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  1. Ginja


    Yeah mine was just coming up to 6 years old. I'll have to wait until Just Cause 4 for Smurph to say something hyperbolic about it so I can sig it.
  2. Ginja

    Fortnite Battle Royale

    Well played mate
  3. Ginja

    Anthem - POC - PS4 - Bone

    Yeah holding out hope for this one as the next big co-op game ( I wanted it to be Fallout 76 but I'm not sure it will be). PS4 here when it does eventually drop.
  4. Ginja

    2018 Game Completion Thread

    Tekken 7-PS4-Story mode done and finished most of the character stories. Story was the usual Tekken BS but the game is great and it looks lovely.
  5. Ginja

    Funny Internet 2

    I didn't really pay much attention to it when it was posted in the Whats App thread as I was getting ready for work..... This is bad. Worse than the Maddy McCann football tweer. You and Andy are going to hell. See you there
  6. Ginja

    Meat at Jimmys.

    Can you bring some of that with you!?
  7. Ginja

    Meat at Jimmys.

    Genuine fucking lol! @Pete I heard that rumour. Must be a record for the longest distance travelled for a meet
  8. Ginja

    Meat at Jimmys.

    Insert dick sausage gif here
  9. Ginja

    Meat at Jimmys.

    She's on holiday, that's why it's happening
  10. Ginja

    Destiny PS4

  11. Ginja

    Meat at Jimmys.

    So Jimmy(my best man for those that don't know) has asked me to post on here as he's not a member(well he is a dick but you know what I mean) Friday 3rd August- Sunday 5th. Meet at his. All welcome. It's in Sunny Norfolk. Usual shenanigans of beer, gaming with the added bonus of drunk men playing Archery.... That will end well.
  12. Ginja

    Destiny PS4

    Good lad!
  13. Ginja

    Meat at mine?

    Yeah he said August I believe. Although drunk guys and Archery...
  14. Ginja

    Meat at mine?

    Home, showered and soooo fucking tired. WORTH IT! Enjoyed every booze soaked minute. Mario Tennis rocks. I need to play that online with you fuckers.
  15. Ginja

    2018 Game Completion Thread

    Super Mario Odyssey-Switch-Fuck me what a fun game, not particularly hard to get through the story but I'm looking forward to the challenge of getting more Moons in the future.