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  1. El_Patriot

    Meat at Jimmys.

    Hows his sister going to cope with everyone?
  2. El_Patriot

    PS3 Games query

    Press X to Jason
  3. El_Patriot

    Meat at mine?

    So, EGX in September (when it gets announced)?
  4. El_Patriot

    Super Mario Odyssey

    You wont complete it this week. Bowser is not the end. Closer to the halfway point.
  5. El_Patriot

    Online Bargains

    Amazon have 6 months XBL Gold for the price of 3, so £14.99, same deal as they have done before.
  6. El_Patriot

    Star Trek Bridge Crew

    Really? That seems stupid.
  7. El_Patriot

    E3 2018

    So, Deus Ex then.
  8. El_Patriot

    E3 2018

    All of E3 was meh. Everything had already been announced before or leaked. Its getting less relevant. Things I liked: 1. Doom 2. The time I saved by not watching all of it live.
  9. El_Patriot

    E3 2018

    A few decent announcements but nothing really jaw dropping. It doesnt help that there are so many leaks and early teasers.
  10. El_Patriot

    Star Trek Bridge Crew

    Its on my wishlist, but too much going on. Paul is going to puck it up when I do, so 4 man crew ahoy!
  11. El_Patriot

    Destiny PS4

    I saw it. Forsaken looks good, not sold on the annual pass bit. They should be revealing more on what its about this week though. Not that it matters because Ill end up buying it anyway like the shameless addict I am.
  12. El_Patriot

    Crew 2 (beta)

    I did see Crow 2. One of the later ones had Mark Dacascos. He definitely did a roundhouse kick.
  13. El_Patriot

    Meat at mine?

    One meeting with Jimmy is probably going to last me a good couple of years.
  14. El_Patriot

    Meat at mine?

    Cant make it, too much going on 🙁 Smurph can drink my share of the booze.
  15. El_Patriot

    New fallout teaser gubbins

    Fallout already does zombies though, in the form of Ghouls. Guess youre out already.