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  1. RetroBob


    Before we go crazy and create clubs for anything (or nothing) - is there an explanation what the clubs feature is about? If a club is created, what can we do there - e.g. is it like a sub forum in a separate area of the site?
  2. RetroBob


    I like the new paradigm, feels much more modern. If anyone hasn't spotted it already, here's the link to show unread content. My link to the site goes to that rather than the top level address. http://www.nowloading.co.uk/forum/index.php?/discover/unread/
  3. RetroBob


    Ohhh fancy!
  4. RetroBob

    History of speedrunning videos

    I've watched Sami Cetin nail Mario Kart, the guy is a master even if he wears a t shirt with his own name on.
  5. RetroBob

    E3 2018

    Not seen anything.
  6. RetroBob

    E3 2018

    I enjoyed watching it piecemeal over the last few days whilst I've been wandering around the house, washing up, cooking, taking a dump, shower etc.
  7. RetroBob

    E3 2018

    Yep - very good MS conference. Watching Bethesda periodically at the moment.
  8. RetroBob

    Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Edition

    That's cool - I'll be getting this too. Yeah I remember playing the original Street Fighter, it's not good especially when you have the sequels in the back of your mind.
  9. RetroBob

    SEGA Announcements

    Not long until the Mega Drive Classics collection comes out Bone and PS4 - I want this though it might be a birthday present so better leave it be.
  10. RetroBob

    Rayman: Leg-ends

    I got this on Switch too - it's fantastic, so much to do.
  11. RetroBob

    So what did I miss?

    Cool, can you link?
  12. RetroBob

    Meat at mine?

    Can chip in fo sho.
  13. RetroBob

    Meat at mine?

    Don't forget to put the groundwork in on Thursday by coughing and spluttering around the office. Or do a weird walk or something.
  14. YES! I am all over this. Have to say, I love me some XBox / Xbox 360 backward compatibility.
  15. RetroBob

    So what did I miss?

    Nothing wrong with a bout of imposter syndrome!