two-Series X- Best Co-op game ever? It might be. Funny, poignant, harrowing, bizarre are some words I could use to describe this game. The story is ok, sometimes the characters are really annoying at times, but it's the gameplay that keeps changing up all the time that is the star. It can be bought for under £20 right now digitally, and it will eventually join Game Pass, you literally have no excuse to not try this game out.* *Unless you have no friends or are Jimmy.
  14. Call of Duty:Black Ops Cold War-PS5-A decent COD campaign that has taken me an age to get round to finishing.I usually finish them off before jumping into multiplayer. I enjoyed it a fair bit and there's a decent amount of variety. Looks really nice too, loved all the neon and the explosions are amazing.
  15. It's one of the things I didn't love about it as well, basically imps etc are all demoted to basically just being walking ammo bags rather than an actual threat. Since the chainsaw regenerates 1 ammo, you should find your nearest trash mob and chainsaw it to get ammo back. The game is such hard work, one of the biggest problems it has for me is that the combination of abilities, movement, guns etc you have is so strong that there's only so much they can do encounters/enemy behaviour wise to keep it interesting. Like normally you have enemies that zone you, flank you, etc, but in this non
  16. It’s starting the gel a bit for me now, but I do find the encounters pretty stressful and the limited ammo is very annoying. Almost feel like I’m always trying to remember what I should be doing rather than just enjoying it and playing it.
  17. Interestingly, they aren't actually that big a deal as a duo - they don't chuck in any extra enemies to fight along side them, so it's just two and nothing else and they don't really work together. Makes them easy to separate and then stun spam. I really liked the first DLC pack - they got far more imaginative with the combat spaces. The second less so, had some good moments but the second level of the second pack is awful.
  18. That’s exactly why I haven’t bought it! I might try it out when/if the next gen upgrades show up. Throwing in my opinion about the game as a whole; I also preferred 2016. Here it seems every individual part of the game has improved but somehow the overall experience to me was worse. The movement for example gives you more options and lots of air time, but I didn’t find it fun to be flying around the maps when mobbed by the heavies. The restrictions on resources and enemies with very specific weaknesses forcing you to change weapons is a good idea so you don’t just use the shotgun the whol
  19. Play the DLC then you get to fight buffed ones and two at once.
  20. When you see the Marauder tell him I said he can fuck right off.
  21. Homefront Revolution (PS4) I only picked this up to play the hidden Timesplitters 2 remake and in order to do that I almost got to the end so decided to finish it. It’s like a budget version of Far Cry but the world is boring and grey, and the gunplay is pretty poor. I did however enjoy the rather limited story and traversal around the map. It’s okay to play if you want to get to TS2, but I can’t recommend going out of your way to play it. 5/10
  22. Good to know! 2016 was just a joy to play from start to finish.
  23. It gets good about 4 levels in when you finally get all the tools, before that, it literally feels like something is missing. Once I'd got that I didn't look back.
  24. Just started this, feels very different to 2016 and not in a good way. Borderline a parody of what worked well in the first, overtly ‘arcades’. I’ll carry on as most peeps seemed to enjoy it so I’ll see how it goes. But so far, quite disappointed.
  25. Deliver us the Moon-Xbox- This is a great game. Lots of puzzles and story and fuck all combat. I had a couple of minor issues with it but not enough to stop me playing through the whole thing over a week. Thanks again to Game Pass.
  26. I've bought this game like 3 times, and started it 3 times, and never got farther than the intro.
  27. GTA is coming back to game pass in a couple of weeks if that helps.
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