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  1. Idaho


    Exactly what I was thinking of!
  2. Idaho


    I fear change
  3. Idaho

    Remember the days swapping music CDs?

    Here's what I have been mostly listening to recently https://open.spotify.com/user/psymon81/playlist/1T8sesboxAqfj7iUdSh05i?si=a0HEMC-XQ5KNf-36cVmpkA
  4. Idaho

    Remember the days swapping music CDs?

    I'll give it a wizz!
  5. Idaho

    Fortnite Battle Royale

    Ps4 but I've not played it since the twins arrived
  6. Idaho

    Remember the days swapping music CDs?

    I think this will be the 3rd time of this now! I'll do one eventually
  7. Idaho

    Meat at Jimmys.

    Well we already know Jimmy is going to be there!
  8. Idaho

    History of speedrunning videos

    I could do resi 4 pretty quick back in the day but I still only finished it a handful of times. Same with ico which I quite comfortable got the sub 4-hour trophy for without really trying. I've watched a few Mario ones and some of them are mad
  9. Idaho

    History of speedrunning videos

    I'm quite fascinated by speed runs, even the glitchy ones. The dedication to just that one game is mental!
  10. Idaho

    F**K IS THIS?????

    Appears to be an album by Drake. Little known fact but his full name is actually Dracob.
  11. Idaho

    Meat at mine?

    It was fucking aces! I believe Jimmy volunteers as tribute for the next one if I heard right?
  12. Idaho

    PS3 Games query

    I recommend The last of us and uncharted. Also that fucking mental skiddy game... Was the exclusive? Knee slide-shooty-backflip-bastard I think it was called.
  13. Idaho

    PSVR - Is it worth it?

    It's paid for dlc
  14. Idaho

    Meat at mine?

    I'm so goddamn tired. I'm gutted I missed the first night... But also a little bit ok with only being out for one night