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  1. Shufty

    Yokus Island Express

    I like pinball and Metrodvanias. This is a great game.
  2. Shufty


    Well, I do like a lot of chocolate on my biscuit.
  3. Shufty


    How long can it take to index 'goatse' anyway?
  4. Shufty

    Octopath Traveller

    About 4 hours in and enjoying it so far. Battle system is sort of a mix between Final Fantasy and Grandia where you can me around with the order of turns out cancel an opponent's turn outright. Tried the English voice acting and very quickly switched to the Japanese choices.
  5. Shufty

    Remember the days swapping music CDs?

    It's a very spot on pisstake of EBM which a lot of the time takes itself far too seriously.
  6. Shufty

    Anthem - POC - PS4 - Bone

    It just looks so dull.
  7. Shufty

    Remember the days swapping music CDs?

    Was it the Heroin, Bumsex, Sausages one that put you off?
  8. Shufty

    Remember the days swapping music CDs?

    Oh and majority of this is available on Bandcamp which if you've never used to buy music gives a better cut off money to the artists than the other outlets.
  9. Shufty

    Remember the days swapping music CDs?

    https://open.spotify.com/user/mcsshufts/playlist/6Beb6R3NikYRXIpndkvjDA?si=2FSZ8V0ESGiv2LN83gEDJA Mainly electronic stuff of varying styles. With a couple of rock bits thrown in
  10. Shufty

    Remember the days swapping music CDs?

    I do. Although the La Haine soundtrack is good.
  11. Shufty

    Remember the days swapping music CDs?

    Up for this, will have to dig out my account details but I'll sort something out
  12. Shufty

    Online Bargains

    Yeah that's all fine, I'm throwing loads of retro stuff at it so it wasn't coping too well.
  13. Shufty

    Online Bargains

    It handles your USB peripherals, you're sending controls back to the host PC and the Steam Link can do most things but if you got problems with any controller, get VirtualHere
  14. Shufty

    Online Bargains

    Good piece of kit, would recommend getting the VirtualHere software too which is about £7 which helps with sending back the USB stuff to the host PC. Although I've bought a license to use VirtualHere on my NAS so I can do Wii sensor bar stuff as the Steam Link's CPU can't handle the amount of data being sent. It's fine for pads and arcade sticks though.