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  1. Al


    It looks like the forum I use for my PES league I'm in
  2. Al


    cheers captain obvious.... it's almost modern now to match our modern ways.
  3. It is actually not a bad track, kind of reminds me of Sheep On Drugs, same style and sort of "don't take things to seriously" music.
  4. A few good tracks there, I'm going to be controversial and say I really don't get Pantera.
  5. Al

    2018 Game Completion Thread

    Dead Island Remaster - Xbox Only played it til the town on the 360, ploughed through as it's on Gamepass. Pretty good fun smashing zombies, but awash with "fetch and do" side quests, respawning zombies all over the spot.
  6. Yeah, not a great fan of sausages.
  7. Pretty good for the most part, not into all of it but that's hardly unexpected
  8. https://open.spotify.com/user/j3x40sjw5me4mrf2w3jhzntxx/playlist/6GX6uqdR6HzF8GljFNLXxO?si=107XqykxRey3FT71u-xLGQ GO!
  9. I best do one or two now
  10. How about we modernise and do the same with Spotify (only cos you can use it for free but with ad's) keep it 10-12 tracks or an hour maybe. and just stuff that you're enjoying now.
  11. Al

    F**K IS THIS?????

    I'm glad you said it was a Drake album as I have zero desire to listen to anything by him.
  12. Al

    PS3 Games query

    Played it Chris, plus I have it again via BC and Games with Gold, alongside Bayonetta
  13. Al

    PS3 Games query

    Last of Us, Uncharted, stuff that is exclusive but not 300hour RPG's Replying for a "friend"
  14. Al

    Meat at mine?

    next time make sure it doesn't clash with the only wedding I've been to in 20 years!