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  1. Smurph

    Funny Internet 2

    I sometimes wake up and look behind me to this day
  2. Smurph

    Destiny PS4

    Im officially able to get the full thing now, gonna update so I can play past the free weekend so Im sure Ill be playing this a lot now, and with my new policy of not hiding online, Ill be up for stuff. When Im not an underpowered noob.
  3. Smurph

    2018 Game Completion Thread

    Metal Slug 1 (PS4) Metal Slug X (PS4) Metal Slug 5 (PS4) Raiden V (PS4) Horizon: Zero Dawn (PS4) Minit (PS4) Final Fantasy VII (PS4) Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon (PS4) NES Castlevania, innit?
  4. Smurph

    History of speedrunning videos

    I like the idea of it but the way its all about using glitches and input files or whatever theyre called puts me off a bit. A good live speed run is a thing of beauty though.
  5. Smurph

    Meat at mine?

  6. Smurph

    PS3 Games query

    Vanquish! Not exclusive but fucking superb.
  7. Smurph

    Final Fantasy XV

    Hahahaha thats amazing! Im still adoring this. Spoilers if I said where I am but its very open and just fun to exist in the world.
  8. Smurph

    Meat at mine?

    I just bitch posted myself.
  9. Smurph

    Meat at mine?

    Oh and of course finally meeting Andy (and bonus Jay!)
  10. Smurph

    Meat at mine?

    I miss you guys already. Papa the joke stealer Dave, where are you gonna crash? I HAVE GUN, I COME LIVE WITH YOU? Jimmy feeds garden Im not allowed to use a hose yet Jimmy, would you climb all over that huge ginger? Daphne and Celeste, for some reason Sober Gareth - anti histamine - gets carried to bed Many more things. I know I was a little off at times but I appreciate that you guys accepted that. Fucking brilliant weekend, thanks to all who made it possible.
  11. Smurph

    Meat at mine?

    Didnt you leave early from Twins one of the times? I seem to remember a big heart made out of beer bottles left as a parting message 💚
  12. Smurph

    Meat at mine?

    Ah Gareth Im so chuffed youre coming mate. Im chuffed about everyone thats coming obviously but some of you Ive seen more recently, and some of you are Dave the Cunt.
  13. Smurph

    2018 Game Completion Thread

    Metal Slug 1 (PS4) Metal Slug X (PS4) Metal Slug 5 (PS4) Raiden V (PS4) Horizon: Zero Dawn (PS4) Minit (PS4) Final Fantasy VII (PS4) Platinum to boot.
  14. The museum is meant to be class.
  15. Smurph

    Crew 2 (beta)

    From what I remember of the first this looks much better. Cleaned up visuals and an absolutely brilliant map (except the weird ass shape of the US) which is functionally superb. Still arcadey nonsense with huge jumps and whatnot. Planes, boats, all seem pretty decent. Menus are slow as fuck to load, although I can see why because theyre loading the last load of gameplay that you can reverse back through... Not sure if I like that feature. Anyway yeah its good.